Tips On Starting a blog in 2019


January 7, 2019 ,

blogging TipsIn order to attain success in your blog post ensure your content is visible to search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google and many more. Ensure you set your blog privacy to make it visible to various search engines. You can use the internet to accomplish these tasks. If 2018 was not what you wanted it to be blogging then make 2019 the year your blog become successful. What does a successful blog look like? Well, it depends on your goals, For some getting more sales generating more revenue or gaining the exposure your blog needs.

Introduce your Blog to People

Ensure you tell people in your social circle or community of friends about your new post. Also whenever you publish a new post share it across the board. That is, share your post on all social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various others. This will bring about the exponential growth in your blog.

Frequent Blogging

If you desire a huge success in your blog, do ensure your blog regularly. Research has it that, those blog owners who post on a regular base tends to grow fastest than those with the rare post. Always update your blog with good content on daily or weekly bases

Select Right Tag

When creating and publishing a new post, ensure you use the right and appropriate tagline so as people who have a common interest can be informed about your new content. You can easily find this in a reader. Always limit yourself to a few tags, like 2 to 5 would be ok. There is the probability that your post may not be featured in the Reader when you make use of large tags.

Invest In Traffic Website

pay for traffic if you desire success and growth in your blog. It is very helpful. It remains one of the fastest ways to bring visitors to your post. An online application like StumbleUpon can do this job perfectly.

Connect With Other Blogs

Blogging involves interactions with others. There is a greater reward when you link your blog to other blogs. This keeps other bloggers inform about your blog, and give them the privilege to read your content. With Pingback other blog owners can see and read your blog post. They might likely subscribe and comment on our post.

Now let’s look at the benefits of the various headings:

  • The benefit of logo design
  • The Benefit of Online Marketing
  • The benefit of Email Marketing
  • The benefit of Online Reputation


The benefit of logo design

Consistently, logos have been an imperative part of brand promoting and brand personality along these lines animating huge business developments. Here are some of the benefits of logo design: It advances emblematic advantages of the business: Publicizing logos through your products convey a brand’s center standards and qualities which are known as the representative advantages of the business. Thus, logos assume a basic job in serving an association point between the organization and its clients. Logo designs convey extraordinary importance to business success. An Adidas, Nike, McDonald’s, Facebook and a lot more are known by their brands.

Also Builds Corporate Identity and Trust: Logo design-build trusts in your business. Your business logo represents a corporate character to your potential clients and the general public. Numerous brands like Nike have made their undertaking and corporate personality on their logo by appearing through adverts. The more your image’s logo is shown in your marketing space, the more trust, and character you will work from people in general, which thusly will prompt more deals, benefits, and income.

The Benefit Of Online Marketing

The benefits of Online Marketing cannot be over-emphasized. Here are some of the advantages of Online Marketing to the success of your business:

It brings about fast service

With the aid of Online Marketing, you can be rest assure of quick and fast business growth. The reliable and fast delivery of service is one of the core advantages of internet marketing.

It Gives You More Access To Larger Client

The Online Marketing strategy is very effective. It enables blog owners, business to get more access to followers. The internet is very wide and has a large number of global clients. With the help of Online Marketing, you can reach and grow your audience fast.

Low Capital

Online Marketing does not require so much capital to operate. With minimum capital of $5, you can promote your page with a Facebook ad or other internet marketing funnel. The internet enables you to reach out to your customers at will. You agree with me that online communication is less expensive compared to the old ways of contacting clients. Online Marketing is very effective in this aspect. It ensures business owners are able to measure and track the progress in their business. The use of Online Marketing is key to business success in the 21st century.


The Benefit Of Email Marketing

The core benefit f Email Marketing to business growth cannot be undermined. There are obvious reasons why Email Marketing is imperative to business success. The following are:

It Is Less Capital Intensive

Email Marketing does not require so much money. Email Marketing enables business owners, big organizations and small business owners to maximize their advertising budget, and still attain the same result. Email Marketing is one of the core digital advertising methods that help individuals to reach and engage the target audience. The old ways of marketing like TV or print ads requires a lot of capital.

It Enables Email Personalization

With the help of Email Marketing, you can easily personify your email content to your target audience. This also buttresses to the audience how relevant your campaign is. Email Marketing makes subscribers know the source of the ads and email content.

Easy Access To Mobile Clients

Email Marketing guarantees mobile marketing success. No doubt that the number of customers using mobile devices has increased over the years. With the vast majority of the world population using a mobile device, Email Marketing becomes imperative to business growth.

The benefit of Online Reputation

The benefits or merits of Online Reputation cannot be ignored in business growth and development. With growing publicity and online popularity in different blogs, social media, and other online platforms, it is wise to maintain a strong Online Reputation. With good online reputation, your company or business can boast of large sales and huge customer base.

Online Reputation brings about the following:

  • Company trust
  • Company’s credibility and reliability
  • it promotes business goodwill
  • It brings about constant and continuous patronage.


The above points are the various strategies to improve your blog and attain that business success you desire come 2019.

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