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December 24, 2018 ,

logo design tipsIf you want to increase your business or increase traffic to your site, you have to make your brand noticeable, and the best way to that is to make your logo stand out. This is because your logo is the first thing people notice. Your logo is the identity of your brand, it is the visual manifestation of your business. Whenever people think about your business the first thing that pops into their head is the logo. Think I’m lying think about businesses like Coca-Cola and Nike you’ll see that it’s the logo you first visualize.

So, in short, you’ll need to make your logo stand out, it doesn’t have to be an expensive logo design and here are some tips on how to do that.

Keep It Simple

One of the worst things you can do to your logo makes it complicated. If there’s one thing your logo should be it’s simple. This is one thing all popular brands have in common, look at Nike, Microsoft, Apple all these brands have simple logos and so should you. Your

But that doesn’t mean your logo should be bland, allow your imagination to explore the possibilities but keep it simple.

Know your audience

In anything involving marketing, understanding your audience is very vital. If you offer any product or service that targets a particular group of people when designing your logo make sure it’s something this group can relate to.

Just look at Disney they target kids and their logo emphasizes this. So before you design your logo make sure you know who your audience is, you wouldn’t want to misrepresent yourself.

Mind the colors

The most important aspect or component of your logo is the color. Although there’s no particular rule book when choosing colors you should be cautious because colors can make or break your logo. Using two or three colors can be just as effective as using multiple colors it depends on the design. But if you plan on using multiple colors make sure they compliment each other.

Make it memorable

If your logo isn’t memorable then it is useless. Your logo is what will links the service to your business in the eye of the customer. Your logo has to make an impression.

But you have to strike a balance between memorability and simplicity. If you can do this then you’ve achieved your goal. Just look at Apple by taking a bite out of the apple they made it memorable.

Make it original

One thing you shouldn’t do is copy other company’s logo and edit it. This is plagiarism and it can get you into trouble, you could have a lawsuit on your hands. Even if it doesn’t lead to this copying could lead to bad publicity. Your logo should represent your business, not someone else’s.

Negative space

You should consider using negative space when designing your logo. Negative space is the space around and between the subjects of an image. Negative space is best used when it forms a shape around the subject of the logo.

Just look at FedEx for example, the relationship between the E and x is a good use of negative space. With enough creativity, you can utilize negative space to create an eye-catching logo

So that’s it, folks, if you want to make your standout out just follow these rules and you will create the ideal logo

Image courtesy of Coca-Cola


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