The Money is In Your Archive

In my last post I wrote about redesigning your website and the pros and cons of giving your website or blog a makeover. Let me ask you this question have you ever heard the saying that there is money in your archive? Well let me tell you that there is. This post is about making money from your old post. There is money in your archive yes you read it right, your blog archive is like a vault locked away full of post but guess what you can make money from it. You can put that old post to good use.

You are a blogger blogging for some time and making money should be on your agenda unless you are running a blog for your employee then that is another matter. Over the years or months depends on how long you have been blogging you have written tens maybe hundreds of articles some fully optimized with valuable keywords just sitting there. Let’s look at two simple ways that you can earn with minimum amount of effort. First thing you need to do is pay close attention to your analytics report, find out which post in your archive is getting traffic and start monetizing it.

Many of us bloggers use some affiliates or the other as part of our monetizing strategy for your blog as an avenue to make money. Find the post which gets the most hits and insert your affiliate links into it, so what good will that does for you? Simple whenever a visitor lands on that page you will have the chance to make a sale or a potential sign up. That is just one way which you as bloggers can earn from your locked away vault.

Another great way to make money from your blog’s archive is by accepting sponsored post. This is a great way because all you need is a piece of Html code to to insert in the post and that is it. i must warned that never accept JavaScript codes for insertion into your blog unless it is from a reputable site or someone you know and can trust. Your archive it could be you road to earning a passive income.

There you have it two simple ways to make money from your blog archive. Have you started making any money from your blog Archive if not why not give it a shot? Share your views and experience about this topic, start looking closely at your traffic statistics the money is in the archive. Monetization your blog archive could lead to better conversation and improve earnings. Your Archive could be your hidden money making machine. Share your thoughts and suggestion you stand more to gain than lose.

10 thoughts on “The Money is In Your Archive”

  1. Avatar of nazimwarriach

    Hi Lawmacs,
    I am using Google AdSense for monetization of my blog and also want to use affiliate ads on the same blog but I am not sure that whether it is allowed or not by Google Adsense.
    And secondly, I couldn’t get your 2nd point, what is sponsored post and where can I find sponsors for it.

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Hi Nazimwarriach Good to know that you are monetising your blog with Adsense. Let me explain a sponsored post is when an advertiser pays to put a link to their website on one of your post. Normally advertiser will contact you. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Avatar of Aswani

    Yes, I agree. Blogging provides you a great opportunity to make money online and monetizing your old posts certainly looks one of the better ways to make it happen. I’ve tried experimenting the same to some of my old posts. Results have been good but not excellent. Adding affiliate links, placing Google ads in your blog content, the old and the most popular ones can really help you make some money online if done smartly 😉

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Monetising your old post can certainly make you money online for some the results will be better than others however finding the right post that brings the most traffic is the key idea Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money online however this is not always a straight forward as it seems. Keep doing what you are doing the end results will come.

  3. Avatar of Delena Silverfox
    Delena Silverfox

    When you mention it, I have been hearing more about monetizing your archive. But the people who were talking about it never mentioned what that meant, really. Thanks for the explanation and suggestions!


    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Hi Delena glad i could explain the concept of monetising your archive it is really a good way to effortlessly make money from your blog or website. Thanks for taking the time to post your comment.

  4. Avatar of jay

    Before i created my site i used Google adwords just to determine whether the keywords i’m using to can go up easily. really earning a money is beside us we just have to be more creative and positive.

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