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successful bloggingBlogging is one way to make money online today world. It’s simple to create a blog and have it running but there certain things you need to do for it to be successful.  One of the best ways to have your blog going is by having the right content for your audience.  Blogging is a core that is giving something of importance to your audience.  If your main aim in your blog is to assist the audience to solve a common challenge, your aim should be to create content that people want to read and share.  You should strategize in your blog to build and cultivate content that attracts your audience. This will be the start point of creating a successful blog.

Don’t start blindly a blog without establishing exactly what you want to do with it. Know your audience preferences and stick to that.  Have goals to reach with your blog can not only make your blog gain attention but also maintain your audience and even attract a new audience.  More so, you should strategize on how to reach your audience what they want.  Words of Mike Merriman, vice president of marketing at Mzinga “Be true to the goals you set at your blog “affirms the importance of goals in blogging.  Most of the audience look forward to a blog that meets their needs all the time. These needs of your audience help in setting goals. This is the background to a successful blog.

Four tips to make your blog successful and stand out

Design a logo that fits your blog

Not all logos can fit your blog but designing a fitting logo to the content in your blog will make your blog stand out.  Your logo is the first thing people will see when they visit your website.  Don’t follow any specific design trend as you will end up with it looking ridiculous in maybe 2 or more years later. Make a choice of going with something that is timeless and grows well your blog website.

How you can design your blog logo

Doing it yourself

If you have skills it’s easy to design a logo for your blog website. This is the best option as you will have your own thing unique from others.  If you have photoshop or illustrator skills and good at designing you are set to design your own logo.  Otherwise, you can take the online tutorial and learn how to make your own logo. All you need is to be creative and skillful.

Hire a designer

You can get in touch one on one with a designer and give all details on what you want to be designed for your blog.  There competent designers out there who can assist in making you a unique and attractive design for your blog.  Check the individual you are going to hire samples of logos he or she as eve designed to a certain his or her competence.

Have a competition on who will design the best

This is a good option as you will have a variety of logos to choose. There are several sites where you can host your competition like hatch wise, crowd spring or 99 designs.  Having these sites you will set a price, give details of what you want to be designed and have a live competition where designers from all over compete for the prize.  You will eliminate those you don’t like about their designs and remain with whom you like a bit and end up with the one who pleases you.

These are the best two ways which you can induce into and have a good logo for your blog. Remember a logo for your blog says more about your blog even without anyone getting deep to know what it entails.

Conduct online marketing for your blog

Blog marketing is the process of reaching your home business target market through the use of a blog.  The nature of blogging makes them ideal for marketing since they provide new content to draw people back, and offer a way for consumers and business to interact.

Pros of online blog marketing

  • It is inexpensive to start and run online marketing. For your online marketing to hit the market, avoid using free blogging platforms instead switch to a self-hosted option such as word Don’t mind about the domain as you can have customized blog marketing.
  • It is easy to use. There are no complications in the most blogging platform, they are simple to use and understand what they require. If you can copy, paste, type, drag and drop and upload, then you have a professional looking blog which you can conduct online marketing.
  • Allow showing your expertise to gain trust and credibility. Many people love to know who they are working with. With a blog, you can and prove to be expert with what you do in your blog.  While doing online marketing of your blog people get to know you, you give details what you blog is all about and you give other valuable information to your customers.
  • You will connect with your market. Most business now uses Twitter and other social platforms more than blogs for engagement. Blogs to can allow you to have a conversation with your customers through online marketing. This online marketing helps you create a rapport, get feedback and built trust with customers.

Don’t count the time which will be consumed during online marketing as to how you can make your blog successful.

How to do the blog online marketing

  • Set your blog marketing plan. Have everything ready before you start online blog marketing. Some of the considerations include what you are going to share news, tips or resources and how often you will be doing the online marketing daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Have a blog. Be sure to use the same logo as it is in your website to retain consistency. Have also a blog platform in place. Have name domain pointing to the blog to make it easier for consumers to get to your site.
  • Have many posts as possible. Many blog visitors don’t like to visit a blog and see only one post or two.
  • Market your blog by integrating social media into your blog so that your blog post can go out to your followers.
  • Reply to comments. Keep in mind that blogs are social, by this people ask questions and it’s you to answer them. Share the feedback or delete the spam posts to your blog.

Set your email marketing for your blog

Managing email marketing is another strategy to make blog succeed.  Email communications help connect on a more intimate level and build trust with the audience.  By ensuring your blog works hand in hand with your email marketing will benefit your audience and equally get you closer to your content marketing goal.

How can you make your email marketing and blog co-operate?

If you have never heard email marketing before you may wonder how this issue is done. It is simple and easy to understand if you pay a little attention to it. Here are four ways which you can adapt and start email marketing for your blog.

  1. Change your blog post to cookies

All that this is that you need to make people open your blog site through emails. It is best done when you combine the blog content with your email campaign.  The secret of this is that great blog posts make the world’s best cookies. Anytime you have a new blog post it is essential you send it out to your list.

How can you share blog content through email?

It’s no magic it real you can share you every new blog through your email. Here are some the ways you can do that;

  • Use of email marketing tool. This is where you will push your every new blog post to your contact list in the email automatically. This is possible while using feed blitz, Aweber and mail chimp.
  • Manually sending broadcast on your emails. After publishing a new blog post just manually send to your list in the email. Remember to include a link back to your site.
  1. Have FAQ autoresponders

There are quite of regularly asked questions and they can assist you in email marketing when you create answers to the questions, and insert those answers in the email autoresponder series. In the answers include a lot of links to your main blog content.

  1. Have footer in your email

In this footer, you create add an offer to your audience. This will make your audience sign up to get the free updates from your blog.

  1. Have a schedule for content focus

It is important to have an editorial calendar for your blog and email marketing that share a common aim and are hand in hand. Email this calendar to your email list to let them know what to expect. This will make them follow up your blog post so as to be up to date.

These three key issues are very core to any blog success. Manage them any you see traffic in your website which means more revenue.


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  1. A whole series of excellent tips to have an effective and efficient blog. Especially for those who are beginners and want to try their hand at this fantastic world of online writing, and maybe turn gliders into potential customers by offering personalized services online. Thank you!

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