Pull Better Traffic to your website with Google Analytics

Google analyticsGoogle Analytics is a wonderful tool that allows a website owner to do limitless things. In this article, you will find out how to increase your website’s traffic rate and quality with the help of Google Analytics. The internet is filled with articles about the benefits of Google Analytics. But how you should analyze the reports of Google Analytics to pull more traffic to your website, is seldom written about. This article discusses some ways you can make fruitful changes to your site and/or boost your website marketing process.

Regular analysis of your website – With Google Analytics, you can check the traffic to your website as regularly as you want to. But it is advisable that you check it once a day or once a week. If you hire an SEO Company India to do this for you, tell them to check it the aforementioned frequency and impart any changes that may be required.

The website data that you should concentrate on – In the data jungle of Google Analytics, you have to identify the data you need, based on these below-mentioned elements:

· Traffic from Keywords – Find out which keywords are pulling more quality traffic to your site and optimize those keywords accordingly.

· Traffic from Referring Sites – Find out the websites that are sending quality visitors to your site. This would let you know which websites to spend more time and effort on.

· Overview of visitors – Find out the ratio of new and returning visitors. This would help you to improve your site content or market your website in such a way that you can attract visitors from everywhere.

· Visits – Calculate the number of visits every day. This information will let you or in case you’ve outsourced this job to an SEO Company India, to launch promotions and upload fresh content so that you can attract more visitors. Also, try to know on which days your site is receiving the highest amount of traffic.

· Overview of the content – Check out which of your pages are attracting the most number of visitors. This would let you know what kind of content is the most popular. Create more like that.

Now, here’s a more detailed look at these points:

Optimize your site with keyword reports.

Attract the right visitors by implementing these steps. Or contact a good SEO Services company to do it for you.


· Find out the top 10 keywords that have pulled the most traffic.

· Create a list of those keywords.

· Change/update your content with those keywords.

· Use those keywords as your anchor text.

· Tag your images with those keywords.

· The title tags along with alt tags to your images should use those keywords.

· Create a list of topics and write blogs on them using those keywords.

Referring Sites. Spend more time on them.

· After checking out your Top Referring Sites, match the data with your assumption. Did you guess that these websites would send the most number of traffic to your site?

· Find out why the ones are at the top are there and why the sites that are at the bottom are there. Maybe you penned a guest article for the site that is at the top. Get in touch with the site admins of the ones are at the bottom to know if you can write for them too.

· Is your SEO Services India not being able to conduct your social media marketing on Facebook as desired? Or is Facebook being outperformed by Twitter? If the answer to the latter is yes, tell your SEO executives to shift their focus on Twitter from Facebook. This strategy is the same for every social media.

· Find out if one of your banners is outperforming another. If yes, remove the other one and keep the more popular one.

· Try to find out whether there is a website that you don’t yet know about but is sending regular traffic to your site. Try to know if you could be partners to exploit the opportunity of the traffic flow.

Thank your returning visitors and present your new visitors with a contest.


· Upload a ‘Thank You’ message for your returning visitors or you can even send a monthly ‘Thank You’ mail to them. A contest will interest your new visitors to spend more time on your site.

· If yours is an E-commerce website, offer discounts to your returning visitors.

· To make your new visitors understand your site better, create an ‘FAQ’ page.

· Put ‘contact us’ on every web page.

· For the repeating customers, conduct a survey to assist them better in the future.

Create content according to your visitors’ choice

· Tell your SEO Services company to create more of the content that your visitors like based on the most viewed pages of your website.

· Write articles and blogs on those popular topics.

· Create YouTube videos on those topics.

· Write an ebook on those topics.

On the days you are receiving the most traffic –

· Publish blogs

· Start and finish contests

· Spend more time on social networks

Thus, with the help of Google Analytics, you can bring major changes to your website and to your position in the online market.

Author Bio: WebGuru is an established and accredited SEO Services Company, based in India. We have written and published numerous articles on SEO Services India, Web content writing and social media marketing including Website Design, logo design and graphic design in the web.


68 thoughts on “Pull Better Traffic to your website with Google Analytics”
  1. Some good points. I have found Adwords to be a great way to find your best keywords. The problem with using Analytics for this is your best keywords in analytics will be limited to those words you rank for. You may not rank for words that you should be targeting however. Running adwords allows you to even the playing field. You can bid on all of your keywords and find out which ones perform the best. Then you can work on your SEO for those words. However it does take time and cost money to accumulate that data, but I do think it is a good investment to make sure you are targeting the best keywords.

  2. Google Analytics is amazing tool for SEO! I use it all the time and it helps me to analyze the work of my website and to understand in which direction I should keep working.

