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January 12, 2011 , , ,

There are many blogging platforms out there with many write ups and reviews. Whether you are a season blogger or a newbie sometimes choosing a blogging platform can get a bit tricky but it comes down to one best practice and that is to test it for yourself. When I started blogging I started with a WordPress blog and a blogger one never enjoy them much so I immediately move to self hosting and started with not a very popular platform as it is built around IIS and written in C++. I love it because I am very knowledgeable with asp.

Many of you will be aware by now that this blog is running on WordPress and the thesis framework but there are lots of brilliant blogging platform out there to choose from however the one you choose should be the choice of yours and not because the masses or your friend is using it. There are certain criteria that I believe a blogging platform should have and that is ease of use and great support. Yes, support is important unless you have the capital to hire a programmer to help you with support or you are knowledgeable with the programming script.

Now there is certainly only one practical way to choose a blogging platform and that is to test it yes you read it right testing a blogging platform is the best option. As I have mentioned before when I just started myself hosted blog I started with a great platform which mirrors lots of features like WordPress but then I decided to migrate to WordPress so how did I do it? Firstly I set up a sub domain install WordPress and run it for about six months to get the grip of it then I fall in love with it so I finally migrate and everything went smooth sailing after that.

So if you are starting a blog and have not decided what blogging platform you should choose my advice to you is to purchase a domain name and get a web hosting account and start testing the blogging platforms before you decide to use it. The same goes if you are running a BlogSpot blog or a WordPress blog and want to move to a self hosted blog. There are no scientific evidence provided here I mere just share my experience with you however choosing a blogging platform is a choice you have to make for yourself as I have said  before is proudly powered by WordPress and enhance by Thesis theme frame work. Now how do you choose a blogging platform? Share your thoughts and ideas.


40 thoughts on “The Only Way to Choose Blogging Platform”
  1. Hi Gary,
    I just love WordPress, it makes it so simple for the non techie of us.
    I have just switched to Thesis. Why did I not do this earlier. What a great framework, and with open hooks a lot easier to use. I am learning a bit of CSS now so I can play.
    Really good post, to many people just don’t put any thought into their platform and just go with stuff because everyone else is.

    1. Hi Pete welcome to the world of Thesis i did switch from last year loving it and is able to mess around with the css and put my personal touch on it great work Thanks for your support

    1. Thanks for stopping by and adding your voice to the debate WordPress and Blogger or the two most know of the blogging platform and yes they are good for google seo

  2. Hi Gary,
    That is one good post.
    When I started with my blogging, it was on blogger, because it is so easy to setup for a casual blogger. Later on with my blog, I thought that wordpress would be good choice and it served me well.
    One of the main reason I chose wordpress is that I love to play around in PHP and wordpress gives me enough opportunities to do that.
    But for my next site , I will check out other platforms too

    1. For that same reason why i started with it was because i could play around with the code but now i have some experience with PHP i am just loving wordpress Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Shabnam i remember when you started your wordpress blog i do hope that you are enjoying it and making the most of such wonderful tool

  3. I always choose blogging platforms for my clients usually by size and user base in order to make sure that services do not disppear overnight because they have been passed by newer technologies.

    1. When choosing blogging platform for clients we need to ensure that the one we choose is very user friendly and the clients should test them. Thanks for your comments best of wishes

    1. Thanks Ben it is my pleasure to have you here wordpress is by far the most popular blogging platform lots of support and flexibility Thanks for your comment

  4. Looks as if I am the odd one out 😛 Anyways, I have my blog hosted on Google Blogger and certainly no such issues till date. But I also have no doubt whatsoever, WordPress is the best blogging platform by all means. I have had a good experience with both Blogger and WordPress. WordPress makes it look better because of the SEO advantage and the plugin benefits. Blogger has nothing much to offer except better security in comparison to WordPress. The best thing about blogger which I love is its user friendliness and the ease with which I can add, edit and publish my posts. Also one more thing which goes in favor of Blogger Blogs, Google Loves them 😉 Am I correct 😛

    Well, jokes apart…finally, it is all about your personal taste where I feel that if you are planning to start a niche blog then you should go ahead with the WordPress. It is highly likely to pay you in the long run as it happens with most other niche bloggers. Blogger is still good and then best thing with it is that you have an option to migrate to WordPress at anytime you feel so…Thinking about the same but still a lot of time left before I finally decide to do the same. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. There are will always be disadvantages and advantages of both Blogspot and WordPress as you have rightly said it boils down to personal taste and what you the blogger feels comfortable with i believe the main reason why wordpress will be outstanding is because it is open source. Thanks for adding your voice to the debate.

  5. When i started blogging, i first tried blogger and I was really a noob at first specially how to design it, but when I discovered WordPress i suddenly became in love with it haha.. i just love wordpress, it’s so easy, the templating the whole framework itself is easy. but i am open ofcourse in trying other blogging platforms, i even tried to create my own custom CMS but naah i just love what wordpress can do haha

    1. You are right WordPress will make you lazy but why invent the wheel wordpress is brilliant and i love the way it is easy to use and customize and not to mentioned the amount of free and paid templates available along with the large supporting community

    1. WordPress was originally built for blogging although it is now a full content management system and now with its super admin panel you can start a small blogging community with it. Thanks for your input

  6. Hi Gary,

    In the past, I’ve played around with both Blogger and WordPress. Which blogging platform would you say is best to use if you want to implement your own bespoke design, without having technical development skills?

    1. wordpress is the world’s must loved blogging platform and i love the ease of use which wordpress provides the great community and lots of templates available for downloads and not to mentioned the plugins.

    1. Hi Dan Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here at using blogger as a means of gaining backlinks can be considered a very smart move. Thanks for your comment

    1. Thanks Ankit for your input wordpress is great for seo and the developing community is magnificent lots of plugins and the ever growing themes both paid and free. The best thing about wordpress is that it is open source

  7. Yeah, definitely an odd-man-out here, as well. I much prefer Blogger over WordPress just because of it’s simple design and ease of use. And yes, Google definitely loves Blogger, too!

    1. Hi Delena Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate nothing is wrong with using blogger each has his choice and choosing a blogging platform is a matter of personal choice

  8. Blogging platforms are very effective that help to manage your blog post easily and you will get benefit from it.The word press blog is more user friendly than blog spot,word press blog is easy to use,organize,and manage.more traffic come on word press blog.You can easily engage word press blogs for web hosted domain for your official blog post.

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  10. I really like WordPress for Blogs..Its easy to manage and the themes it provides are very compelling.

  11. I agree that in choosing the blogging platform for your blog you should see for yourself which one works well for and suits your needs as a blogger. You should not just choose a blogging platform because most of your friends use it to. What worked for them don’t necessarily mean that it will also work for you.

  12. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thanks a lot

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