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October 24, 2010 , , ,

In my last post titled What Football and Seo Have in Common I looked at the comparison between Seo and Football, as i have mentioned in that post the spectators are like our subscribers and if we get our tactics right we will have them coming back. Subscribers love brilliant content and that is why it is so crucial to get our tactics right from the whistle says go. Both for web designers and bloggers a like Seo is a part of our trade whether we employ someone to do it or do it ourselves we need to take keen interest in this area.

So how do we go about keeping our subscribers happy? By having the best players in the business just like a football club to attract the best players you need good financial backing some for hiring a good Seo consultant they don’t come on the cheap. When hiring a Seo expert you expect the best guaranteed results and that is achieving your goal of been on the first page of Google or the other major Search engines. Hiring a professional Seo firm you need your set your goals and have a big budget.

Playing the Seo game can be simple if you follow the rules of the game and avoid the un-necessary fouls, and by having a game plan and get your linking right. We all know that as bloggers Seo is very important to us, What is the sense in having a beautifully design website, fully optimized and well written content if no one reads it. It is just like playing the beautiful game without the spectators. A word of wisdom use your keywords right, don’t over stuffed your content with keywords, optimize your website these areas plays a crucial role if you are playing the Seo game, build your team with a network of bloggers link them to strengthened your effort.

So as you can see using the beautiful game of football you can learn a lot from it. The links passes from your defense to mid field to your forward then into your opponent goal; it just goes to show that good link building plays a key role in achieving your goal. Building links with good page rank sites will enable you to gain better rankings, choose a good Seo firm for your website who will optimize for your subscribers.

Playing the Seo game is not just a quick fix it takes continuous work .keeping up with your competitors is never easy. Go about your campaign the right way is in your best interest avoid all black hat methods this will avoid the red cards. Just remember every link you build is a trust earned for your website. In summary I ask you two questions are you playing the Seo game? And are you winning your game? Final piece of advice study your opponents this will give you the opportunity to get the upper hand have your say and feel free to share.


30 thoughts on “Playing The Seo Game”
  1. Gary,

    No doubt about it, having a site that is SEO compliant while not simply being stuffed with keywords is essential. The quality needs to be there. Lean and mean, fast on it’s feet and always ready to tackle you (get you to sign up for feed i guess).

    Think I am still running with the football analogy!

    1. Thanks Steve for putting everything in a nutshell keywords are important butwhat is the use of stuffing your site with them and then turning of your readers after all we write for our readers and design for your search engines.

    1. Thanks Shabnam for your kind words Seo is not something you will get right over night it is a method of trying different things and testing it until you get the best results and that is achieving your goals.

  2. Nice and interesting again. Hmm..not sure if am playing this SEO game at this moment. But yes, I was playing the same game while I was new to this blogging thing. I used to make sure that I had quality content on my blog. I made sure that I was linking to good neighbors and I used to do it a lot but not the same case these days. I used to submit my blog to top blog directories but no more submission these days. Honestly speaking..I am not at all thinking about SEO these days. For me, it is all about the quality content on which I have been working like anything. Search engines are my second priority over my readers whom I value like anything. I think every blogger should think and work the same way.

    1. Well said Aswani we should always value our readers more than anything else after all they are the reason we write they are the ones that cheer us on even when we are loosing the game or things not going right.

  3. You know I play 🙂

    As a manager of other teams I won a few cups and played in some finals, but with my blog I’m just starting to from from the third grade league to the second league. My guess is, if I play my cards right, and unlike most I have a long term SEO plan, I should be entering the premier league by the summer for most of my keywords.

    In my opinion it is all about having a plan, knowing your competitors and being consistent to the tactics you set out to play. Changing your game plan every week will just get your players confused and your spectators irritated!

    1. Glad to know that you have won a few cups Zarko with your knowledge with in the game you will make a good manger given the fact that your post written about Seo is some of the most simple and straight to point i have read that said i lear a lot from them.

    1. The best more you have made is to admit that you are half way there that shows that you are evaluating your game plan just continuing putting your plan into action you will definately achieve your goals.

  4. Nice article. 🙂 SEO plays the most important role to get our site in search engine and we have to use it correctly. Thanks for sharing this post with us. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment seo plays a really important part in our blogger world and if we get it right we will see the great benefit that this has for oyur blogs.Thanks for your contribution

  5. Hi Gary,

    I’m definitely playing the SEO game. Right now I think I’m in the red zone and I need to decide on whether to kick a field goal (keep doing what I’m doing) or go for a touchdown (hire an expert to assist me). 🙂

    Since I’m a do-it-yourself kind of person and enjoy a challenge, I think I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing because it appears to be working. I will admit that it’s a slow process with a learning curve but the rewards are worth the effort.

    Excellent post and I love your football analogy. To your continued success!

    1. Hiring an expert is a good way of improving on what you have already started Robert what that does is give you more time to concentrate on other things like making money writing articles. Thanks fro your continued support Robert

  6. WOW !! Its amazing comparison between football and SEO. It’s a easy way to understand the SEO.

    1. Thanks for your comments since this is your first comment here i must glad to have you here and lookinh forward for your continued support thanks again

  7. That’s a nice comparison.
    I agree with your points. I am trying to improve my seo and this post helped me. Thanks for sharing this post.

  8. It’s very difficult to obtain good results without SEO knowledge. The experience is very important because you will not loose time with wrong strategies. An SEO expert knows which button must be pushed to make the site visible in search engines.

  9. Cool post gary ,
    I am also gearing up for SEO by studying and reading ebooks 😛
    But i would rather do it myself with experience than pay for any software or seo guru 😀

    1. Doing seo your self is good because hiring some one can be very costly the difference is that the expert always brings better results

  10. cool analogy there Gary, never thought of that way. I’ve always compared SEO with real wars, since it’s a very strategic industry. What I like most about this field is the challenge and the rewards it gives (profits, reputation, exposure and potentials for business growth).

  11. just started link building for my site, so your post is useful in two ways, the info and the comment 🙂 anyway, what to you suggest i do first: social bookmarking, article submission, blog commenting(like now 🙂 ) or directory submission. I want to focus on only one of them. take them one at a time. Cheers.

  12. One of the largest factors that often gets overlooked is simply writing good content, often. The buzz you want your site to create will never be done with keywords and alt tags(although they are a piece to the SEO puzzle).
    Writing good content, on a regular schedule will create return readers and subscribers to your site and frequent new content drastically improves your page rank compared to a static site.
    I personally think the SEO industry is inflated with self proclaimed professionals and gurus who have no knowledge of html and php but can make you a ad words campaign and charge 500 a month for it. How can you be a guru in an industry that is continually developing and evolving?

  13. For many people SEO is poisoning the WWW with junk, useless stuff. SEO experts have no ethics and that’s a fact. There are many discussions in Greek forums about ethics and SEO.

    First of all you have to provide quality content if you are a blogger. Then SEO can be ethical.

  14. It is very interesting to read. like football seo also tricky. we have always be vigilant.
    Thanks for the article. good comparison

  15. football and soe.

    in football also we have to keep full concentration on game like same in seo also we have to be carefull. because competitors will be there to break you.

  16. I always look for great marketing and promotion information that can improve my online business rankings, well then, thank you for that!

  17. Great comparison of Seo with Football. I really liked it. Every game has its own set of rules and strategy associated with it. If we follow the rules and use strategy that is difficult for the opponent to identify then we can surely win this game. Seo is in fact a combination of science and art. You need to know the basics and take your move accordingly.

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