Top 10 Software Development Companies Globally


September 9, 2018 ,

top ten software companySoftware development companies have played a crucial role in the planning and implementation of millions of business across the world. Without perfectly written codes, their technical expertise and their precision in learning coding languages, we would not have had some of the most exemplary websites today! They help to make customized solutions for clients that only help to enhance the company’s image and boost their overall productivity. They design a unique solution for enterprises and business partners to provide personalized solutions to every sphere of the business.

The strategically designed desktop apps, CRM tools, and mobile responsive web page can elevate the efficiency of an organization immensely. We all know the crucial role of software development companies; however, let us have a glimpse of some of the best in the industry.

  • VironIT

VironIT is a software development company that primarily concentrates on offering end-to-end software advancement services. The company focuses on developing a proficient solution in the areas of mobile applications, business-oriented software, web page related applications, and more. It has also proved its competence in the spaces of software integration, application, and support. VironIT is proud to create the finest solution for game, web application, enterprise software, and mobile application development. This assists the company to survive splendidly against all odds presented by the opponents.

  • DataArt

DataArt is a technology advisory firm that is known to develop end-to-end solutions ranging from strategy to concept. It also creates and supports inventive solutions that aid in excelling the business in a great way. DataArt helps grab the new business opportunities that come across the IT firms by designing smart and unique system. It is a global technology consultancy that utilizes the skilled manpower along with exquisite company culture and industry knowledge. It specializes in healthcare, finance, mobile application, travel & hospitality, medical software development and more.

  • Itransition

Itransition is a highly trusted custom software development firm that delivers an array of development and software consulting services. It has skilled professionals that combine the adept skills and business concepts to handle the complex projects, seamlessly. The conjugation of sophisticated methodologies and cost-effective software models help to succeed in diversified software projects. It specializes in the development of software product, software testing, enterprise system, enterprise application, etc.

  • OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a dominant mobile application development and block-chain company. It offers cutting-edge apps to the iPhone, Android, iPad, web-based, and Blackberry platforms. With a strong team of artists, designers, technical experts, and software developers, OpenXcell successfully outperforms its fellow organizations. It offers the finest solution for customer relationship management, android app, and cross-platform mobile app development apart from various other applications.  

  • EffectiveSoft

Enterprise solutions like HRM, CRM, and ERP systems are designed and developed splendidly by EffectiveSoft. It has a unique approach to the development and integration of enterprise software solutions. Along with the solution, it also has keen attention towards the up-gradation and support offered to the clients. It independently operates the server-based development of custom software application. With the title of 3 times Ms. Gold certification and 2 times Ms. Silver certification, it has consistently proven its capability. Trading, time management, content development, semantic technologies are some of its specialties.

  • ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft offers expert services in the fields of web portals, mobile app development, data analytics, SharePoint, custom software development, and CRM consulting. The reviews of the customers are highly positive which enhances the demand for the firm. It has completed more than 1,200 projects across different industries and verticals and caters to renowned organizations, globally. It has also earned IBM’s Silver Accreditation in the field of Security Intelligence and Microsoft Silver competencies along with rock-steady partnerships.

  • HQSoftware

HQSoftware is a company that has Mobile Application for Distribution, Sales and Warehouse Management as its core areas of expertise. The widespread demands of the warehouse operatives, management, and mobile workers are met efficiently with integrated solutions. IoT, Augmented and virtual reality, finance, e-learning, banking, etc. are other areas of prowess. It also offers a range of services like top-notch development of sensors, devices, mobile applications, and third-party integrations.

  • Oxagile

Oxagile is known to develop software solutions that serve billions of users across the globe in a strategic manner. The strongly settled Agile procedures along with a bespoke QA framework of automation assists the testing immensely. Development of web application, custom software, mobile application, Video software, along with IT consulting, eLearning, AdTech, etc. are some of the services offered. It takes immense pride in owning 97 percent customer satisfaction with more than 450 and 250 successful projects and top tech pros, consecutively.

  • 3Pillar Global

The speed of business growth and progress of a firm is accentuated with strong assistance from the 3Pillar Global. It conceives, develops, and launches diversified digital products that are known to meet the various needs of customers proficiently. The engineering expertise and strategies of a business are clubbed together by the company to present outstanding outcomes. Big Data, cloud, mobile, and other disruptive technologies are used to meet the demands in a fruitful manner. SaaS, iOS, HTML5, Android, iPhone, Mobile web, and more areas are covered by it.

  • Code Brew Labs

Code Brew Labs is the top-notch mobile app development company that is rated among the best software solutions in every platform. It offers UI/UX design, product strategy, web development, mobile app development, marketing, and data analytics as its service. With more than 100 clients, 11,000 initial consultants, 300 app developers, and the highest rating, it is counted as one of the finest software development companies.


Software development companies have proven their potential by offering tailored solutions to various esteemed organizations, globally. The advent of IoT, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and more, has paved way for better and finer solutions to be offered seamlessly by various software development companies. With rapid technological advancement, the pressing need of the hour is to ideate and innovate explicitly to be able to offer long-lasting and cost-effective software solutions.

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  1. Thanks for the information. Nice I hope you will have research on this information. I also work in IT a company named Itech Software Solutions. It is a Portugal based software firm and an offshoring company with the main services and development department in Khulna, Bangladesh.

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