Organic Search Optimization


November 24, 2009

Optimizing your website for search engine is a task every blogger must take in order to be ranked well within the search engine result pages or SERPS as they called Organic search Engine Optimization is the cleanest form of optimization that can be done this is done without any form of black hat methods or any automated scripting and this benefits both your website for good ranking results when done well and will help retaining your visitors and once your website is found by these search engines they will index your blog and the reward is that your site could be where you want it to be on the first pages of all results.

Organic Traffic  Ever wonder how your visitors find your website it could be a number of ways before we look at some of these methods let me ask you a question have you ever fill out an online form and just before the submit button you are ask the question “How did You Find Us” ? i guess the answer is yes that is a part of this process of optimizing your website or blog understanding how your visitors find your site is very important. keywords another factor in your optimization process this is what drives organic traffic to your website or blog this is the traffic that drives your blog revenue don’t get me wrong here having a steady followers to your blog builds trust and authority and gives your lots of credibility but it is those unique page views that counts.

Website Ranking this is very important for your blog if not one of the single most important factors spiders crawled the web scanning billions of web pages daily and ranked them according to their relevancy and popularity your blog and its content is judged by automated software know as BOT or spiders they do these by using what is called algorithms which are the search engines best kept secrets this avoid the black hat method that is the reason why these algorithms are never release to the public.

Search Engines they enable your visitors to enter a specific word or phrase known as keywords and all pages containing these terms are show in order as to how the pages are ranked according to the search engines ranking as we all know these pages were ranked by the spiders not human.Optimizing for search engines is important however we must still bear our visitors in mind after all they are the primary cause of our blog in the first place. SEO is one of our greatest tool but if we try to short cut it by using some black hat method it may benefit us in the short term but your website will get caught out and may even be banned by the search engines in the long run so stick to the rules play it safe and have patience your blog will reap the reward from all the organic traffic you need.

I am not an expert but from past experience this helps Organic search engine results are our best bet keep on blogging.


17 thoughts on “Organic Search Optimization”
  1. Interesting article bro 🙂 . SEO is an important to rank better in search engine .I find book by Brad Callen SEO-Made Easy quite helpful

  2. Organic search is the best this is the major search engines sending us free traffic when users request information especially surfers looking for products and or services

  3. Yes shabnam i too is a subscriber to brad callen for the longest time even before i officially proclaim myself to be a blogger highly reccomended

  4. This is a must for all of us bloggers latief sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t however the idea is to learn from our mistakes and keep on tweaking and testing untill we find the right solution that works for us thanks for your input brother

  5. great tips, lawmacs. indeed, these things are important for people to consider if they are planning to monetize their websites, increase their visitors, or just plainly want to have a large readership. neglecting the simple rules of SEO may ultimately lead to frustration which is primarily the reason why most people who go into blogging and internet marketing generally give up after a few months of trial. to those who want to take this seriously, I recommend the book entitled Search Engine Optimization by Jerri Ledford. It’s where I learned most of my understanding about SEO when I was just starting out. A lot of topics are also covered in it.

  6. Thanks ryhen i think i have heard about that book quite recently haven’t got around to reading it have to make it a priority thanks again for your visit and comment much apprciated

  7. Search Engine is the best source of organic traffic. Optimization is a must if we want to get visitors for Search Engine. Theres a lot to do to get your blog found on the blogoshpere.
    Thanks Gary for sharing this article.

  8. Bro..I cannot disagree at all to what you have pointed in this post. Yes, organic search engine optimization is the best one. The best thing about the organic search optimization is that it makes people to land up exactly on the page with a content which they are searching for. Thus it helps in building site loyalty for your visitors and that is very important. But then as you said the most important thing would be to get unique visitors and that would be possible only through better onpage optimization which involves proper meta tags optimization and seo content development. Must not forget that you are targeting the right keywords which ultimately is the sole and core of any organic seo process. Great post. very useful and informative.

  9. Most traffic to my blog is from social media but it is not stable. Recently I see the importance of traffic from search engine, it is more quality and more stable. And it has higher conversion ratio than other traffic sources.

  10. Actually Search Engines is my top traffic source on My Life Thinking blog, maybe because it’s old enough (2 years old) and has more than 450 articles and a lot of tags, I love anything organic in this life 🙂

    Thanks for the great post Lawmacs.

  11. Hi lawmacs,

    Very informative article with some great advice. I’ve been paying lots of attention to SEO lately because it’s interesting to see exactly where your visitors come from and what methods work best to increase traffic. One of the tools I use to maximize SEO on my blog is the Platinum SEO Plug-In. I recently switched over from All-In-One SEO and I’ve seen some good results.

    Another way to increase your SEO is by writing good content like you just did:-)

  12. On the subject of where your visitors came from, probably worth mentioning the importance of tracking software to tell you the source of your visitors. With Google Analytics being easy to set up and very good there’s no need to even pay for tracking software anymore.

  13. Hello I just search the google and I found out your site. Nice post I am very worth reading it. Thanks!

  14. For nicely monetize our blog traffic from search engine is much more valuable than other referral traffic. For me I noticed that if I get more search engine traffic I get more adsense click.

  15. You are invited to (social network for bloggers 😉 Do you follow me? 🙂

    In Profiloblogger i’m @lasslo

  16. Organic SEO is always the best as Google likes you to optimize your page in an organic way.,-“

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