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October 14, 2009

You spend months planning your website picking and choosing your domain name and your graphic designer did a perfect job with the sites design and now it is time to choose your keywords for search engines campaign the is another vital and very important step in your marketing campaign if your website is going to be found by search engines so it is equally important to have some good understanding of Your keywords and your targeted audiences,this is very crucial to out-gunned your competition and for the long term survival of your business.

As a new blogger it is very important that we analyze our website in respective of the the keywords we use to market our website.Keywords are important if we believe that “Content is King” then i guess our Keywords or keywords’ phrases for search engines are princes apart from writing your content we need good targeted keywords that are relative to our content or products.

There some good free tools to help you choose your keyword like “word Tracker” although you have to pay a monthly fee you can try it for free for some time another highly rated keyword tool is produced by Google however you need a Google ad words account to use this tool i am particular found of Google keyword tool for ad words because i have tried it and experiment with it when writing two of my previous post Back links how to get Them and another post Web design tips For New Bloggers which at the time of writing this post has found itself on the first page of Google for the search term “Web design tips for new bloggers” i think i deserve a pat on the back for this.

It is recommended that when using our targeted Keywords it is advice that we should include them in our Page title, in headings,meta tags url and place them on the first twenty five to thirty words of our content but be careful not to stuff your content with too much keyword popular known as keyword stuffing.Apart from targeting single keywords you can target keyword phrases or long tail keywords these are less competitive and account for a considerable amount of organic traffic so don’t missed out get your keyword right it may be time consuming but in the long run and for long term survival in today’s competitive word you owe it to your self  to ensure that when it comes to “Keywords for Search Engines”make sure your keywords are relevant.


9 thoughts on “Keywords for search Engines”
  1. Hello Bro, first of all many congratulations for being on 1st page for your targetted keyword phrases. Yes, you are very correct. As I said in one of my earlier comments, Keywords are your business. One should research on them properly before targeting it finally. And I also agree to the fact, google adwords keywords research tool is one of the best tools for the same. Thanks for sharing such useful post here.

  2. Great Design wont help your blog or useless if you can find your "keywords or keywords phrases" Using your own name to your domain seems useless if you are not a celebrity. Targeting your keywords is important if you want to make your blog a money maker.
    Thanks Gary for sharing with us.

  3. Keywords are very important for your blog to do better online. We should do proper research of our keywords with Google adwords tool or Word tracker before targetting them.

    A very informative post for all. I like your posts as they simple to follow 🙂 .

  4. Keywords are very important as it could help your blog spread and get more traffic from search engines! I depend on that while writing my posts!

    I don’t consider you a new blogger now Lawmacs.. you are doing a great job, I really appreciate your comments on my blogs!

  5. Thanks for your visit and comments your feedback is very much appreciated i must say i admire your writing style

  6. Thanks hishaman you comments and feedback is very much appreciated and keep up the hard work you are doing a famous bloggers club

  7. Really Informative post…Keywords play an important role in any website design and ranking.Select the relevant keywords according to market competition, search volume, the keyword must be related to your niche .Use different keyword tool to select the appropriate keyword related to your niche.

  8. Love your blog and this information you posted.

    You know a lot about it which helps me in my on line progress.

    Many Thanks

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