What Football And Seo Have In Common?


October 20, 2010 , , ,

new look new server Do you play football? Some have might are even watch the beautiful game we called the greatest show on earth well, what does football and Seo have in common? Search Engine Optimization is Strategies and tactics undertaken to improve web pages so they gain a higher ranking in the search engines. Let’s look at it this way a football team is made up of about twenty players, of these twenty players’ eleven players starts the game while another six or so sits on the bench. I guess you are seeing the picture here. There is a manager you the blog owner and coaching staff which plot the plans for each game.

The aim of the football team is to score goals as with any Seo campaign we set goals whether to get more subscribers are to rank higher in Search Engines. So where do the players fit in? One of the techniques used by most Seo firms is Link Building. A good football team is build around strong team bounding players linking up with each other to achieve their goals. Now let’s take a closer look at the formation of the team, it could be a 4 4 2  , 4 4 3 or a 4 5 1 formation whatever one you go for there is the need for co-ordination and proper link building to more through your opponent which is your competitors.

Now the referee what role does they play? Now the game is been played with five of them they could be seen as the big five search engines with the main one in the middle been if you like Google why because he calls the shot and the others been his assistants Bing, yahoo and the rest. Now you score a goal you are awarded a point if you fool someone the referee blows is whistle and alert you that you have done something wrong. Like in the real Seo world bad link building can get you penalised by search engines.

Lets track back when you started blogging in a specific niche you entered in a league and your aim was to come out on top, your Seo campaign is to take you to the top of that league or niche so your group of players needs to be linking together to achieve that goal. Whatever formation you use getting it right is always the aim. You are the owner you give the Seo task to your players eleven of them you trusted them to link together make it happen play the game fair and there will be no red cards. But wait we left some out here who is it? The spectators who are they? Our customers our reader keep them happy and they will buy a season ticket, yes our subscribers. Playing the Seo game is like playing football gets every links right and we will start scoring goals.


31 thoughts on “What Football And Seo Have In Common?”
  1. Excellent post bro 🙂 and what a comparison.We needs to do SEO correctly as one wrong step can cost you a lot. SEO is for long term and not for those who want quick benefit.

    1. Absolutely right Shabnam one wrong move and you lost the game seo is still at the top our list get it right and we are on our way to success Thanks for your input glad to see you back at techiezlounge

  2. An interesting read for me. Very good comparison done. Well, I haven’t played football much but yes, I agree its all in the team effort. The same goes for SEO as you said in your post, better the links better will be the results. We just have to make sure that we don’t get involved in black hat techniques. Keeping it simple and stupid – Everything works quite well then. Also, I agree it is all for your readers, visitors, wannabe customers without which SEO doesn’t have any value as such.

    1. Thanks Aswani as always for your kind words and support and i am in total agreement with you it is all about a team effort here and as we all know from experience the better the links the better the results. Thanks for your comment

  3. Hello,

    what a nice post dude its title caught me and then I could not leave it in middle also your comparison is really meaningful.

    1. Thanks web designer glad you find the time to read the entire post it is good to say that with this seo game your comment here is just like making the right pass

  4. 🙂 great comparison. If this is so than I wish my blog was Arsenal, but so far it looks more like Norwich 🙂 Pompous team with low number of fans!!! But at least they are not hooligans!

    personally I am a Partizan fan, we will see how they fare in Champions League this year against Arsenal!

  5. I guess the results against arsenal might not great it might be fair to say with the beautiful game we called football it is not just about wining but how we play the game your blog is great Zarko very informative and i guess with time you will win the league. thanks for your input

    1. Again you are right, I got ahead of my self, it’s not always about the end result, but it’s also about the way we got to that result. Like you said, how we play the game, like I said before, blogging with passion is what makes us bloggers 🙂 Now, thank you for reminding me that.

  6. You forgot the most important part of game: the coach or team manager. He is the most important in a football team, he organizes everything 🙂 Interesting comparison though

    1. They were breifly mentioned however you might want to look out for part two of this post and before i forget a warm welcome to you since this is your first visit i do hope to have you around more often

      1. true, they were mentioned in the post, I missed that part. Thanks for the warm welcome, I will stick around read more posts here.

    1. That is Right scoring goals should be our aim however to achieve this we need to choose the right passes and get the links right Thanks forr your valuabl input

  7. Cool comparison you have here. It is also very easy to relate to, especially for those who know their football. Scoring points with SEO and football is indeed a game of strategies and tactics that we need to work on over time. Thanks for posting.

    – Wes –

    1. Hi Welcome aboard i do hope this is not your last visit here i do hope you enjoy the community and yes i totally agree with you and it seems you know your football thanks for your valuable input hope to have you around again

  8. Great comparison Gary. We needs to do SEO in the right way. Using black hat techniques can make lose your position in search engines. It is better to avoid this techniques.

    1. Thanks Nicola playing the game the right normally brings the best results however the black hat seo might bring quick results but in the long run you might have to pay the consequences Thanks for your input Nicola.

    1. thanks for your continue support here on lawmacs.com football and seo has lots of similarity with the ultimate aim is to score goals.

  9. Nice useful article, it really helped me a lot, Please keep updating your site as i am regular visitor of your site. Cool One
    Thanks For Share..!!

  10. This is the first time I have seen footy and SEO combined, what a unique way of looking at it – well done.


  11. I am a huge fan of NFL and college football so the headline of your article caught my attention. I like how you compared SEO with football, and true enough, both of them have close resemblance with each other on how you play it. It makes it easier for us to get your point, great comparison, great article. Good job!

  12. Thanks for sharing this idea, it all make sense. I admire your writings on comparing SEO to football games. I am a fun and loves to play football. Playing the both side of fields makes great result. Comparing the two, it gives me more understanding on how the SEO works. Thanks a lot

  13. haha, I didn’t know that SEO is somehow related to football. Very intelligent comparison. I love the way you present your thoughts. You really are a creative writer in a very scientific manner. I’m glad I found this one. Nice post.

  14. Very interesting! Who would have thought to compare these two things? SEO and football? These two seem to be so far from each other. However, like football, SEO has its aim to have a goal. Especially nowadays that the competition in SEO is getting more and more crucial.

  15. I recently enjoy watching football games but I really don’t know how to play it well. The game football and Search Engine Optimazation are two words that are not related with each other. But I like the ideas on how you explain to the readers that somehow they have in common. Thanks for the brilliant ideas you have shared!

  16. Internet marketing is good thing but I usually don’t see any genuine point in doing for internet marketing, I mean all those things we do with our website to make it appear on top and widen our online business seem fake. I hope you have understood my question. Thanks

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