The Key That Turns Your Blog Into An Income Stream


March 21, 2012 , ,

 Keys to your blogThere are have been some visibly changes in the blogging industry within the past years. I think we are seriously getting over the era of blogging for fun. While maintaining the core objective of web logs, which is to provide enormous value to readers, most blog owners are now seeking for better ways of filling their wallet from their blogs. The truth is, while providing you with some extra case once in a while, you can actually turn your blog into a dependable stream of income. Here are four tips to unlock the earning potential of your blog and turn it into an income stream.

1. RSS Feed Ads

Many bloggers are already leveraging the earning potential of this program to create even more earning opportunities. You can simply use Feed burner; it is simple to set up and use. Get Feed burner and set up rss feeds for your blog, then monetize your feeds. Google AdSense is one of the easiest rss feed monetization method which can be done with just a click using the served monetize tab. You will get paid when readers click on the ads served with their feeds. Once set up, your focus should now be on providing more value with every post while putting more effort to increase your Rss feed subscriber base.

2. Product Reviews

You can also earn even more money by reviewing products on your blog. However, in order not to turn your readers off and probably create a bad reputation for yourself as a blogger, all your reviews should take a personal style with unbiased statements. To ensure this, it is important that you review only products or services you have actually tried or tested for the purpose of the review.

As bloggers, we should never forget the core purpose of blogs; which is to provide value. Hence the best interest of your readers must be the guiding principle of all your product reviews. To this end, you owe them an explicit explanation of your personal experience with the service or product you are promoting. This will not only increase the review’s conversion rate but also show your readers that it is not just about making money but to show them exactly what they may benefit from using the reviewed product or service.

To further explain this point, you can add video reviews showing your visitors exactly how the product or service works with emphasis on its benefits and weaknesses. This is a strategy I am personally using on my coupon blog where I provide current coupon codes to a selected digital product service sites including Snappily coupon and Mix-book coupon.

3. Email Newsletters

This program is now being run on so many blogs. Newsletter is a means of collecting visitors’ email address in order to reach them with more tips, personalized services, resource suggestions and advertisements. By leveraging the power of newsletters, you can consistently bring visitors back to your blog. While giving you the opportunity to drive more traffic, it also provides you a means of making more sales and earning more through many other income streams that has to do with email marketing. It doesn’t matter if your blog is launched of recent, by encouraging visitors to opt into your weekly or monthly newsletter, you will gradually build a huge list that you can consistently monetize for a lifetime.

4. Sale Your Own Books

eBook sales is currently hot on blogs right now. Writing an eBook on your niche is among the ways of showing yourself as an authority in that niche, and many bloggers are already making a killing from this. This is how it works; do you blog about PPC, cooking, home decoration, dog training, or perhaps your blog provides visitors with current coupon codes to valuable service sites, like I do with Snappily and Mix-book sites? Take your time and go through the comments you have been getting on your posts. What do they always point at? Write this down. If you have been collecting their contact details, write them and ask what help they may likely need? Their responses will also put you in the right direction.

With your record, prepare a nice, informative eBook that aims to solve that particular problem and offer it for sale on your blog. In order not to kill your reputation, you can offer some pages of the eBook for free or throw up a couple of posts on the topic then put a more extensive explanation or guide about the eBook on a sales page. Unlike review writing and affiliate marketing, you will keep 100% of the money when you make a sale and you will continue to make sales for as long as you run the blog. Even with you email list, you can consistently remind your readers about your book, its benefits and the unequal bonus that follows every purchase; then wait and see more sales.

Blog monetization is not a new thing, but most people are doing it wrong with little or no success. Maintaining a blog is not that easy and you deserve a decent income from it in return. I believe by implementing any of the strategies explained above on your blog, it will fetch you a couple of bucks for a drink over this weekend to start with.


