Time Warner Cable – Is It Better than The Dish in the coming years?


November 17, 2011 ,

Answer – depends on what you want from your cable service provider. Time Warner cable internet (and TV, the package is a whole-deal kind of thing) is best for some users, while The Dish is better for others.

Nice to sit on the fence, isn’t it. But of course the kind of question that asks whether one service is better than another – unless it is being asked by representatives of one or the other service, in which case it’s just meaningless advertising – requires a person to sit on that fence and have a good long look at both fields.

So let’s start with Time Warner. The Time Warner cable internet and TV package (which also includes digital telephony) is absolutely ideal for people who want convenience, one bill for everything, and a way to communicate through what is effectively a single hub. So if you never use your home phone, maybe it’s not so effective for you. Everyone has mobile phones these days: how many times have you ever taken a call on your home number?

That said, if your home phone is free to use then you may use it a lot to make calls. So Time Warner cable internet and TV and phone becomes a better idea again.

The Dish has opted to target a different market than Time Warner, Comcast and all the other triple play advocates. The Dish provides TV. Ergo, if you are happy with your existing computer and phone setup and don’t want the hassle of cancelling contracts before you can pull in a triple play offer from Time Warner or similar, The Dish is probably a better option – in that, as a standalone TV service, it sells itself as offering more TV for the money.

Don’t forget, before we go further, that coverage is of paramount importance in any decision about which cable TV company to use. If you can’t get The Dish, you can’t have The Dish. And if you can’t get Time Warner, you can’t have Time Warner.

You can easily Google coverage for your selected provider to check that you will get the signal you want. Not many of the company websites show their own coverage, or if they do they don’t advertise the fact very week – so just type in something like “Time Warner cable internet coverage” and see what you get back.

The kinds of programmes you will get for your money may sway your decision too. Do your research before you choose one provider or the other. Most companies carry most channels – certainly when you buy their most expensive packages – but you need to be clever about which you go for when you buy anything other than the top viewing bundle, or you’ll end up having to pay extra to watch your favourite shows and movie channels.

Don’t forget to compare the price of additional boxes as well. If your chosen provider charges you per box per TV and you have several units, your monthly price could increase dramatically.

So what’s our conclusion? Time Warner cable internet and digital TV has plenty to recommend it for the customer who likes to have everything controlled by one bill. The Dish is great for people who just want a TV provider. Here we are, still sitting on the fence!


15 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable – Is It Better than The Dish in the coming years?”
  1. You have introduced the good service. I think you should must mention, in which part of the world these services are available.

  2. I’m actually a bit at odds with Comcast at the moment, who has been my service provider for years. They basically have a monopoly in my area, which is Comcast’s homebase… I am in the right position to be swayed by a competitor’s offer…

  3. In the UK BSkyB, also offer a tv and broadband, all in one package, likewise Virgin I believe. It seems the gaps between communications systems is becoming smaller and smaller as it’s all becoming digitised.

  4. Lawmacs, I just stumbled on this blog. very interesting. AS far as Time Warner goes, well, there are pros and cons. It all boils down to bandwidth. DISH can open up more bandwidth and add more HDTV channels. Time Warner has a lot of services running through their RG-6 coax cable. The more data you cram, the less the compression rate…and that equals lesser quality. We shall see what happens in coming years.

  5. Time Warner Cable – seems pretty useful and good service. I would be happy to try the service and to learn some more about it. I would be gratefull if you publish some more regarding that matter.

  6. Thank you for the great information on Time Warner. Personally DISH Network provides the best service for my needs. I don’t need a home phone as I use my cell for the majority of my needs. I can even use it for 90 percent of my internet needs too. You are correct that DISH offers a lot more TV for your money. As a DISH employee I know they offer packages to fit any budget ranging from $24.99 to $104.99. With prices that low I can get stand alone internet service and still save money over bundling.

  7. If you need to rely on your computers all of the time cat 5e cables is the best for network cable installation with special exterior cable which is waterproof and recommended for outdoor usage.

  8. What can I say? Nothing but totally agree with you. The person who can best answer what’s the best is indeed the one using the cable services, because each of us has its own needs. Great way of showing your comparison in here.

  9. What you are posting here is really very helpful. You let us decide what is best for us by giving us the pros and cons of the different cable provider.

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