  3. Very informative post..!
    I have learnt one thing today that Use keywords as your anchor text for link building. And this post helped me alot. Key words must be popular but not much popular. And readers choice is also important while writing post.

    Read more about how to increase traffic How to increase traffic on your blog.

  4. Yes we cannot underestimate the importance of analytics. We can learn so much useful info that can be used to optimize our efforts and keep our visitors happier. You really need to dig into your analytics to see how different traffic interacts with your site. Then you’ll see what type of traffic you really should be targeting.

  5. Very useful info, thank you. I have installed the Google Analytics plugin on my wordpress site but I didn’t know where to go from there.

  6. I love analyzing my traffic with google analytics. It’s unfortunate that they implemented private searching as that puts all Internet marketers at a disadvantage for keyword research. It’s a bit anti competitive as I bet that google uses all that information for their own marketing.

  7. I hope you can post more of this because it can help a lot of people…Traffic is what we need for our sites…Thanks!

  8. thanks for sharing the important points you have described to pull better traffic to website. I like the explanation. it was very helpful for me.

  9. Interesting and knowledgeable! 🙂 I would really love to try this Google Analytics. Thanks for sharing this.. Keep up the good work!

  10. Your blog is related to the links building there are very important information about the off page optimization so we can improve our website rank, but may you please share some info about on page optimization.

  11. Hi lawmacs, the facts on Google Analytics has been so helpful. I consider getting this service soon. I actually have tried getting how much it costs and if it really is worth it based on its monthly cost. And if there is some type of promos like beginners like me may need, as we can’t really maximize it in one snap of a finger.

  12. Google Analytics is best to find detailed traffic details of your website.Use of keywords as Anchor text helps in Optimizing the site by link building.

    After Google Panda update we need to focus more on the content and GA gives an idea regarding the posts which are getting traffic

  13. GA is the best way to find out the traffic details of the website.

    After Google Panda update it has become necessary that we do an analysis to find the keywords and content which are performing well.

  14. This was very information blog post. It provides powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features will let you to see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. I highly acknowledge your proficient approach. Keep sharing such more.

  15. In order to create a blog you need to consider first the factors that can help to all the viewer in their blogging activities, its better to conduct a first so that a creation will not become useless…

  16. I think everyone who starts using Google Analytics at first check incoming search terms and numbers of visitors but only over the time most realize how good GA really is and starts tracking campaigns, checks visitors patch and so on.

  17. Yea, Google Analytics has been an indispensible help to me so far. I use it regularly to keep tabs on my web stats and knowing what to change and what to optimize.


  18. This was very informative blog post. Well Google analytic provides powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features that will let you to see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely innovative way. I highly acknowledge your proficient approach. Keep sharing such more.

  19. The link buliding becomes more and more of a complex art each and ever day. Google really is starting to be difficult and we need to keep learning!

  20. Your post is packed with great information. I this one is very useful, yes I do agree on the statement of Lily that link building becomes more and more of a complex art each day. This one really makes sense to in learning on how to stand from everyday. It said that we must create a content that is accepted and most of the choices of our visitors. So that we may able to get their attention while putting the best content that we have.

  21. i am already using google analytics and it really helps in looking at best keywords for SEO purposes.
    Write what others want and add keywords to the limit otherwise it is a loss.
    always keep in mind the keyword density.

  22. Google Analytic Tool is one of the most important on-page SEO tool around. It helps us to garner the knowledge of global traffic to a website, from where there coming from, which keyword brought them in, which browser they user and so on so forth.

  23. Social Networks are more of a boon than a bane, Yes, it’s easy to create accounts in a social networking website and easy to spam contents but having said that the platform it provides for businesses to promote their products does wonders for them and thus in turn the social networking site earns good revenues all around the world. So, it’s a win-win situation for all.

  24. Thanks for sharing these tips on how to pull better traffic. We all know that businesses nowadays, are relaying on the link building strategy that we do give us a big chance of get more traffic. There are a lot of good ways so that link building strategies that we do will be effective and using the keywords as our anchor text is one of the most effective ones.

  25. I love Google analytic, there are certain matrices and reports which gives you in depth analysis of your traffic and you can track the progress of your different marketing campaign accurately with use of analytic.

  26. I so amazing that I have even heard about some of this thing till about few years ago.Now you can’t do any meaningful business without them. The only thing that bothers me is how depend we are on Google to give us the right information as user of their services.

  27. Bigger isn’t always better, but the numbers don’t lie, however testing is key, it can prove to you which strategies are best for your website.

