Marketing What is Your Strategy?

It is been a tough and competitive year we have just survived, the world was said to be in a recession and many blogs fall along the wayside. So what is your strategy for making your blog? Marketing is an important aspect of our blogs survival. Many of you might think that you don’t market your blog but you are wrong you do it every day sometimes without even thinking about it. There are many different you can use to market your blog some very costly and there are lots of free method that you can use to market your blog.

Why do we market our blog simple for more exposure, the more you market the more exposure and the better chance of getting visitors that can be turned into paying customers. Some marketing strategy works better than some there is no doubt about that. Ad words are one of the common methods used by many website and blog owners to gain targeted visitors but this can be an expensive method. There are some great free methods that are available to you as bloggers that if done right can bear great results with just a little effort and time on your part. Now let’s look at a few methods I use to help and market my blog.

Blog Commenting yes you read it right commenting on other blogs is a great way of marketing your blog and the great thing about it is that it is free, doesn’t cost a penny. Every time you left a valuable comment on a blog then you are giving your website the opportunity to be seen by others who will follow your link back to your website or blog, There is one thing to bear in mind when leaving comments on other blogs is that your comment must be about the topic and not appears to be spam

Face Book and Twitter these are two of my favourite tools to use and market my website. Having a retweet button on your blog is always recommended this allow your readers to share your post with their followers. Face book with the most users online is not to be taken lightly it has great potential as a marketing tool. Facebook lets your post goes viral in no time. This is just three simple marketing strategies you can use to market your blog i use them and am satisfied with the results, so you should too. What are your marketing strategy please share what works for you. Please share this post.

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35 thoughts on “Marketing What is Your Strategy?”

  1. Avatar of Beautyrama

    I have been blogging for about 6 months and have tried most of the usual marketing methods, to varying degrees of success. Twitter and Facebook seem to be the quickest, easiest ways to get noticed and also make great connections to help in your efforts.

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      facebook has that reputation of bring traffic at an alarming rate if use sensibly and not to mention social interation of like minded bloggers for us to network with.

  2. Avatar of DiTesco

    The importance of Marketing is often overlooked by many. What maybe some don’t realize that “blogging” in itself is some form of Marketing. We can even say that “blogging” is nothing more that Content Marketing 🙂 Other “vehicles” such as Twitter and FB are additional promotional tools that we should all be using as not only it drives traffic to our websites, it helps us build great relationships and gain credibility.

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Perfectly said Ditesco we should never overlook the importance of Marketing some even believes that Seo is a marketing tool that we all used and you hit the nail on the head twitter and Facebook are two powerful marketing and networking tools.

  3. Avatar of Andreas

    Social media marketing via twitter and facebook can drive traffic directly to sites, especially new sites, long before the first users arrive from search engines.

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular website around using them can attract lots of readers in a very short time the power of these sites are not to be ignored when looking for cost effective marketing

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Socail media marketing is a great way to market your blog facebook if use correctly can generate lets of traffic and also twitter and best of all it cost nothing more than a few hours of your time. Thanks for your comment

  4. Avatar of Aswani

    Nice post bro. Yes, you cannot simply write and leave. You need to make it more visible to get your ultimate results. I have been doing the same for my posts too but it is not kind of aggressive marketing. Mostly I have been using facebook and Twitter for the same and the results have been quite good especially from the facebook. Honestly, I haven’t been digging or stumbling much. I do it occasionally for my posts. I should be doing it more often for my blog posts. Sites like and also get me some good amount of people on my blog. Commenting on other blogs also get me a good number of people on my blog. Honestly, I am not able to give more time for my blog marketing. Mostly I am leaving it to my visitors to make it more viral. They are doing it for me but anyways, I should be marketing it in a more better way to get the expected results..

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Marketing your blog through your readers is actually a good marketing tactics one of the best means of marketing is “word of mouth” and this actually cost nothing. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.

  5. Avatar of Conroy

    Thanks for Sharing these Awesome Strategies, I am using almost all of them. But Don’t gave too much Importance on Facebook or Twitter. I think I have to give too much time to these too for better Result. Thanks alot for Sharing such IDEA.

