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August 25, 2010 , ,

Search engine Optimization is an on going process which is at the heart of every blogger and webmaster a like. This is a process that can get a bit tedious and or technical at times however the task don’t have to be that daunting but you all need to Evaluate Your Website. Sometimes we do it without even realizing it ,things like choosing your domain name,, choosing a very catchy headline keyword related, your post title, your meta tags, keyword rich content and the use of proper grammar. Now how about you/ do you do your own so or hire some one to do it for you and what are the results?

Hire a SEO consultant is good if you have the founds to do it and most importantly id they can deliver the results that you are looking for in an ethical way.There is one firm called Trafficke you might have heard me mentioned this before however, i spent about two hours doing an online consultation with the guy who owns the company. Let me just introduce you to the company Trafficke is a company that provides Integrated Marketing Solution For All. that means they offer services like Website Optimization,SEO consultant and Writing services a bit of All In One SEO Service.

As i mentioned before i spend about two hours online getting some consultant advice about my blog as you may realize i try to get all SEO related task done by myself but at times i always want the eye of an expert. Some area that was look at are logs, ad placing removing unnecessary clutter, changing the background colour to let them blend in with my website.

Other areas that can be optimized or tweak is this like your twitter count and RSS feed count they could be changed from image to text to help reduce the use of two much images which would be a welcome boast to your blog loading time which we all know by now that is including in Google’s algorithm as a contributing factor to your page rank.

having spend these two ours with the consultant i had a few eye opener some small details i might have over looked seeing your own website from an expert point of view is something that not always happen having some form of evaluation by company like Trafficke can only serve good for your blog having said that i was quite please about the whole process. Does your Blog needs and expert evaluation well head on over to Trafficke. Why ? Reasonable price and very knowledgeable.


46 thoughts on “Evaluating Your Website”
  1. If you have the learning curve and interest regarding SEO, I think you’ll definitely find most on-page factors needed to be optimized just by thorough search over the internet. But consulting to experts is one great way to lessen that tiring process of learning how to do things right. Plus you get to ask good questions that at times takes people months of trial and errors before figuring the situation out.

    Evaluating a site for its SEO is not that hard, though figuring out what to change within the site is very tricky, if you don’t have the substantial knowledge about the art. Here are some of the most important parts to check in analyzing your site:

    1. URL
    2. Title Page
    3. Description
    4. Body
    5. Internal linking structure (the most important part, in my opinion)
    6. site’s loading time
    7. conversion rate
    8. tracking and analytics
    9. number of external links within a single page
    10. error checks and redirects

    Of course there are more aspects that need to be checked, but those given are the ones that should be prioritized first 🙂


    1. Hi Jason thanks for your comment these are ten valuable points you mentioned here and as you rightly said there are many more but you are right these are the areas we need to prioritize.

    1. i do hope one day you will be able to get a consultant to give you the insight into what you may have missed by doing your own analysis thanks for your input

    1. Thanks Shabnam for your comment i know that you have good knowledge of seo and i admire you for that and thanks for your continued support of my blog

  2. In the initial phases its better to evaluate yourself and when you become a sub – 10k Alexa Blogger, then you might think of hiring someone , btw I do analysis of my site by myself only

    1. good to know that you are able to do this i do my own analysis of my blog however there are times when a second opinion will help and that is what trafficke did for me.

  3. Up to now I’ve been doing my own SEO. I’ve learned quite a lot but I’m far from being an expert. I have had my site reviewed by an SEO pro and they were able to point out a few areas that need attention.

    There are still some areas that need work but I’m waiting until I change my theme. Sometimes choosing a theme can be more daunting than SEO. 🙂 I will be certain to check out Trafficke and see what they offer.

    1. Thanks Robert for that tips about choosing a web template that can be my next topic it is always good to have a second opinion about our site especially from some one competent in that field.Thanks for your comment

  4. Thank you for posting this article on SEO, I’ve spent the last month learning everything I can but haven’t come across this before. And thanks for being do follow as well, I also appreciate that.

    1. You are welcome and thanks for your visit it seems that it is your first visit here and i do hope to have you here more often

  5. Thanks for the info..bro. I have never thought of the same. Now, I get to know it all. I will surely recommend this service to my blogger friends. Keep writing.

