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November 21, 2010 , , ,

Round-upYes it is that time again the time when I share my journey with you highlight some of my favourite post from around the web. Web Round Up is a feature dedicated to all who support this site and idea to give back to those that give and supported this site you the readers. I throw the challenge to you to start a series like this one just think of the potential your post been featured on other blogs that is free back links to your blog. Choose a name again you could just do Round Ups if you cannot for some reason find a topic to write about. here are this week’s features.

How to Drive Massive Free Traffic to your Site in 1 Month – Traffic is the life and blood of any online business ever since, and it’s very self explanatory. Without traffic, your blog, ecommerce site, affiliate site or whatever site is senseless simply because of it having no readership, no profits,

Having Multiple Blogs – Should I be blogging on multiple blogs ? – I haven’t yet decided but maybe in future…. Should I be blogging on more than one blog? Can I have multiple blogs on same niche or say, similar niche? What if I have more than one blog? Having multiple blogs – Is it always a good idea? Why would you ever require multiple blogs?

Top 10 free Photoshop Replacements -Adobe Photoshop is a must have thing in any web designer’s list of favourites. This beloved software boasts many options which are excellent in photo editing, designing, modifying, developing etc. But to own this software is a strange fact (price factor), which breaks the heart of many professional geeks. Luckily, there are many replacements available and in open source (and free also), which can do as much work as Photoshop, sometimes more

Want Success? Start By Setting A Goal – For anyone who has aspirations or dreams of achieving something, setting goals is extremely important. It’s a fact that nearly everyone wants to achieve something worthwhile. Without having any goals, it would be difficult to know when any of your endeavours have been successful. Can you imagine what your life would be like without any worthwhile goals? Do you have that feeling of contentment with all your endeavours?

How to Manage Your Online Reputation – Managing and influencing your online reputation can be done through a mixture of public relations and marketing. While the Internet can be a great place where your brand can flourish, it can also be a place where things can go horribly wrong. In fact, there have been times when just one blogger can have a huge negative impact on a brand. Online, your brand success or failure is amplified more than ever before.

8 Best Free iTunes Alternatives – Here is the list of 8 best free iTunes alternatives for you: 1. Winamp:With Winamp you can listen, watch, manage and sync your media. It comes with integrated iPod support. With Winamp installed in your system you don’t need to install any other media player.

That is it for this week Round Up have a visit and see the full post and remember sharing is caring feel free to share these great post with your readers until then keep writing who knows your post might be in the next Round Up.


24 thoughts on “The Sunday Post Round Up”
    1. It was my pleasure to mention your post here Shabnam you are a great blogger and a wonderful friend and it brings me great joy to share your post here and with Robert his post are always great Thanks for your comment Shabnam

  1. Nice roundup as ever. And I am surprised yet very happy to see my link up there on your blog. It was just so natural for me to come up with such post. I hope it is useful for everyone. Thanks a bunch 🙂

    1. Thanks Aswani for your continued support Round Up was design to showcase great posts like yours and others your post did touch a great topic that has become common today people runining multiple blogs this is not a bad idea but is it neccessary is the big question

    1. You arw most Welcome Bishwajeet your post was cool and i strongly believe that it was worth the mentioned thanks for your continued support and i am glad you found the post useful and of some help

  2. Hi lawmacs:

    Tired several times yesterday and could not log in to your site.However, I made it today, read your Sunday round up. I know the first three. And these are good. Then I visted the rest and read their post. Lots of information.

    Thanks for the round ups, as these ad information.

    fran A

    1. Sorry to hear that Fran there must have been some server problem next if you could get a screen shot of what error message you get and email it to me glad you love the post and find them useful thanks for you comment.

  3. Gary,

    Thanks so much for the mention in your Sunday Post Round Up…I really do appreciate it. 🙂

    I also read the other posts you mentioned and you made some excellent choices.

    I also want to say thanks to Shabnam and Bishwajeet 😉

    1. You are welcome Robert your post was excellent could not resist the temptation of mentioning it here it speaks for itself Robert the wealth of knowledge you share on your blog is priceless. Thanks for your continued support.

  4. Hello,

    Nice Post and in fact you helped me a lot as I was having too problem in regard of traffic but your first mentioned post provided me with good solution and now I hope I will achieve my goals but actual credit goes to you and post writer, so thanks to both of you.

    1. Thanks a lot that is the whole idea of web round ups to highlight the post that are of good quality and will be of some use to the readers and it gives me great pleasure to know that you really found some thing of interest in one of the post i guess it is fair to say Round Up did what it set out to be.

  5. Thank you for taking this step. It would be interesting to know how helpful it has been for you personally. I like the idea of dofollow blogs, but get very irritated when the bulk of the responses are of the kind, “Great post, I enjoyed reading it,” or “Fantastic blog, keep up the good work.”


    Boston Apartments

    1. Firstly Ali let me take this oppurtunity to welcome you to my blog and i do hope this is not your last visit. I do understand been a dofollow blog attracts lot of unwanted comments so i use a anti- spam plugin called Growmap which helps and for thise comments that just says Great Post i just delete them. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.

  6. Thanks for mentioning my post Gary! really appreciate it. And I also enjoyed the others you have included on this round up, particularly the second one, very well written, I must say.


    1. Thanks jason to you for your continued supprt here just keep writing those great post they will always get featured here. The second post was written by Aswani in which he touch a very good point about having multiple blogs.Thanks for your comment

  7. Thanks for your sharing. I think Start By Setting A Goal is very important. A good plan and a well-designed goal is a key to success.

    1. You are welcome neatnest just visited your blog and leave a comment thanks again for stopping and supporting my blog your comment here is always welcome much appreciated

  8. Gary,

    Great roundup. I have not seen any of these sites yet, I look forward to checking them out, because they all look very interesting. Thanks for linking some great stuff

    1. Thanks Steve for your support here your post was very captivating and had to be mentioned here Round Up features great post like yours which helps other bloggers like me you are a great writer Steve love your posts.

  9. I usually take the time on Sundays to blog hop and you have provided here some real good stuff. Can’t believe I missed Aswani’s post and I’m off to remedy that right now. Thanks and keep it up. Hope all is well.

    1. Thanks Ditesco always a pleasure to have you here just sahring the post that are of great quality and worth mentioning among my readers. Thanks again for your comment it is much appreciated.

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