How Not To Ruin Your Online Reputation


September 13, 2018 ,

Online ReputationHaving a great online reputation will greatly improve your market share and sales while increasing your loyal clients. Having a bad online reputation can lead to your brand being boycotted, and no brand wants that. To avoid this, there are some things you should avoid, to prevent one from leaving a relationship with a client dead.
• Stop sending numerous unsolicited emails: There is nothing that annoys clients or followers more than sending them emails or direct messages that they didn’t request for. This will lead a lot of them to quickly unfollow or even unlike you.

Some would unsubscribe, and never want to have anything to do with you because they feel your annoying correspondence means your customer relationship management is bad. Avoid sending spam or annoying message.

Avoid Ignoring Your Community For A While:

It’s totally wrong for a brand to spend a lot of money, effort and time trying to get followers, and then disappear. They will not upload any content, reply messages, questions or comments.
Online communities should be managed by the brands running them. Ignoring your followers is annoying to them, and will lead them to unfollowing and been boycotting your brand. Try and be a member of those discussing your brand. Create a conversation.

Online Reputation Don’t Ignore Anyone 

Gone are those days when you take care of solely the big clients and ignore the small clients. Ensure that every client or follower is given equal or similar attention.
Ignoring your clients can lead them to trash you and damaging your image online. Even when the client is wrong, members of the online community will most likely side with him or her than your brand.
Spending time to calm an angry client will give you a humane look.

Avoid Being Negative

Never be a negative brand. People run away from negative brands.

Avoid Controversy

Some people feel any form of publicity, whether bad or good, is great for business. For some brands, it may be true, but for most brands, it is not. Bad publicity or controversy may likely lead to your brand being boycotted. It is very easy for controversy to start. It may be a worker in your firm acting irrationally or having your words misunderstood. It seems there are always those on the internet, ready to be the conduit of controversy and rumor. Try your possible best to prevent a controversy or rumor from starting.

Keeping To Your Words

A brand that doesn’t keep to its words is usually boycotted. To promote your brand, you may say you are offering a promotion or a contest. When the contest is done, and the winner doesn’t get rewarded as earlier mentioned, this may go a long way to tarnish your brand name. Before you make promises or statements, ensure you have the wherewithal to get it done. A brand that keeps to its word has a better online reputation than one that doesn’t. Don’t be the latter.

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