Phone Cut Off? Forget Mobile Providers! Send Texts for Free

Was your mobile line unceremoniously cut off because you forgot to pay your bill or perhaps you refuse to pay for charges that you never agreed to in the first place? How many times have we been presented with shocking hidden mobile charges that we simply refuse to pay our provider until they take out these additional charges? Well, here’s how you can put one over your provider: use free text messaging services! Now your mobile provider will know that they’re not the only ones who can allow you to send messages to your friends and the service is free. That should shake them up a bit. 

Free Messaging Services via Smartphone and PC 

The most popular options for sending free text messages these days are the ones that allow you to use their service thru your Smartphone.Sending free SMS via PC is not something new. In fact, this free messaging service has been around for a good number of years already. With the increasing popularity of Smartphone, a lot more companies are jumping on the bandwagon and developing software suitable for different Operating Systems for these phones. Among these are applications for free messaging between mobile phones with the same app.

Free SMS – Smartphone 

There are applications that you can download directly from your phone and immediately install. This will allow you to exchange messages with people who also have the same application installed on their phones. There are no charges for sending and receiving messages but you may be charge by your mobile provider if you connect to the internet thru their service and not thru a Wi-Fi connection. Not to worry. There are public Wi-Fi hotspots that you can visit and you can instantly connect to the internet even if your phone’s text messaging service has been cut off. 

Free SMS – PC 

There was a time when sending and receiving text messages from your mobile phone to PC and vice-versa was impossible. You have to connect to the internet through your mobile phone so you can chat with someone who’s using his PC. These days however, someone on his PC can instantly send you a message which you will receive on your phone’s text message inbox. 

If you will be using your PC to send an SMS, you will not be charged but your friend’s mobile provider might charge him for sending out a reply to you. Unfortunately, sometimes the fee is higher than what a normal text message would cost. You should therefore tell your friend about possible charges for sending a reply so they have the option to not send back a reply immediately. 

On the other hand, they can opt to send their reply to your mobile phone so they won’t be charged extra. There is one other option; your friend may send his reply straight to your email address. If he connects to a Wi-Fi service, he won’t be charged for anything. 

There are web-based free messaging services that send replies directly to your email so you should check these out. You only need to input your active email address on the link provided and then send your SMS as usual. 

Note: Beware of free text messaging services that ask you to sign-up and pay a minimum membership fee. The most popular free SMS services online do not charge a fee and neither do they require you to sign-up. You can instantly use their service directly from their site without fuss. 

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0 thoughts on “Phone Cut Off? Forget Mobile Providers! Send Texts for Free”
  1. Excellent!!!! I have been secretly wishing that I could put one over on my provider, to get my own back for all the times I’ve been charaged unfairly for something…cheers for this mate, really appreciate it.

  2. Yeah, the intro of your article really grabbed me. I really had a bad experience with T-Mobile. I hate contracts for my cell-ie. I was always a Virgin Mobile pay as you go person and an ex convinced me to get a T-Mobile account under his name. This was, of course, romantic at the time, but that regular bill for minutes I rarely used began to sting every month. When I came back to Virgin Mobile, their rules changed and you still can pay as you go, but you mostly have to pay monthly which kind of sucks or you wind up paying too much per minute. I wish we could go back to the good old days. Thanks for letting us know about some free alternatives for texting.

  3. The idea which you provided is good but you didnt mention the steps how can we use this free text messaging.

    1. The steps are the following – you download the software, install it (the recipient should have it too), you choose the recipient, type the text and send it.
      As simple as that)

  4. Hi Charlie!
    This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading your blog posts. Really attractive post. Thanks!

  5. I love this concept of free texts as I send so many texts in a day. The thing I don’t like about it is that if the other user doesn’t have the same app then it can result in extra charges 🙁 However, this is not a case with me.

  6. Wow! Sending free SMS using a mobile phone is a great offer especially for people who depend so much on text messaging when it comes to communicating with other people.

  7. Thank you for sharing this information. Using this free text will surely scare giant mobile providers. I was once a victim of hidden mobile charges and I find this service very helpful.

  8. Thanks for sharing this information. This is a big help to us users and less expense. Since I got aware of this now, it would help me to prevent be a victim for scam. Thanks a lot!

  9. This information is very helpful to me and to all the people. This is a good news! Now I could do more and enjoy the new offers. This is an advantage that I could grab especially if I don’t have money. Thanks for this very informative post!

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