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October 20, 2009

Writing for search engines are a very important factors to help your website or Blog ranked well with search engines especially Google i say Google because without a doubt Google is the king of search engines and no point arguing that although the new Microsoft Bing shows some improvement it is still a long way off.When writing for search engines there factors to consider and this will in the long term helps your website rank better in Google.

Before writing new contents for SEO we could start by looking at our achieves see which post we can optimize to make them ranked better,making our urls more friendly although this post is about writing for search engines it is also important to think about your audience that you are writing for ,remember that your traffic are either natural organic that is those that appears naturally in Search Engine Results Pages and By Google own words these are no way influence by paid inclusion these results are naturally generated by the algorithms. the other type of traffic is referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC this can be through ad words or other campaigns these results occurs as sponsored adds around you organic searches while natural search results may depends on the construction of your it and its content researchers believe that natural results are more worthwhile to surfers.

keywords This is what users uses to find your site when Writing it is in your best interest to do some research on this it can only benefit you because what keyword Research does is tell you what people are looking for online it can give you ideas for your content and this will able you to organize your content around what people are searching for and this will making your writing easier.The more relevant Keywords your website ranked well for the more visitors Search Engines will bring to your sites and always try ranking for relevant long tail keywords this will help you extend your reach.

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12 thoughts on “Writing For search Engines”
  1. A very nice post. Yes, if you really want make your online business grow like anything then you really need to pay attention to this SEO thing. Good SEO techniques are likely to boost your rankings in the search engines. And no doubt, SEO writing is one of the key areas to work.

  2. Firstly thanks for stopping by i was just trying to make the point that although we write for our readers it is still good practice to write search engine friendly content

  3. Nice tip you got here. You forgot to mention that we can also get traffic from other websites linking to us. If one is targetting a specific keyword/phrase and those websites use them in their anchor text to link to one’s blog/site, then it can actually give more weight to one’s search engine rankings. Cheers!

  4. I think we write for our readers and not for Google. Our blog is online because of our readers only.
    But we also have to consider the BIG "G" as we also want our keywords to show in search engine rankings.

  5. Good post Lawmacs, actually I try to follow this tip, I write and optimize my blogs all the time for search engines, actually the most of my traffic now comes from Google!

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