97 thoughts on “The Key That Turns Your Blog Into An Income Stream”
  1. Personally I plan on mixing in some product reviews to get some blog income. Maybe one day I will write an ebook too. The great thing about creating an ebook is that you can use it to host an affiliate program and get other people to promote it too.

    To me the key is really building a solid following and plenty of traffic. If you can’t build up traffic, there’s no way you’re going to make money with your blog unless you take the risk of selling text link ads.

    1. Traffic, of course! Nothing seems to make sense until we have secured some stable amount of visits to our blog. The good news is, it grows as any blog grows. But traffic generation is still the most valuable skill any blogger needs to have. Thanks Modest!

    2. Product reviews are great but the only issue with it is to generate a great amount of income from reviews your site is going to have to rank pretty high with ranking stats like Alexa and PageRank

      1. Not necessarily. If you’re hitting a niche market and reviewing products that fit that niche, you could make a pretty penny.

    3. Definitely Modest! One thing: a blog should have its own personality, being consistent in writing your interest in your blogs is one. For example, if your interest is cars, you have to emphasize it in your blog to gather readers that have the same interests as you. That would definitely cause traffic and credibility to your blog.

  2. I definitely believe that with the right tools, your blog can be a business. But the great thing with blogging as your business is that you get to do what you want and still be able to earn from it. Thank you for the information. Good Stuff!

    1. With the value placed on blogs by both the search bots and internet users, any blog can become a business . We only need the right tools like you said. Thanks Mark!

  3. Thanks for sharing this up Steven, the list is awesome and very helpful, I’ll try to incorporate all these points with the blog I’m currently building.. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Ben. You won’t regret implementing any of these methods on your blog, especially if you have long term plans for it.

  4. Google Ad sense is great way to increase income by Google advertisement service. It is easily possible to add Google Ad sense into blog just by Google account. You have to increase traffic on your blog and get clicks on available link of Google Ad sense.

    1. Google Adsense is among the oldest blog monetization methods and it still works. But when combined with Email Newsletter we can always find different, more creative ways of making extra bucks from a single visitor as opposed to a single click on an Ad. However, the good thing with Adsense is it can be set up in no time and can be implemented on any blog despite age.

  5. Writing ebooks is my next step. I even consider incorporating my links in it and see if that generates more traffic.

    1. Yes Trim, I bet you won’t regret it. Despite generating more traffic, ebook is a good way to earn residual income from your blog; once set up and running, you will continue to make sales as long as you have traffic to the blog.

  6. Thanks for nice article.Here you have given some tips about basic outsourcing like blogging, ad sense of google .As a freelancer your article gave me much positive result to develop my career. I waiting for your next article.

  7. It’s a little bit hard to figure out what methods work better than others. It’s a very time consuming process, so the techniques you recommend helps streamline the process to optimized and increase our income.

  8. generating more traffic does not mean that they can be all converted into cash. Since not all traffic are caused by the links that you have created. But never the less this traffics are signs that your site is doing quite well on the status it’s in at the moment.

  9. Hey Steven,

    Email newsletters is the most effective blog monetization method you’ve outlined here. Like you said, when you monetize your blog with email newsletters you get to bring visitors back to your blog consitently. Having repeat customers is one of the most important keys to long term online income.

  10. Creating An Income Stream To Grow Bigger Dreams. I’ve been using my blog income to build up my investment portfolio. Your writing has moved one of the people who’s arrived at your blog to respond. … As it turned out, very few of the pro bloggers we spoke to relied on any apps …

  11. Very useful information.Positive Product reviews and eBooks can play important role in turning your blog into an income stream. Thanks for sharing these keys.

  12. Writing review is one of the great way of online earning. By doing so you can attract many readers and made them customers from readers.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sams. I have a review blog myself, so I know exactly the earning potential there is to writing reviews. When done well, the paycheck will just keep increasing with traffic.

  13. Social bookmark syndication tools have personally helped me build the traffic levels to my blog. There’s quite a few good tools out there like onlywire that help you do that.

