The Business Side of Facebook – Business Pages, Ads and Business Accounts


February 28, 2012 , ,

facebookSocial networks like Facebook have changed the way we explore digital space. They went on from giving the common man a platform, to make him a celebrity, to giving him the platform to share and express – to something that can now be termed as a “business” model. Social networking sites are no longer only about people sharing information. They aren’t just personal anymore! With Facebook advertising turning into a big player on the marketing and online advertising front,

Facebook is only becoming more professional. It is now a zone for business people. Let’s take a look at how Facebook works for businesses:

1. Business pages and groups

2. Facebook advertising

3. Business accounts

These are the three main avenues that Facebook offers.

Business pages and groups, act like zones for interactivity. These are the best platforms to provide information about brands, the latest services, advancements, new features, updates, pictures, and other such information. Along with this, the business pages and groups can be great zones to engage fans in interactive and promotional activities. This is one way to involve people and keep them abreast with your services and products – encouraging them to buy. The other way is, to use Facebook advertisements.

With the large user database and the micro-targeting opportunities that Facebook boats off, there is no doubt that you can streamline your target audience and reach out to exactly those people who could be your investors. Facebook, in other words, let’s you make a choice about who you want to advertise to. This proves to be great on the ROI side of the business, as experienced by many advertisers.

This brings us to the third segment – business accounts. Although there’s always talk about how Facebook can be used for businesses, there’s not much mention about the “Facebook business” accounts and the benefits attached to these.

a. Manage Activity With A Business Account The first benefit of a business account is that you can manage both the above tasks – fan pages and groups, and advertising campaigns – through it.

b. Keep Your Personal And Professional Life Separate The difference in using a business account is that, you can keep your personal life separate. Your personal circles need not be associated with your business networking and marketing on Facebook.

c. Manage More Than One Campaign If you are an advertising firm, then chances are you have more than one client. More than one client would mean managing more than one campaign; this is possible with a business account on Facebook.

d. Security Of Profile If you lose access to your profile, then you don’t have to worry about all the credit card details lying in the profile while running your ad campaigns and managing your transactions. There are security checks in place that may require you to post a photo identity or utility bills to authenticate that it’s only YOU using the account. The catch, however, is that Facebook does not allow you to have more than one account. So, you either have a personal account or a professional business account.

The business account doesn’t allow you to view individual walls or content; all it allows you is access to view, edit, and manage your business. You can’t make friends and like pages with a business account; but you can work on commercial strategies and target audiences for your campaigns. This is more like a space for those people who want to connect with followers of their brands and people who use their services – even if they don’t have a personal account.

Author byline: Divya is a web business enthusiast who loves sharing ideas on SMO and SEO strategies, link building, blogging, web marketing, and such areas of e-commerce. She works with a reputed SEO company where you can get custom SEO Quote for your website or blog.


23 thoughts on “The Business Side of Facebook – Business Pages, Ads and Business Accounts”
  1. I think there are a lot of reasons to start having a Facebook account for your business. Even if your business is not based online, you will still be able to make an impact in your community in order to get sales up and people interested. Furthermore, it is much cheaper to announce something on Facebook than to hand out fliers to people to show people that you have a contest or special deal for them.

  2. Problem with facebook is that you get a limit with friend request. And spams are very annoying. And it can easily ban your account. Multiple FB accounts maybe needed for business. Just my opinion though. Great post.

  3. I agree with you, business account should be separated from personal account. Otherwise you might be in trouble. 🙂

  4. I think the most important aspect of social media is that you need to benchmark, test and verify the results. Most people probably don’t know how good social media can be for their business, and many don’t realize how effective social media is. Without a way of measuring the success to their business.

  5. Blog marketing is something that most everyone is doing that owns a blog. You are going to find that many of them are blogging for money, and many are not. The numbers really vary and depend on what you are looking at…

  6. I must say I am falling out of love with Facebook from a user standpoint. I would much rather use Google+ (but not everyone has made the shift). From a business standpoint I find incredible value in Facebook advertising. This is the most targeted PPC advertising available, and being able to show your ads to people based on “interest” can allow you to play with your ads to achieve the highest conversion possible.

  7. No doubt about the capacity of Facebook in the field of business industry, its been tested and proven of many marketer who are using Facebook as their way for business transaction and having a effective partnership…

  8. facebook really has come so far . you can advertise and get business from its just a great business tool

  9. No doubt face book is a good media of advertisement.It is very helpful to get the potential and relative visitors.

  10. I just noticed that business is turning into a social network of brands and no longer a social network for people. Its new features like timeline benefits many brands that are promoted in facebook.

  11. business and company accounts should be separate by this people will got to know that its an company or business account and its an personal

  12. I agree with the post. Social media is important for business. And Facebook is major social media among Social media network. Facebook helps in many ways like advertising, promotion, in touch with people, feed back from people etc.

    Anum recently posted 5 Best alternatives of WordPress CMS

  13. The social media websites are provides best promotions of sites and also SEO business zone gives how to promotes them according to there plans and packages here.

  14. Facebook is cashing in on the large amount of members that they have. It only makes sense

  15. Most people probably don’t know how good social media can be for their business, and many don’t realize how effective social media is. Without a way of measuring the success to their business. Thanks

  16. The social side of things for your website is very important, everyone should have a business FB page. However i think paid advertising on facebook is still a bit shaky, they need to improve it.

  17. I think there is a huge contribution of ‘facebook’ in recent configuration/trend of business. Though it has started with the concept of fresh entertainment but after few years it reveal a new concept of campaigning the products and as it’s most popular and has a bigger community so it’s easy to inform the maximum number of viewers. Thus ‘facebook’ is now a huge platform for the entrepreneurs. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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