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February 20, 2011 ,

This is it it is Sunday and not particularly a day to write post however it is the time to feature a few post from around the web. yes it is time for those featured post Round Up has now found itself a permanent place on the shelf. each week i feature a few post that catches my eyes and is worth sharing. Round is mean to be a community post where i share featured post but don’t forget that you can contribute too. How? simple send me the details of any post you think is worth a mention even if it is your own. 

(1) A case study of losing out on ethics with Google Adsense while blogging to make money– As a blogger, most of us have a desire to make money online. Even if it is just few dollars, we are happy with the same…at least me 😉 The desire to make money online and make more and more gets us into a situation where we are bound to look for the available opportunities. And very often we cease to follow ethics in relation with the same. Now, I am sure you must be confused with the term “Ethics” being used here. Why have I used the same? What exactly am I talking about? What has it to do with your blogging? Well, more questions can be raised but for the time being, I have put the most important questions that is most likely to concern anyone who has been into blogging for some time or say, years.

(2) 4 ways to light up new fire on your blog– Making your blog interactive is one of the ways to get loyal readers. And readers will never forget you and your blog. Why? Just because you’ve build a community around your blog. Readers cherish the act of communicating with their coach (blog author) even if you are not from the same location or continent. One thing that makes you guys communicate like you are sitting near each other is the internet and with the aid of the internet, you are able to setup a blog and build a community around the blog.

(3) Link Building Guide – How Not to Approach Webmasters for a Link– Getting on with the link building guide serial, this time we are talking about how not to approach webmasters for a link. Now this was planned in advanced as a two part post, how not to approach webmasters and how to approach webmasters, but it was by coincidence that my company held a video seminar (webinar) this morning about this very subject, which just gave me more to write about, lucky you. So let’s start with an example, a bad example, I get this kind of spam requests in bulk each day. So here it is, one that most of us have seen already

Round Up needs your help strange isn’t it? well yes i need you all to contribute by sending any post you believe should make it to the Round Up wall of Fame blogging is not a one man game. Please feel free to comment and even visit some of these sites and read the full story. I must take this moment to mention other bloggers like Shabnam from Techiezlounge for your support much appreciated.


13 thoughts on “Round Up – Needs your Help”
  1. Hi Gary,

    I think it is a great idea to have others send you their suggestions. Sometimes we can’t read everything we want and we might miss a great story or a resource, this should help you get the best out of your roundup and it will help others get published here as well.

    PS. thanks for including me in the roundup once again, I’ll publish the second part of that post tomorrow 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate Zarko you are right i cannot do it alone the we is such a big place and i might have mist a few brilliant article that is worth sharing. Your post was great so it had to make it into the article of fame.

  2. It is a great idea asking your readers to send posts which they have found interesting 🙂

    I really appreciate your efforts for round ups.

    Thanks Gary for the mention 🙂 I enjoy being a regular reader of your blog.

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my link again in your post. Really appreciated. I hope it was useful to you and everyone. Thanks again and have a nice week 🙂

    1. You are welcome Aswani mentioning your post was easy as it was a great post Round Up was designed to do just that feature great post and yours was one of them.

  4. Short but sweet Gary, as always. Will be on the look out for post worthy of a round up in the future and send it your way 🙂 Have a great week ahead.

    1. Thanks Ditesco blogging is not a one man game so Round Up is calling for help Thanks for voluntering your support. Looking forward for those great post that i might have miss.

  5. Very informative post,thank you for your article,blogger have to make good quality article,relevant keyword like you,keep up the good work

  6. Gary a nice short roundup this week, but all three look really good and all three ones I haven’t seen. Looking forward to checking them out, thanks…

    1. Thanks Steve i do hope you found the post useful sharing and spreading of love is what Round Up is designed for Thanks for finding the time to add your voice to the debate.

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