  14. First of all, I’d like to commend you for the very catchy title of the post. You’re right. Reviews are important because these can really pull clients in since people often read product reviews before purchasing anything online.

  15. I’ve been trying to montenize my feed. Only one problem, I’m not sure if it’s working. I looked at my feed plugin stats and see 300 subscribers using various readers. However, I look at clickthrus and post views and there isn’t a single one. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know if the stats are wrong, I have my feed set as summary and I doubt w/that many readers none would click on a post. My blog isn’t that boring.

    Once I get it all figured out, I’ll definitely start adding google ads to the feed. Knowing I can make some income that way has raised my desire to fix my feed. Thanks.

    1. You are welcome Brain. If you’ve got subscribers at all, there is no reason you shouldn’t start testing with it. I suppose you may need to make your post titles stronger to attract those clicks and look through your plugin for any complication. All the best Mate!

  16. Great tips for writing reviews. I think that it’s one of the challenging things to write because one has to write as objectively as possible. As you mentioned, a blogger has to have personally tried the product but still, he or she has to write carefully about the product.

  17. All the points discussed above are very important and helpful.It’s diffcult to understand what techniques exertion superior than others. It takes long time, consequently the practices advocate assists rationalize the procedure to optimized and amplify our proceeds.

  18. I’ve used 2-4 with good success (except for the product reviews, but I think that was because I started on them too early and didn’t have a strong following). However, I haven’t tried the Feed Ads. I’ll definitely look into it because it seems like something that could be very effective. How has it worked for you if you’ve done it?

    1. …with Adsense, the number was very insignificant at first. But just like every other online-make-money method, it is gradually increasing with traffic and I know it will get better. Thanks Rich!

  19. If you sign up the affiliate program which offers the highest commission then writing product reviews can definitely generate more income, but then you will have to create a separate web page for it which need to be totally devoted to reviews so your site visitors won’t feel annoyance.

  20. I have used all of these except monetizing RSS feeds (directly). They are great ways to make a that scratch. Specifically email newletters. These can be a really powerful method of making money online

  21. I have used all of these except monetizing RSS feeds (directly). They are great ways to make a that scratch. Specifically email newletters. These can be a really powerful method of making money online and well worth the effort. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Hey great post on how to make money with your blog, I follow a lot of the keys you said. I believe if you do a good product review if will help you cash in big. I promote my own products on my blog and Also take donation. Which is another great way to make money. great post

    1. Thanks Ty Neal. Great to learn that you are already cashing in with some of the methods discussed. Donation is a method that any body who has built some trust with readers can try. Yes, it still works!

  23. The key that you bring up is that you need to give value for your readers. As long as you are giving value to your readers, they will be more willing to trust you when you make a recommendation with your product reviews and other recommendations.

  24. My blog having multi products and tasks to analyses and i will wrote article.. And also doing SEO is my passion.. that will help me out for everyday visitors ..

  25. That was really gold mine article. Strategics in driving traffic and generate income to one’s website have been an indispensable one for social media marketing. Got a handful of tips and learning here. Now its time for applied learning.

  26. All the points discussed above are very important and helpful.Here you have given some tips about basic outsourcing like blogging, ad sense of google.I am just going to start the work on this.Thanks for sharing with us.

  27. Nice tips! I especially like the one about the eBook. I have been thinking about doing that for a while now. If you do an eBook it will also help your newsletter subscriptions because in order to get the eBook they have to give their email address.

  28. Earning money from your blog is not a problem as long as you don’t neglect the primary reason why you put up the blog in the first place and that is to share valuable content to your readers.

    1. Agreed. If you build it, they will come. Good content is the only true way to turn your blog/site into a profitable venture.

  29. I was very aware of RSS Feeds and Newsletters but didn’t know the sale of ebook are so popular. Has anyone ever tried emagazine publisher say bi-monthly.

