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Putty is a communications program that is used on computers. It is a client program for SSH, Telnet and Rlogin network. The program is developed to allow secure login from a Windows computer to a remote UNIX computer. Simply put, Putty is used to remotely gain access to computers on the internet via Telnet and SSH. When you connect to a computer using Putty, anything you type in the window is sent directly to the machine you connected to. Likewise, you will receive information from the computer that you are connected to which will be displayed in the window. Information is encrypted before it can be transferred reducing the likelihood of having people on the internet gaining access to your private information.
To avoid password and usernames thefts secure login is enforced.

 Putty is free and can be obtained by downloading from the internet. Many people do not know what Putty is, let alone know how to use it. What really takes place is that you run Putty on a windows machine and command it to connect to a UNIX machine. A window opens. Anything you type in that window is sent to the UNIX machine and anything you receive is shown in the window. You are actually working on the other machine but not sitting before it. Here are the steps:
1.Start “Exceed”. You need Exceed if you will be using X applications.
2.Find “putty.exe” and double click on it. This file is normally located in a folder on your computer named “Putty”.
3.The Putty program will start up by displaying a configuration dialog box. Look in the “Saved Sessions” for “ginger”. If it is there, select it and click the buttons marked “Load” and “Open”. If you do not see a saved session called ginger you will have to fill out the hostname by entering “œ” under Host Name or IP address.
4.Click the option marked “SSH” from the protocol options shown.
5.Select the “SSH Tunnels” and then check the box marked “Enable XII forwarding” by clicking it to make a tick.
6.Click the “Open” button. The dialog box will disappear and then a ginger login screen will be displayed.
7.When prompted to do so, type in your username and password. You will now be in a normal session.
8.Type logout whenever you are finished.
9.Right click on the title bar in order to bring up a menu. Another way to do this is to left click at the left end of the title bar. You will access see access to the Putty help.
10.Click and drag to highlight text. The text is automatically copied to the Windows clipboard.
11.To paste the text that you copied, right click at the cursor location and select paste.

Tips and warnings
Putty is free to download. One website where you can download the Putty file is This website has the Latest Development Snapshot version.

Author Bio: Charlie is a freelance writer and content builder of many Technology sites and hi is sharing his experience regarding how to use putty.

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  1. I not relate with this field but i can say that you are very clear here and you describe this with good words to make it more understandable.

  2. Putty seems to be quite good program for communication purposes but is it different in services compared to VPN networks.

  3. Thanks for the salutary share. It’s good to know that it’s pre-configured to connect to a UNIX host. This is just what I need to be able to work remotely.

  4. I actually need a terminal emulation client and putty seems to fit the description. Thanks for sharing this vital information and I will definitely look into this.

  5. I am not really familiar with this technology. Thank you for imparting your thoughts on how to effectively utilize this technology.

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