  28. I commented earlier this week on March 2, and see mine was not approved while other comments where. Can you tell me why my comment was not approved so that I may improve the kind of comments I make on your site going forward? When I take the time to read a blog, and construct a comment that adds value, I do really appreciate it when my comment is approved. Thanks for your time.

  29. Till now Google Analytics is the best tool for research on your visitors choice and i did it every time on my blogs and websites.

  30. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information with us.We always keep on watching your blog post and also take care of our website promotion by following all of your key points mentioning in your best written post.

  31. Hi Mr. Lawmacs,

    I’m on learn SEO/IM, make me clear…your blog give so many tips to support SEO/IM, thanks for sharing.Thanks ya, Erni

  32. Nothing in life is easy. If there was an easy way to make money everyone would be doing it. Yes I do so agree with you that’s what makes it good, the work you put into reaching it. It’s a great feeling. Thanks for visiting and commenting.. 😉

  33. I’m using MS but still I go and check google analytics to assure if the results are the same.

  34. Try supplementing it with Google insight for search and Google keyword tool. This makes you provide a better keyword for your site if all three are put together.

  35. That was really gold mine article. Strategics in driving traffic to one’s website have been an indispensable one for social media marketing. Got a handful of tips and learning here. Now its time for applied learning.

  36. Thanks for sharing these tips. There are a lot of good ways so that link building strategies that we do will be effective and using the keywords as our anchor text is one of the most effective ones.

  37. They say that the best things in life are free and google analytics is an example of that. This is one of the best free online tool that you can use to measure your online marketing efforts and monitor the progress of your blog or website.

  38. Google tools are really helpful in terms of revenue details we can track all the campaigns revenue with the details of analytics. also with the help of adwords we can generate a huge amount of valuable leads for our products.

  39. An interesting idea – you suggest using the analytics to find te keywords that work for you, rather than setting out with keywords in mind when you write the content … that flips everything on its head that I was thinking of.

  40. I have 2 blogs that I started a few weeks ago, and I have only installed GA on them since last week. I don’t know what took me so long. But since then, I can go into my analytics panel and view how many visitors both websites get per day, along with the total unique visitors. Also, the phrases or keywords that bring the most traffic to each site respectively can be analysed.

    Any wesbite owner should utilize GA, especially those involved in blogging and depend alot on internet traffic.

  41. Google analytics is an awesome tool, which facilitates us with many things. The big advantage is it manage traffic of site. Quite informative!!..

  42. Google Analytics is best for seo point of view it is very helpful. you can see your website traffic and good search able keyword

  43. Yes, the tools and features provided at Google analytic are really good and just quality SEO implementation is required to make a mark on search engine to run successful online.

  44. Some good points. I have found Adwords to be a great way to find your best keywords. The problem with using Analytics for this is your best keywords in analytics will be limited to those words you rank for. You may not rank for words that you should be targeting however. Running adwords allows you to even the playing field. You can bid on all of your keywords and find out which ones perform the best. Then you can work on your SEO for those words. However it does take time and cost money to accumulate that data, but I do think it is a good investment to make sure you are targeting the best keywords.

  45. Google analytic more sounds like analyzing the quality of traffic rather than getting traffic. One can analyze quality source from where he gets good traffic and accordingly spend more money or time after those quality sources.

  46. I agree with your post.google analytics is a nice to optimized a traffic source in a websites.if you want to know traffic source then daily check a google analytics.and more focus on a keyword from a traffic comes.

  47. When you have developed the blog, you should submit your blog and also the RSS feed to the directories. Many directories offer the free submission while some may ask you for the payment. Yahoo is the largest free directory available. List of the directories offering free submissions are also available on many websites. It is advisable that you have submitted the links of your blog in a great number of directories which will definitely bring large traffic to your blog.

  48. One of the best ways to get traffic for your account is to submit the articles to the articles directories. You should make link of your blog post in these articles. Readers who will read these articles may click on the link and directed towards your blog post.

  49. Google analytics is effective tool to get information about website traffic and get perfect details through analysis of website. By using Google analytics it is possible to find traffic situation and we can use better ways to increase traffic on website.

  50. Google Analytic is free tool dished by the good and is very useful to see the performance of your site. We can see progress of our site in many respects.

  51. Useful article to follow these important tips for better traffic to our site with the help of google analytics, it added some new information to me.

  52. This is because many regular Ad – Sense publishers cannot even make the Google threshold payout of $100 dollars a month.
    There are several things to track: which keywords are converting, and which ones are wasting you money,
    what ads are performing well, and which are not,
    how your ads are doing at different price bids, etc. So before you dismiss it as an opportunity, take a look
    at these 7 tips on how to make money with Google Ad – Sense.

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