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      In my opinion you need to spend time on social networking sites to see the benefit however it is not just about the time you spent, it has to do with how that time is spent.

  6. Avatar of Ashvini Kumar Saxena

    Hey Gary,
    I am often surprised by people dismissing facebook as another trend. In the past I too was guilty of doing that but quickly changed my view when I learned how it can help to create a brand image. In my opinion, steady buildup of reputation happens when we deliver the right content and do some good marketing and planning alongside.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      FaceBook is a grat place to market your blog the only drawback i find with facebook is that most of the users are actually not bloggers however if you are doing paid advertising on facebook them the results can be great Thanks for you comment

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Thanks for your comment i am honoured to know that you are taking this blog seriously but you have written your twitter name incorrectly howver that said i am delighted to have your here thanks for the comment

  7. Avatar of Tom Howlett

    I think one of the most important marketing techniques for a blog is to interact with your audience. This can easily be done through twitter. Help people out and offer advice, let people see a bit of your personal lives, I think all these things can work.

    I follow many design blogs, and mostly the thing which keeps me coming back is the quality of the advice, tips and tutorials. I do like a personal touch to it all though.

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Hi Tom first i must say welcome to my blog here at you hit the nail on the head when you say that the most important technique is to interact with your audience that is absolutely true and you have made a brilliant point Thanks for adding your voice to the debate.

  8. Avatar of Melbourne Graphic Design

    At first, I was more into providing informative and high quality content through article marketing in promoting my business. Although I was already into Twitter when 2010 rolled in, I didn’t start using Facebook and blog commenting until the fourth quarter of that year. When I did, I found out their worth in marketing my business. I am now enjoying good rankings in search engines for my primary key phrase.

    So, I believe you have offered something valuable to your readers here, Gary. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Facebook canbring great results if used the right way it is the most visited website in the world today people spend more time on facebook than they with their family so it is worth spending time on it. glad to know that you found the benift of using socail networking site to work for you.

  9. Avatar of Web Design company
    Web Design company

    I am Thinking of using Facebook as a Marketing tool and I know it has alot of Potential But I don’t know How facebook is effectively use as Marketing. Kindly highlight few Steps or Features except Bookmarking or Ads.

    Conroy James

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Facebook has you rightly said is a great marketing media you need to create a facebaook page and invite people to like it and interact with friends leave comment be active these are just some of the ways you can start with.

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      The whole point of Marketing is to gain exposure letting the world know about our product and services getting them to just us and at the same time build your brand

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      Just keep on doing what you are doing with these two great marketing media social media maketing is now the order of the day even politician and celebrities are now jumping on the band wagon. It may seems difficult at time but the end result is what matters.

  10. Avatar of Sourceworx Blog Design & Code
    Sourceworx Blog Design & Code

    In order to effectively market any blog, you really do need to keep up the marketing effort. If this means commenting on thousands of blogs, thousands of twitter posts and facebook friends then so be it. It’s all backlinks at the end of the day.

    I like to think of it more as a reward for participating in the blogosphere, makes it more fun. 😀

    1. Avatar of lawmacs

      The more effort you put into your Marketing Strategy the better the end results facebook and twitter are two great medias to use and do this and as you said we can make it fun

  11. Avatar of Armel

    Aside from SMO, I am also using VSEO (Video SEO). In the same way that we apply SEO in websites, same tasks are applied to videos that were published in YouTube or other video submission sites. You still have to generate and select keywords and integrate them on titles and descriptions so that your videos get to the top of search engine results. With keyword rich descriptions and titles, you can now begin uploading your videos to several video submission websites.

  12. Avatar of website specialists

    I certainly agree with your 3 strategies here. I would also like to add Link Referral, you get to have unique visitors each day when you register to Link Referral and that helps improve your ranking as well.

  13. Avatar of Web Development Ventura
    Web Development Ventura

    Blog commenting and active participation in social networking sites have a great impact on your blog success. And many bloggers have proven that it is an effective way of growing your blog. As I’ve said many bloggers are already doing this practice therefore you have to be extra creative in implementing your marketing strategy so you’ll get ahead with other bloggers.

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