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February 14, 2011 , ,

Well it is Sunday so it is time for another chapter of Round Up where i feature some great Post from around the web last Round covers Seo. This week i will share with you some exciting post from around the web these are the post i encountered during my blog walking journey. These are post written by other Authors which i will share with you. Guys remember you can recommend post that you believe are worth sharing with your fellow readers. Please feel free to visit these sites and read the full article. Sharing is caring please share on your network and help spread the love.

(1) Link Building Guide – Creating Your Link Building SEO Plan – Building links towards your site is the basic idea behind ranking in search engines. Optimizing your web structure as well as your content should be done with care, as these are things we do once and modify only if necessary, but link building is an ongoing process that needs to be dealt with care. Massive link building is not good; campaign link building is also not good. When we build links we need to think of link quality, link velocity, link anchor text diversity, which also goes for the do follow – no follow ratio. Actually there are plenty of things to keep in mind when building links for your website, which is why you need a link building SEO plan. It makes things easier and with time you will get better at it. Let’s go over the idea of link building step by step and help you create the link building plan for your website or blog.

(2) 5 Simple Strategies for Online Website Promotion Do you want to take your business to a new level online in 2011? I’ve met with quite a few business owners already this year who share similar goals. They want to learn and implement the best ways to market their businesses online. There are many strategies out there, that many of the people I speak with have tried but had no success usually due to one of the following reasons: # The strategy requires too much time to implement # The investment was far too high with no guaranteed results # The strategy was confusing and too technical for non-programmers There are many strategies out their promising the world and very rarely deliver. I get a flood of them in my inbox daily. Would you trust a SEO, spammer guru that promises to make you rich quickly and with no effort? I wouldn’t either. Online marketing can be a confusing topic, particularly with all the dodgy schemes being constantly released. That’s why I have written this article outlining the 5 most effective and simple website promotion strategies you should consider for 2011. With website promotion, there is not one single online strategy that will produce everything you need it to. Online success requires a range of strategies to be implemented regularly. Here are five strategies I would suggest to most business owners:

(3)Facebook Mini Guide: How To Create An Highest Converting Facebook Page – My experiments with Facebook Fan pages brought me to find some ideas to increase the conversion rates and bring my business to the next level. And yes, my intuition has been spot on. This post has not been through to only show you how do to installing a Facebook fan page through Static FBML app. I already gave an exhaustive explanation on my old article about this subject, as I think many of you are aware of the Static FBML app as well, but for those wish to know more how do to create a strong fan page that convert well. A common usage these days is to fill your ‘Welcome’ page with an enticing graphic which encourages people to ‘Like’ you Fan page. The number of people converted through this is usually way higher than the default Facebook setup.

(4) Blogging is like Driving a Vehicle! – There are a lot of elements in driving, such as the steering wheel, acceleration pedal, brakes, clutch etc. Likewise, in blogging we have perseverance, dedication (passion), patience and, of course, actual blogging (creating ideas, writing uniquely, promoting and networking diligently). In Driving, we control the car using the Steering wheel. We have a steering wheel in blogging, too. Perseverance is about not giving up. As a blogger, you should be determined. You should try as hard as you can. If you can’t win it, then you know one thing You need to try harder. Everything in this world is easy, once you work hard. No one can beat you if you try hard. But you have to have perseverance. Dedication is the next element. Are you dedicated to your niche ?

That is it for this week Round Up and remember this blog is now open to guest post so if you think you want to write for us feel free to submit your article and you can also check out Ditesco Weekly.


14 thoughts on “Round Up Feb 13”
  1. I love these types of posts! My favorite of the list was the facebook page one. This is something that is growing so fast new strategies are being invented. The stats are there and prove that if people are on facebook, they aren’t looking to leave so having a good facebook page can do wonders!

    1. Facebook fanpage is a great way of marketing our blog and is a very popular amoung blogs and business alike. Glad to know that you found the articles useful and of some benefit to you. Your comment is always appreciated here.

    1. You are welcome Aswani i am happy to know that you found them to be useful and of benefit to you Thanks for taking the time to add your comment to the debate.

    1. Link Building is a topic that all bloggers take note of a ggod link building campaign is vital to any website that seeks great search engine results. Thanks for your support.

    1. That is not a problem Wes sharing is what i believe in your resources was very interesting and deserves its place in Round Up Keeping writing those post they will always get featured.

    1. Nicola have always produce the goods Shabnam he is a very experience blogger who knows what to write about and also hae has a great writing style Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Gary,

    thanks for another addition to your regular round up, appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and even promote them like this 🙂

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