Sky Drive: A New Application Launch By Microsoft for Android


September 3, 2012 , ,

Microsoft earlier this month has come up with new and highly improved version of Skydrive. Installed with an impressive look and feel, the improved design of this mobile application closely mimics the over all appeal of Microsoft Windows 8 Metro UI. Although during the year, Microsoft promised to launch the series of most intelligent mobile  apps as well as services  but due to some reasons it derailed the whole process of development. The reason for derailing the whole process of applications launch was the Microsoft’s collaboration with Nokia. As the result of this collaboration, Microsoft paid more focus on the development of windows 8 software for Nokia and  Sky Drive launch for Android phones got more delayed.

Before the launch of this application in the month of August 2012, the dummy version of Sky Drive was released  much earlier in the Google play store. Today if you want to make the best use of the Sky Drive application on Android phones, you would first need to upgrade your handsets to Android 2.3 and  much above versions on which this application can perform its operations with a great ease. 

Through Android app, you can get easy access to all the documents you have saved on this Sky Drive services. This above mentioned feature share some similar faculties with the apps of Windows and iOS phone. For the office goers especially, Sky Drive can most surely be the best storage device. Right from storing the heavy word files to using the notepad for instant usage , you all together can perform wide array of tasks this mobile app. There are many smart as well as Symbian phones available in the market who are incapable of using the Sky Drive  services. The mobile application development team of some of the big brands although tried their best to create the storage device or services similar to the Sky Drive but eventually they were able to gain success up to the half way. No mobile application development company in this world has been able to develop much advance storage space or say services as like done by the Microsoft by developing niche applications like Sky Drive.  

Uses of Sky Drive  

As of now Android has joined hand with the Sky Drive, the mobile phone application users can open all types of documents which have recently been shared with you and other new documents which you are indeed planning to open for performing some new tasks. With the help of Android apps, you can most certainly open all types of documents and later on, you can upload these documents on Sky Drive instantly. However for the offline usage, this application doesn’t allows to cache the copied or local pages for the regular user. All the documents can most certainly be opened through internet or valid online connection. All together, an online 24 hours connectivity is indeed must for using these services.

The improvements implemented by the Microsoft have in fact pushed popularity of this application to new heights and right from a common man to a big  business magnet every one is utilizing this apps for the personal as well as official use too. In the current scenario, Microsoft is making its full attempt to promote two of its services which includes One Note and other is SkyDrive. The reason why it is pushing these services in the online world  is its expectations to earn  maximized returns on investments. The other reason why this software giant is looking to promote this newly launched applications is its desire to attain an edge over its other competitors have their huge presence in the online world.  

Future Scenario and Competence  

Sugar Sync, Drop Box, Google Drive and Apple’s I cloud are some of the competing services with which SkyDrive has direct competition. But still in-spite of the tough competition in the global IT market, Microsoft’s SkyDrive has been able stand off beat in the crowd. With its whooping 7 GB space, this mob app is much better and  cheaper than other application available on the online world. In this  line, there are still immense number of mobile application development companies who are trying to hatch a deal with Microsoft and want to make their brands more famous. The name of these companies haven’t been put in to lime light by world media.

Author Bio:- Steve Graham is a professional web developer working with an software development company from India and has been developing web apps since 10 years. He is currently working with xicom and helps in offshore web development services clients across the globe.

0 thoughts on “Sky Drive: A New Application Launch By Microsoft for Android”
  1. Android is getting better from day to day. Different apps like SkyDrive are made to make mobile users life easier and more interesting.

  2. App is lunched by Microsoft so this app is defiantly great, i will defiantly use this app …….!!!!!
    thanks for sharing ….!!!!

  3. Hi Gary,

    Great review – And yes, Seems like Microsoft tries to evade apple at all costs and would rather support android. Not to a big surprise though – As apple is one of the biggest competitors against Microsoft.

  4. The sky drive is the next best thing for mobile technology. People will be able to work anywhere and everywhere. Mobile users on planes would be able to get live updates and important documents review and acknowledge back to the sender.
    Mobile and Zero downtime is the next thing, Microsoft is thinking smart.

  5. SkyDrive is nice for people who need lots of a space for free, and who don’t need to host sensitive files. AFAIK, SkyDrive does not encrypt data once it’s uploaded, so all of your data is just sitting there waiting to be stolen (like in the recent Dropbox hacking) – except here, hackers will have your actual data, rather than blobs of encrypted ‘junk’. No encryption = No go for me!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. An online service provided by microsoft to store your data is great, though it could be used for both official and personal use but I personally feel it is better not to use it for official use.

  7. Excellent post and its looking good about the application launch by microsoft for android. Thanks for sharing such a great info. Have to use it.

  8. Think about all of the different devices you use every day. Wouldn’t it be nice if your files came with you, whether you’re on your phone, Mac, or PC?

    When you use SkyDrive, you’ll never be without the documents, notes, photos, and videos that matter to you. Store anything on your SkyDrive and it’s automatically available from your trusted devices—no syncing or cables needed.

  9. Really a wonderful app for android. It is useful for all types of users. These things making android phone as well as android application development popular.

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