  30. Really great tips, properly explained and well presented.

    However I had absolutely no idea money could be made from writing product reviews. I assumed that people wrote product reviews so that they would have good content that could rank their site better, drive more traffic, and use that traffic to make money in other ways.

    Do you get paid by the company who offers the product or service you’re reviewing or?

    Feel free to go into more depth for the uninitiated :).

  31. You just really need to offer the best quality of content that your readers require, the more quality content you write then the more readers will come to your site and read your posts and then you will be able to offer them readers products such as ebooks relating to the niche that your blog is in or other products such as training courses that are run online or even paid memberships for locked content and exclusives.

    1. I agree with you Jason. There will never be a replacement for quality content, especially in the blogging industry. Content is still king!

  32. Wish I’d been there, but great posts like this give us a succinct precis of the ideas and strategies that were discussed during the conference. Your tips for turning a blog into a business are clear and sensible, and we should take head of them if we are serious about blogging as a profession. There are no overnight successes and it’s always a case of the ‘harder I work the luckier I get’ but you need systems, tools and strategies in place just like a proper business. Thanks for reminding us of that 🙂

  33. greatttttt post blogging point of view i agree with your points..that people think only money and start blogging thats great you said…

  34. Email Newsletters program is now being run on so many blogs. Newsletter is a means of collecting visitors’ email address in order to reach them with more tips, personalized services, resource suggestions and advertisements. By leveraging the power of newsletters, you can consistently bring visitors back to your blog.

  35. Great Post! Those are some great ways to make money via blogging, however it takes ALOT of work to get a good flow of visitors to your blog. There are so many out there and yours needs to stand out from them. I would suggest keeping ads, etc to a minimum until you get a good amount of solid followers, then implement an advertising strategy.

    1. You made a nice point there Tech Guy. Nothing makes sense on the internet until there is some significant traffic. It is therefore important that we don’t get aggressive with monetizations until we have good amount of it.

    1. Thanks for the compliment mate. It is by robbing minds together that we can keep abreast with the latest developments in this industry. Blogging can really be more than a hobby; we only need to know “What To Do” and the “Will” to get going.

  36. two things I haven’t done yet with internet marketing – product reviews and email news letters. I have a bit of an idea with news letters and I hear much about making those product reviews. But, I haven’t really tried them. You sound really positive with the ideas above. I might as well consider them. 🙂

    1. I believe you won’t be disappointed by either of the two since they are both long term earning opportunities. With newsletter you can build a list. And just like the old saying “the money is in the list”. Thanks for stopping by Mike!

  37. There has been some great comments here so far in ideas to make money from blogging, i think the best way really is too sell banner ads, i have recently been speaking to a friend of mine who sold $5,000 in banner advertising in just 1 month and his blog has been designed so well that it doesn’t look too bad, it looks quite nice actually but the thing is once you start too sell more advertising you need to step the quality of your content up and start paying more for better writers and try and get more scoops of more exclusive content, when it comes to blogging its all about breaking important news within your industry and giving your opinions and tips and advice to people. There is many ways you can start to earn money from your blog but really you need the traffic to do this first.

  38. “Don’t start everything all at once” That was my problem. Then the domino effect occurred. Frustration, confusion and exhaustion. This is a very important yet overlooked point.

  39. You have to really be careful though about product review. Some people will get discouraged if they buy a product you reviewed and they realized it was not a good buy and might blame you for it.

  40. Definitely Modest! One thing: a blog should have its own personality, being consistent in writing your interest in your blogs is one. For example, if your interest is cars, you have to emphasize it in your blog to gather readers that have the same interests as you. That would definitely cause traffic and credibility to your blog.

  41. Being a newbie in blogging field it was very hard to understand the function and methods how i can earn money from my blog. Now after read your post i learn a lot of methods and tips to turn my blog into an income stream.

  42. Income through blog review is very productive and one of the main source to attract the customers but for this we have to work on multiple platforms.

