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Round UpThis Round up missing in action from last week had some internet connection issues which had delayed the publishing of last weeks Round Up any way will double up this week and bring you two in one this week. Some good news due to the success of Round i am working on a project to make it more exciting later on as the details surface will let you know more but for now enjoy these eight articles in this week’s double dose and as you will notice some great post from some very intelligent bloggers sit back enjoy and share this Round Up Double dose feature.

(1) A Link Development Strategy for Large Websites Building links to websites has been known to be one of the most important processes in making a business website more visible to its target audience, as links are able to improve the rankings of a certain site’s pages on search engines to be served for web searchers specifically seeking for what those pages are offering (information, service and/or product).

(2) PlusBlogging – How to Dominate your Market in Google+ Google+ has been the majority of discussions in the Search industry since the start of the year, and it’s almost certain that it’s because of the sudden merge of social and personalized search results (Search, plus your world). The amount of users joining Google’s social platform is aggressively growing – reaching over 100 million users worldwide (since the start of February this year) in a short period of time. However, this amount doesn’t really prove how engaged their users are in the platform, given that I’m personally not that active on using this social network, and most of my friends aren’t utilizing Google+ that much as well.

(3) Title Tag Optimization Best Practices –The Title tag is one of the most important (if not the most important) elements of the on-site optimization, which search engines consider when ranking websites. For those of you who are unfamiliar of what a Title tag is, let’s illustrate a quick example and how this relates to the search engine optimization and how to get the most out of this important element. If you type in “gemstone jewellery” in Google, the Angara jewellery website shows up number one for this phrase. The Title text “Gemstone Jewellery – Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Engagement Rings” (See Fig.3.1) comes from the Title tag in the html code which I will show you shortly.

(4)Deciding on appropriate post length for your blog postings One of the things which bother most of the bloggers is to decide upon your post length. I too have faced this same issue at some occasions in my blogging. But fortunately it hasn’t been so common with me. Blogging should be natural and when it is so, you tend to perform exceedingly well with the same. While it is easy to write anything and everything but it is never easy to be natural. And this is where I feel bloggers suffer the most and a thing like inability to carve out a well written detailed post becomes an uncanny habit. Often such blogging reduces to a boring piece of writing which is rarely read or seen..!

(5) Branding is about consistency not only advertising Do you have a brand that delivers services consistently to your customers? Often branding is thought only in the context of logo and advertising. It is about somehow letting people know that you exist and then getting customers to your door. A good brand is however about the consistency with which you delivers goods and services to your customers. I remember a great snack shop in my hometown, which made tasty and the highly diabetes inducing sweet food, you could ever eat.

(6) Curated Infographics, Kony 2012, Klout For Pinterest, Social Web, Speedlink 10:2012Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. Well, this week, one of the “hottest” topics definitely goes to the viral video released by “Invisible Children”, Kony 2012, which had 58 million views on YT in just 4 days (now 63 million+). Kony 2012 is a half-hour video campaign about Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, the leader of the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), and alleged atrocities his army

(7) Do You Have What It Takes To Market Your Niche Blog Offline? –There’s no question that the internet has become an increasingly cluttered place. There was once a time, not too many years ago, that banner ads, online marketing, and virtual promotions were new and curious phenomena. Consequently, an internet user may have actually clicked on a pop-up ad or read a flashing advertisement banner back in the old days. But consumers are now impervious to the vast amounts of advertisements, SEO techniques, and social media marketing approaches with which they are regularly assailed. We have trained ourselves to look past and through all this clutter, focusing instead on what we want to see and read online – and not very much else. We ignore the ads for moving companies, eligible singles,

(8)Download iPhoto App For iPad & iPhone – Apple has ported its desktop Photo tool to iPad and iPhone which is being named iPhoto.iPhoto for iPad is a Photo-editing app which brings features such as gestures, effects, multi-touch editing and I Cloud syncing. You can browse through the hundreds of photos on iPad using simple gestures and also compare them side by side.

That is the double dose of Round Up for this week hope you enjoy the line up and feel free to visit the respective websites and read the entire post. One more thing sharing is caring please digg, tweet and like on Facebook.


14 thoughts on “Round Up Week 9 and Week 10 double dose”
  1. Google plus platform brought more opportunities for SEO even though I was also not a fan of Google plus at the beginning. I feel Google plus effects SEO going into the future and its amazing how similar Google plus is to Facebook except there are some differences that I really like it’s much more streamline, less cluttered. So it’s easier to read the information inside the Google plus and I like that it’s based all around circles. So I can share information within the circle that I need. So I can strictly share it with my target auditory.

  2. great sharing of this round up week and i like to know about your all eight articles …now i am gonna read this all …thanks for your recoil work

  3. A good brand is however about the consistency with which you delivers goods and services to your customers.

  4. There will be very few chances of link building in near future as the rules are becoming more and more strict for websites about outbound links.

  5. The fifth article in this list is remarkable, it is true that branding is about consistency not only advertising. We must learn that branding is different from advertising. It should be implemented consistently and repeatitively to mark in the minds of your target market.

  6. Link building is common technique for any website to increase traffic and ranking but it is important that which method you used for it. The given some tips with ‘Round Up week’ concept is really good for respective websites. Natural backlinks are most effective for website growth.

  7. Organizing a website today is as tricky as can be. You can never be sure what may click with the online users and you need to have amazing features and functionalities in the website, in order to attract more and more users. Now we are going to introduce you content management system (CMS) that enable to design amazing web site with powerful online web application development.

  8. Link building is one of the biggest SEO tasks. It can often be confusing and difficult to come up with ideas of how to get started.Thank you for sharing this valuable information

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