The Most Expensive Logo Designs of All Times


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Most expensive logo designs of all time

A logo design is important for a growing business and creates a strong image in the industry. It is a part of a company’s marketing campaign, embeds qualities and values of your business. A company image is everything because a company can either thrive or decline the reputation in public.  A professional logo design can set you distant from the competitors, and let you stand as the prominent companies in the world throughout the years.

What does your logo say about you and your brand? Your logo is one of the essential aspects of your branding, so it needs to be good in any way. If you want to make a severe impact on your target audience, it’s vital that you understand what your logo says about your branding. Colors, shapes, text fonts matter a lot when it comes to creating and presenting a successful logo design. Companies often avoid spending on logo designs, but only a few of them understands the importance of a professional logo design and invest in creating a logo design that sets them apart from others.

Here are the most expensive logo designs of some top entities. Spending on logo designs has made these entities remarkable and memorable.

Australian Bank ANZ:


The ANZ’s research found that regardless of any type of customers or their demographics, the bankANZ logo was juggling with the issue and they were all time poor. It made them revamp their logo design which took 18 months to be created at the cost of 15 million dollars. Being the biggest bank in New Zealand and the 3rd most popular one in Australia, suitable branding was a necessary need for ANZ, so spending such big money on logo design and re-branding was justified. Nevertheless, this sum included its whole new marketing strategy as well and made the bank memorable.

Belfast Logo Design:

belfast logo designNext in the list is the Belfast Logo Design. It is the remake of their original logo design, advertising the city of Belfast. In the Belfast logo design, the letter “B” is colored in the shade of white and is in the shape of a purple heart. The overall logo design cost them $280,000 that was intended to get more tourists to the city by putting the city name inside the heart shape. The new logo design was justified and indicated royalty and prominence and attracted more tourists.


bbc logo
The British Broadcasting Corporation hasn’t changed its logo design since 1997 and then the time of revamping started which cost them 1.8 million dollars. The logo design remained the same for a period of 20 years which reinforced the brand’s ideology and vision for the viewers. Keeping the logo design the same for a good number of years highlights a brand’s identity and likely to focus on gaining the attention of its fan base.


Designed by Paula Scher in 1998, the CitiBank logo took branding as a whole new look by spending Citi Banknear $1.5 million for the logo design. The amount did not find out to be surprising because they had assets of around near $700bn and $1.5m for a logo design did not sound like much money to the bank.

What Do We Get?

A clean and a minimalist look is good for IT or tech products and but may not be good for the food industry. Spending funds on logo design or creating a custom website design are always good because it is the only individual identity that you create for your business. It is not just about spending money, but spending money wisely is important. Logo design is definitely an important part of your business and helps you achieve recognition to create a profound brand identity. Thus, you can’t afford to neglect and should wisely spend your money on branding elements that you really need and avoid unnecessary things.

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