  43. Hey thanks for sharing such useful article with us. Well it has been seen that a sustainable blogging business is usually one with a diverse income stream base and a strong readership base. I highly acknowledge your proficient approach. Keep sharing such more.

  44. These are all points of interest for me, I thought the only way to make money on blogging was to have sponsored ads on your site. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!
    -Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

  45. Hey Steven, great money-making tips. I write for our healthy living website and I started writing some reviews on several related products and online organic stores as a way to start making some money.

  46. To sale our own product is the best in my opinion. But we need to diversify the income source to get the best result.

  47. These are some awesome points which define in this wonderful article. Now days blogger are making good amount of money by using these kind of techniques specially RSS feed back.

  48. Blogging is really a great way to earn some money. Now that almost all the people in the world are using internet, it would be easy for us to interact and talk to each other.

  49. Those people are thinking that it easy to earn money from bogging then i would say they are wrong. As a seo i would say there have so many tricks which make your blog more professional. In this side they provide us how to make our blog more interesting .If we follow it we will sure earn money from our blog.

  50. You can earn a good amount of money by evaluating products on your blog. If you do not like to frame a bad reputation for yourself then it is necessary that the reviews must take a personal style with impartial statements.

  51. A new civilization is rapidly taking shape in the world wide web. The best place to establish a business is on where the people are. Online marketing is becoming a fad because blogging, selling ebooks and alike are the new commodity with appreciating value.

  52. Those people are thinking that it easy to earn money from bogging then i would say they are wrong. As a seo i would say there have so many tricks which make your blog more professional. In this side they provide us how to make our blog more interesting .If we follow it we will sure earn money from our blog.

  53. Thanks for all the great tips. I think an ebook is an excellent idea if you have a blog. With a little extra effort, it is worth it to sell on Amazon as well for Kindle enabled devices.

  54. Hi Steven,

    I am tired scrolling down the comment list…..but don’t worry its a good news.
    It tells that everybody find your post interesting including me.

    Yes you are right about one has to review the products but at the same note its equally important if one provide access to promote other products will increase clicks on your site and you will see the benefit of it.

  55. Time is an important input if our want to reap long-term benefits of blogging. The initial stage is very labor intensive. Thus, it needs a huge manpower requirement in order to establish the credibility of your blogsite. After that, everything will follow suit.

  56. Thanks for sharing this tips on helping to have a bigger income on my blog. My adsense clicks are less than 1$ and I hope it would increase more.

  57. I think that blogging is fun a hobby but it should be able to help us pay our bills as well since we regularly invest our time. money and ideas to keep it visible and popular. I’ve had my own share of doing product reviews and I must say that it’s relatively hard to expound on the cons of a product especially when it is given to you in exchange for writing about it. Thanks for the informative share.

  58. Great tips 🙂 I think that blogging has a very good potential to make us financially stable, it takes time, experience and a good dose of perseverance.

  59. Hi I have tried reiewing products and find you really have to just review the ones you actually have an interest in or your review is going to be very muted and downbeat. Either that or it is just me.

    Thanks lee

  60. I prefer to make reviews of a product. It is easier to do and especially if the item has a great selling point and there are many people who need it.

  61. Hi Steven! I look at this possibility as a long term goal after all the hard work I’ve put into running my blog and being able to sustain it after all these years. I’m highly interested in doing product reviews and I want to be able to find out how I could possibly go about it. Thanks.

  62. Nice blog. I like the way you say to read carefully through peoples comments to target exactly what you will put in your ebooks, very shrewd way of working. Must add the comments section back to my site and getting ebooking. Thanks alot.

  63. Creating an email newsletter has always been seen as a valuable asset when trying to make an income from blogging or a website. Writing reviews is an effective way of driving traffic to your blog or site, though I agree it is best that you write about a topic you have an interest or passion for. It is quite easy to see writers that enjoy their subject and it will be easier for readers with the same passion and interest to identify with.

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