Top 7 biggest mistakes a logo designer make


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logo designerLogo designing is now considered one of the most lucrative career options. Many people who are interested in doing something creative and have an artistic inclination within them are opting for this career option these days. But the job of a graphic designer is not that easy as we think. As a number of people are taking up logo designing as their career option there is huge competition in the market. Logo Designer to work really hard and spend lots of time to make a place for yourself and become a successful logo designer.

Only creativity is not enough to become successful, you need to have a piece of sound basic knowledge of logo designing and the technical aspects related to this.

Logo Designer

Earning a livelihood by working as a logo designer can certainly be rewarding for the people who are creative and want to experiment with their creativity. But like other professions, this profession is also not free from hazards, tensions, and mistakes. Even the designers who are extremely qualified and veteran in this field are not free from making mistakes. There are few common mistakes which are done by most of all logo designers be it experienced or novice logo designers. Following are those common mistakes which the logo designers should be aware of:

Bad color combination:
This is the most common mistake, which most of all logo designers, who are a newbie do frequently. Many designers follow the method of using too many colors and shed thinking that these will make his logo attractive to the viewers but this is not actually the truth. Before taking up a particular project you should be aware of the requirements of your client. Then you should check other logos that have been designed by different designers for different organizations that serve the same types of products and services as your client. This research can help you to get an idea of the overall designing process that includes the usage of colors, designs, and sheds.

Bad Typography: This is another common mistake frequently done by a number of logo designers. Many logo designers even cannot realize the power of typography and therefore, do not give much importance to it. But powerful typography can make a logo stand apart amongst the crowd and the viewers can get easily attracted to it and can remember them forever.  Many designers use funky fonts, bad alignment, and spacing which does not go with the theme and the purposes of the business thinking that they will make the logo innovative. But ultimately what they do is a complete disaster.

First, you should have an idea of the business and the kind of products and services they offer to their customers. For example, if you are designing a logo for a health care unit you cannot use funky fonts that you do while designing logos for playschools. Typography is very important in logo designing as it decides the fate of the logo in many ways.

Stealing or copying concepts: 
The worst mistake many designers especially those who are new to the business do is stealing or copying the concepts from others while designing logos for their clients. As designing jobs is all about creativity therefore, it can be considered an offense if a designer simply steals or copy the designs of the others and publishes them as their own.

Though you can go through the various logos serving the same purpose to get an idea of how you can design the logo for your client. But the final call is yours only. You have to develop the design of your own so that the logo can be innovative and completely different from the others. Otherwise, the main purpose of the business i.e. to attract customers will not be served.

Overloaded with concepts: Your logo should be simple so that the viewers can understand the type of business your clients are offering to them. Adding too many concepts and themes will make them confuse and they will not be able to remember it for long.

Usage of clip arts: Many logo designers use clip arts from Google and other sources in their logos. But this is a wrong practice and it makes your logo look very common and similar to the others. You should develop a unique clip art for your logo.

Submission of design on time:
Though it is widely acknowledged that the creative people are not quite concerned about things like payments and deadlines. But it is important you cannot be a successful designer or get clients unless you maintain the deadline and submit the project within the proper time.

Payment: many designers make the mistake of not claiming advance payments. There are many clients who do fraud business and do not clear payments after receiving the design.

These mistakes are quite common and are needed to be rectified as early as possible. Otherwise, it can hamper your logo design portfolio and create a hindrance in your way to become a successful logo designer.

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  1. While making logo people want to make it attractive and the problem starts from here only.They forget to make it simple and understandable by others.

  2. Yep!
    Very excellent topic that you shared here.I was in that problem and searching a logo for my another website.Thanks for tips by that I can a fantastic logo.

  3. Logo design is still a very interesting subject more many designer. No matter how well you are and how many logos you have designed for your customers, you must constantly read such articles to make your design process up-to-date. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi,

    Really it is a big deal handling a logo designer. Whatever it is, you must carry out a thorough check before finalizing the logo for your business. Ultimately, it is you who has to face the outcome.

  5. Design of logos is an important part of graphic designing industry. A good logo design is often the first step towards achieving brand recognition, not just in the real world but also on the world wide web.

  6. I definitely agree with this sentence “This is the most common mistake, which most of all logo designers, who are newbie do frequently” because choosing the right mix of colors is very critical. It must be striking, head turning and catchy so that you can lure readers to visit your blog.

  7. Hi,

    Very informative post .The way you describe this topic is nice. Logo is an important part for the brand promotion .

  8. The most common mistake done by logo designers is wrong combination of colors. The main and basic reason according to me is that commonly designers are not well educated in their field therefore they don’t have an idea about the combination of colors. In any type of designing such as website design, logo design, interior design even in any thing colors do matter therefore every designer should be conscious about it. In this scenario your points are very helpful and effective to understand the importance and technicalities regarding common mistakes of logo designing.

  9. I am not good at logo designing, so I am glad that I got to know these common mistakes that a logo designer must not make. I agree that there are designers who steal or copy ideas from other logo designers and claim it as their own. Also, by making the design as simple and easy to remember, once it gains popularity, most people won’t have much difficulty remembering how it looks.

  10. Very informative post, especially for printing professionals and designers. Logo designing demands an innovative mind. If you have clear vision about the services of business and the type of targeted customers, then it is never be difficult to design a good logo.The logo should be made as eye-catching as possible using the right blend of colors, pictures, fonts, and even paper quality.

  11. As printing professionals who employ a design team, I can say that one of our biggest problems is where customers think they are creative and they come up with their own logos.

    And they never consider all the things you wrote about in your blog post.

    I am also fed up of people saying they have designed a logo and then they give you low resolution clip art! Come on people!

    I wouldn’t go to the doctor and tell him I wanted to stitch up the cut on my arm because I am good at sewing.

    People undervalue designers. Right up to the point where they actually use one, and then they are astounded with the difference in the quality of work they get.

    Come on people, leave the design to the design professionals and focus on your own professional skills.

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