Website design tips –Part 2 Keywords


October 11, 2009

In my last post i wrote about “Good Website Design and Content” in this post i will be writing about “keywords” but what are keywords and are they of any use to a web designer and his website. I will try and define “Keywords” for you there are several meanings and phrase uses to describe keywords but the one that interest me the most is! Words that may be used by viewers searching for information. Keywords can be purchased from search engine companies so that an appropriate ad banner may be displayed when a viewer searches on a particular word.

Every blogger will tell you that when writing content or a post for your website it is one of the most important piece of information you need to attract natural search engine traffic how this helps? before writing your post it is best to do some keyword research to understand what the readers are searching for and build your content around it. You can use a single keyword example “Website” this is good but you can also use what is known as “Long Tail Keyword” this is usually written like this “Website design Tips For  Bloggers”  this i believe is very helpful to use especially if you are a new blogger what this has done is to broaden the search term thus giving your a better chance of being found in the surfers search term.

As new website comes online without promotion whether through pay per click Google ad words or social networking it is sometimes hard to be found so it is always a good idea to target the right keywords even in your title tags this helps a lot by ensuring all your pages get index. A few years ago when i started my website i did not think about title tags or domain name i just named the site but looking back at it today i probably would name it something more search engine friendly that probably would have help my page rank as i said never give it any thought about keywords or about rankings nothing then about on page or off page search engine optimization but today the competition has become so fierce we need to do everything to keep up or our blog will sit at the last pages of the search engines do you want that? no i guest not.

There are lots of tools out there to help with the keywords research tools like word tracker will help read lots of blogs and don’t be afraid to post comments and ask questions in forums ,Wordpress has a plug-in that is called keywordluv some bloggers uses this what it does is give you the opportunity of using your keyword in your comments and this acts as a back link to your website


9 thoughts on “Website design tips –Part 2 Keywords”
  1. Great post! When starting how keywords are definitely ignored. I too would have chose a more search engine friendly url if I would have known more about keyword research when I started.

  2. Excellent post on Keywords 🙂 . Keywords are very important for any webmaster/blogger and before writing any article one must do proper keyword research. You have rightly said about " long tail keywords" they increase chances to be found in surfers search term.

  3. Keywords are your business. It would be foolish for any online business to not to give importance to it. Must research well on your keywords before targeting them. Great post.

  4. Yes we must do keyword research. Sometimes long tail keyword will give us more benefits. Practicing on keyword research will give us more capability in SEO Friendly Post Title 🙂
    Thanks Gary for your article.

  5. Firstly thanks for visiting and i appreciate your constructive comments about updating i posting at least once weekly and you can subscribe to my feeds via feedburner to get updates in your inbox i will visit your site

  6. Good website design and content prevent to bounce rate of your website, and it emerged as form of your business traffic, if you search in any SERP from any specific keyword where your website found of top ten list then you can get a lot of traffic.

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