  6. Thanks for the post Gary
    I agree with what everyone has said. Once you get serious then you should start focusing on hiring someone. Otherwise, when your just starting then you’ll do fine just with yourself as evaluating.

    1. thanks for your input peter if this is your first time here i do hope it is not your last trip around we here at lawmacs value your input and your contribution

  7. Till now, I have done everything by myself….from SEO to small tweaks to the theme. Sometimes I take the help of free tools to evaluate the things. I agree with Pete that in the beginning, whatever we can do by ourself is enough, but when things get big, then it’s good to hire some experts to evaluate things.

    1. That is brilliant for you to do your SEO task yourself it helps but it doesn’t hurt to get some one’s elses opinion some times we ocer looked some minor details that could have helped

  8. I remember being a newbie at SEO 🙂 One fo the most important parts of that is evaluating a website. Just like Jason listed, there aren’t that many things to consider when you try to evaluate a site. But most of the time, if the website is natural, one of those items all bring another, along with website / domain authority 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping and contributing to the discussion here you time and comments here is always appreciated

  9. Understanding the metrics of a site is crucial to making changes that are effective and will actually work to grow your site. Changes really shouldn’t be for simple aesthetic purposes, but should be for solid and purposeful reasons only. The only way to get those “reasons” is to know what really goes on and ways to tweak things for improvement.

    1. That is totally right steve we should not cahnge things for change sake as the saying goes if its not broke don’t fix it b ut there are times when changes are required and we have to make those changes for the better.

  10. Haha, I like the way you talk about doing it by accident. Yes optimization can happen by accident, but there is also a lot of room to screw up ‘by accident’! Like once I registered a second domain with better keywords than my original and forwarded it to my existing website, and Google dropped me by 2 whole pages for what I later found out was called ‘duplicate content’! Don’t make that mistake people! One domain is enough!

    1. Yes we do things that are of great benefit along the way in regards with SEO with our even realising it sometimes and i am glad you see the benefit of this post your support is important to use here. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Thanks glad to know that the tool will be of some use to you and hope you will find trafficke of benefit to you as i did thanks for you input make sure you visit the site and asked question.

  11. Nice wee article.

    Even though its like a big advert for Trafficke i do agree that finding an SEO company to give you some advice on how to improve the performance of your website is good advice.

    It is good to know that what Trafficke have done for yourself is working well

    1. Thanks steam Multimedia it is just a way of spreading the love trafficke really give me some insight in areas i can fine tune and i did benefit from it anyway you have a great site had a look at your website

  12. It’s a wise decision to hire an SEO consultant for their expertise, but you should at least know the process. You might get an SEO consultant who really doesn’t know anything about the flow. Meaning, they are just pretending to be an SEO expert.

    1. You have made a very valuable point here Colestan we must know at least some basics about seo before hire any consultant this will help us from been scammed. Thanks for your helpful hint.

      1. I hired once such an “expert” only to realize later that he was a fraud. Since then, I am learning and doing SEO for my websites, no “experts” needed 🙂

  13. excellent post.Well SEO of your website in proper way is very necessary to get desired results at the end.Well evaluating the website with SEO is not tedious task but check the changes in site i.e on-pages changes which can further ranked your site if you use relevant keyword for a site according to competition and search volume.

  14. @jason you have a great point. but nonetheless, not everyone can afford to hire a consultant 🙁 sadly some of us really have to do it by ourselves…

  15. If anybody is interested to give website for SEO Services. The website should be the SEO Friendly to survive in the SERP’s. To generate Keyword Positions and traffic for your website SEO Optimization is more important. Thanks

  16. Thanks for the great article here. I was searching for something like that for quite a long time and at last I have found it here. I hope to see more such nice articles in the nearest future too. Thanks!

  17. Search Engine Optimization is really tedious task and takes time to produce results but clients doesn’t understand this thing ask for results as quickly as possible. Hiring an expert doesn’t mean you will get quick results but it makes sure that you will get results 🙂 thats what i think. Is there anyone who is against my statement?

  18. Thanks for sharing. Thanks Jason for the list. You just provided steps to SEO.This blog seems to be visited by professional SEO experts. Hope to visit often. Cheers!

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