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Whenever businesses select a particular mode of marketing, there are certain criteria which need to be fulfilled. These criteria include the economic feasibility, customer reach and engagement, time constraints and sales conversion. Most advertising methods rank high on a few of these parameters while struggling to cover the rest. One of the very few marketing techniques which successfully deliver enormous consumer reach in a short time and within a limited budget is email marketing.

Email marketing services have a huge edge over conventional forms of mass communication. It barely requires any set-up and far less capital investment. Since everything is done on a virtual platform, unlike print ads, the cost and time required for designing, printing and distribution is completely ruled out. The same argument stands true even when comparing it to television ads or telesales. Low time and money consumption means that you can contact existing customers or target audiences on a more regular basis. However, it is very important that you do not send emails too frequently or you stand the risk of getting marked as SPAM or being unsubscribed.

Since email marketing requires only a small amount of time and can be delivered to hundreds of recipients in ‘real-time’, it is ideal for sending time sensitive information, like end of season sales, stock clearance or limited time special offers.

Email messaging is one of the very few forms of mass communication that can be personalised. Once you have designed a template and drafted the content of the email, all you need is to insert the names, addresses, etc. of each recipient. This can be done using automated applications which help you to personalise emails for entire consumer databases. In fact, you can go one step further and personalise the emails for special occasions like client birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Since emails are immediately delivered, your message will always reach in time and help you to build a good brand image. One can use the purchase histories of existing users to judge their tastes and notify them about new arrivals, offers, discounts, etc. and gain their loyalty. All these factors make email marketing services highly beneficial for providing great customer service.

Since there is a high probability that interested customers will click on links provided within the email or call on the given numbers, you get an instant feedback for that particular campaign. Once you find out what attracts customers you can play on your strengths in subsequent campaigns and change those features which have negative or no effect. Each and every element of your email can be tweaked to perfection including content, graphics and headlines. A good way to finalise elements is by sending different versions of the email to different customers and comparing the rate of response. Firms which provide email marketing services have access to tracking tools which help in keeping a track of the sales conversions.

Finally, ask yourself what is the greatest benefit that emails have over conventional post, print, radio or television ads? They can be shared! A customer who is impressed by your product or offers has the potential to forward the email to likeminded people and help you to spread the word. Your audience are thus converted not only into customers but also into your brand advocates.

After spending all your energy and time into maximizing profits, why not give a thought to the environment? Emails reduce the use of paper and harmful inks used for printing. They save trees and reduce pollution. Email marketing services thus create a win-win situation for everyone involved in it, from businesses to consumers and even the planet as a whole.

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0 thoughts on “Smart Sales Techniques – Emails”
  1. Yes, I do agree with your post that emails are the smartest technique of sales. Email marketing services is truly the best and the most conventional way of sales, where all the customers can directly be connected at their particular email id’s. This is truly amazing and more convenient than the traditional system of sales. Thanks for the share!!

    1. Yes, Aditi) But when some people or companies use spam technologies as marketing ones, that drives me mad! The environmental component is important too.

  2. Great article, email marketing is good, but it should not be overused because than it will start to look like spam to people, and they will start to unsabscribe.

  3. Email Marketing is the fastest growing market now a days but according to me it is not a good strategy in the sense that there may be people out there who may not relate to the niche one is sending mails for their services.Or one can treat such types of mails as spam also.

  4. Here are great solutions for them which are new marketing is going to become a great mediator between companies and customers.i agree with you that this is a smart and simple techniques which can grow our business.

  5. I do agree that email marketing can really help out your business. I have been doing it for almost 2 years and it given me a good success. Specially with some tools that can help you get email contacts.

  6. There is saying,”Old is Gold”. Email is the most renowned and ancient method of delivering a message through online. Over the years many social networking sites came but nothing could replace it.
    For example, I have an account in all major social networking sites but each day after waking up, I check my mails first. So in my opinion it is the most powerful medium for marketing services.

  7. You brought up some great points as to why email marketing is so valuable to a marketing campaign. I think the biggest benefit of email marketing you mentioned is that it allows you to personalize the message you’re trying to get across. Most people will be more willing to do business with you when they feel like you know them, which is why email marketing is so effective.

  8. There are so many advantages to email marketing, there’s no question why it’s used so frequently. It’s really nice that one can personalize messages for the recipient (who doesn’t like receiving a ‘happy birthday’ message from a company they’ve done business with?) – it makes people feel like there’s someone behind the message, even if it’s automated.

    Thanks for posting!

  9. Thanks for sharing information about SEO marketing. It’s really nice that one can personalize messages for the recipient.

  10. Email marketing is a best way to sell your products.
    it will reach the customers easily and you can get a feedback as fast as is a great marketing service..

  11. Though email marketting does not require huge amount of capital but there is risk of being spammed further it is difficult to remain engaged with the subscribed user.

  12. I think the biggest advantage with email marketing is personalization and segmentation. However it is relatively easy to set up it does take some time to master it.

  13. E-mail marketing may be the quickest developing marketplace these days however based on me personally it is far from a great technique or in other words that might be individuals who else might not connect with the actual market you are delivering estafette for his or her solutions. Or even you can deal with this kind of kinds of estafette because junk e-mail additionally.

  14. Many people consider the email marketing as an obsolete technology. But that is not the case. Email marketing is very much there, the requirement is the apt manner in which the technique has to be used. This post is certainly a reminder for those who dislike the email marketing. Thanks for this wonderful share.

  15. Email marketing is definitely the quickest way for mass marketing but the only hindrance can at times be the spam phenomena. With that taken care of, email marketing rocks. I completely agree with your great post; thanks for sharing.

  16. Email marketing is a great means of reaching out to your target audience. However, make sure that you make your approach more personal. And do not forget to show courtesy to your target clients.

  17. Despite the changes that has been made in the field of SEO and online marketing, Email marketing remains as a vital task in getting the word out via internet.

  18. E-mail marketing services is really good. Its process saves trees and pollution as it does not use paper and ink. Thus contributing to the preservation of the clean environment. To the fullest it helps you much in business as it promotes without taking too much effort and requires less capital investment.

  19. Email marketing is one of the most accessible way in marketing industry. Of course it gets the advantage of less usage of paper materials and pollution. However, one disadvantage is what if there is no internet connection or unexpected brownout. However, this is just one negative but won’t alter the medium. Email marketing will make things easy and reliable and will surely come on time.

  20. good post. Email marketing is an affordable means of spreading the word out and communicating to your target customer. thanks for sharing post.

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