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January 1, 2012 ,

Designing contentAt some point in our lives, we all wanted to be forever young. Why? We believe youth empowers us to do everything! This is why some people are afraid to get old. You might have not thought about this but like humanity, article contents also don’t want to be old. As well, they don’t want to be forgotten for eternity.If you’re a content writer, make sure that you’re shielding your content away from being brown. Develop evergreen content that people will revisit again and again for generations. In this article, we will tackle the top 5 reasons why evergreen content will forever benefit your blog.
Top 5 Advantages
1. Your content never grows old
In a nutshell, evergreen content is SEO content that stays fresh and relevant on the throughout the test of time. This means that regardless of the trends and news up and coming in the world, evergreen content still providing something of value to a lot of audiences. Examples are how-to suggestions practically about anything (e.g. health, love and romance, parenting, saving money, careers, etc.), universal timeless truths, product reviews, video tutorials and the like. Even after several years past its publication, this content will stay alive as hot keywords searched for by users online.
2. Perpetual Traffic
Because evergreen content is sustainable, traffic will never die a fortuitous death. Throughout any season, expect to have traffic in your blog from organic searches and link recommendations. Unlike the regular content focused on current fads and statistics, if your blog is composed with content that does not expire, the number of traffic will retain. So whenever you pick up a pen and paper or open a virtual notepad, think on writing for long term.
3. Page Rank
Related to perpetual traffic, your evergreen content will help you gain higher page ranks. This is especially true if you combine it with SEO techniques and apply page keyword optimization in your posts. Page rank not only checks on your content but also the friendliness of your article. So be sure that your post is share-able and more likely to be seen and built links with. More traffic is equal to a better page rank ultimately. For business owners, having evergreen content in your website makes up for a great online content marketing strategy.
4. Constant Source of Revenue
This is another advantage of evergreen content writing versus short-life content such as news articles creating the buzz and awareness. Sure, headlines on the news capture many people’s attention. But as soon as the peak of the story expires, number of visitors also declines. In contrast, when you have evergreen articles, you can promote them in search engines and social media channels and get the same or more page views as you want.  Constant site visits would be tantamount to generating constant source of income—either in the form of lead conversion or sales or ads. Yes, when traffic is constant notwithstanding low seasons, you can sell ad spaces in your blog. So you can just sit back, relax and wait for revenues come to the palm of your hand.
5. Earn Trust
Providing your fans and followers articles with more in-depth information enables you to earn trust and expert appeal. Your aim is to build deeper rapport with your readers and connect with them to establish loyalty. As your blog with evergreen content becomes on the forefront of everyone’s eyes, it can set itself as a stage or avenue that solves everyone’s concerns. People will be keener then to visit other articles you authored the next time. This creates a cycle, elevating your authority as an industry expert and a valuable resource provider.
A midst all these benefits you can reap from writing evergreen content, you must exert efforts to write them on. Compiling your writing and attracting viewers to drive traffic to your blog are your first assignments. Secondly, you must see to it that your content addresses what the reader needs. If you are marketing your products, don’t just write about the features of your items. To make it evergreen, you can expand the topic by featuring how-to’s related to your offerings. Stay generic with a slight touch of uniqueness and originality to stay safe!

Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, a holder of a Marketing Diploma from Martin College Australia  and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.Follow her adventures on her Twitter.


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