Top 7 Reasons Why Hosting Customers and Providers Are at Odds with Each Other

Recently i have written a post that i am now accepting Guest post now here you have it i present to Lara who has written a beautiful post for lawmacs sit back read and enjoy the post. Having relationship between a web hosting provider and his clients can be a beautiful thing. You have a great idea for a website and someone comes along who can bring that website to life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out so beautifully. Sometimes, website customers and web hosting companies don’t see eye-to-eye. Here are the top 7 reasons why hosting customers and providers are at odds with each other.

1 – Bandwidth and Disk Space Issues

Make sure you have enough bandwidth and disk space for the kind of Internet venture you want to run. If you don’t and exceed your limits, your site may crash or you may be charged heavy fees by the web host or both. If it’s going to be close, get a more expensive plan with more bandwidth/disk space. It’ll save you money and tension with your web host provider in the long run.

2 – Support Issues

When your site is down, you panic. You don’t know what’s going on or why, and if your site is dependent on ecommerce, you’re losing money by the second. It’s critical at these times to be able to make contact with someone on the web host’s end who can tell you what’s going on. If your web hosts representative is nowhere to be found when the going gets tough, it can make for a very unhappy customer.

3 – Security Issues

Safety is paramount when it comes to your website, especially if you’re asking customers to provide sensitive information. If your host is leaking private data, or letting it get leaked, they aren’t a host you want to do business with.

4 – Fraudulent Billing Issues

Support issues can just be a matter of manpower, but billing issues are often a matter of unscrupulous business practices. Some web hosts may just try to steal from you, hoping you won’t notice the extra billing. If you discover you’re being overbilled more than once without a good explanation, it’s time to migrate to another server.

5 – Deceptive Billing Issues

This is the nasty cousin of the prior issue. Just like banks that offer low mortgage rates with balloon payments that pop up and bankrupt people, web hosts can make “impossibly low” offers that turn out to have a big catch, like they require a long term contract with most of the payments at a much higher rate. Shared server hosting can be had pretty cheaply, so don’t go crazy trying to save one or two more extra bucks and end up getting scammed.

6 – Reselling Issues

Be careful if you’re buying web hosting services from a reseller. They are not the owner of the server and if something goes wrong, that’s one more level of bureaucracy between you and getting your problem resolved.

7 – Account Issues

People often find that the plan they originally signed up for is not the one they really need. Even though you sign a contract with your web host, he should be able to accommodate adjustments if you need them. If he isn’t, you’ll be at odds, and should probably look elsewhere.


21 thoughts on “Top 7 Reasons Why Hosting Customers and Providers Are at Odds with Each Other”
  1. Nice and useful. Glad that I have never been in any of these situations till date. There were temporary issues still but finally I was out of the mess as soon as possible. To me, point no. 2 and 3 are very important. Most of the problems occur because of the same.

    1. Thanks Aswani glad the post is of use to you this is a great guest post from lara and sometimes we find ourselves in these situation. Thanks for your comment much appreciated.

  2. It is important that the web hosting provider offers some kind of backup option in case the lights go out on any of their servers, and you don’t want that server hosting your website when you have added lots of money and time into development in case this scenario happens.

    1. You are right hosting providers should provide some form of back up but better yet much better security as recently my control panel was hacked and the hacker delete all my files luckily the database was intact.

  3. Hosting is very important for any Internet Marketer.
    I have tried 4 hosting providers so far and finally now using the VPS hosting.

    1. Vps hosting is great as long as you are in a position to support the cost of it i believe because the cost of shared hosting has gone done then the providers are forcing us towards Vps or dedicated hosting.

  4. When it comes to hosting, I learned my lesson a long time ago. I used to have a very popular game site that exceeded the bandwidth each month. Because of that, I was charged an extra $200-$300 per month. Their customer support was outstanding but I could not afford the monthly fees.

    The price of hosting has come down considerably since that time and now I have hosting with unlimited bandwidth and top notch support. I guess it’s a lesson of live and learn. 🙂

    1. Hi Robert we all have these issue with Hosting providers so from my experience the best hosting providers are the ones that your gut feelings tell you to use some of us get better results than others.

  5. A very useful guest post 🙂 choosing the right hosting is very important for webmasters/bloggers.

    I believe that points 2 and 3 are vital as other points are related to them only.Recently i was facing some Disk Space Issues due to some error though i have an unlimited plan but with the timely help from support of my hosting the problem got resolved.

    1. That is good new Shabnam i believe i have a good understanding with my hosting provider but sometimes things goes wrong the problem i believe is that most hosting providers have so much website hosted now that their customer services is really bad.

  6. All of the above are major issues when trying to choose a host. I’ve had a lot of luck with bluehost in the past. Though i don’t know that they would be a good option for people that get a ton of visits or need a lot of bandwidth. They’ve been a great how for my little blog. Great customer support and not billing issues.

    Definitely pay attention to #6 though! Resellers are the worst! You’ll likely end up paying more and getting less. It definitely pays to use a host that is accredited by ICANN.

    1. I never believe in buying from resellers as i am aware of the fact that they are not the direct owner or the webserver it can cause havoc Thanks for your valuable input.

  7. In my experience, the smaller hosting companies work a lot harder for your custom. We used to use one of the biggest hosts in the county but got fed up of getting trampled on by customer “service”. The new company is great, 24/7 they have really knowledgeable humans on hand who can deal with pretty much anything.

    1. I think you are right the smaller host will always give better customer service as with any small business the bigger the company the worse service they give

  8. Hi, this is absolutely true. But, when you talk about hosting and its quality nowdays I must mention that UKION.COM hosting is based on business class HP DL380G6 servers and very fast enterprise class SAS drives, connected with Gigabit net-link for a very best performance! They are very professional and care about each of their customers. I must mention that support team is super super fast in order to help you or answer your questions, unique. With hosting solutions you get exactly what you need: Enterprise class performance, security, flexibility, scalability and low price. Also UKION Web Shop (e-commerce) will enable you to sell products and services over the internet using credit / debit cards and other internet payment methods like PayPal, 2Checkout, etc.


  9. Hi i agree with most of your comments except the reseller one. I am a reseller and I prefer to let someone else deal with the server headaches.
    I look after my customers at a personal level. I monitor the bandwidth closely and allocate more or less bandwidth to balance my loads – so everyone is served.
    Even dedicated hosts rely upon server farms for racks so the reseller arg is really shortsighted. Lots of other issues can effect service. Like a president pulling the plug for example…

    Cheers Ian

  10. Among all 7 reasons regarding odds positions of hosting and providers, it seems that support issues is one of the prominent issue to be solved at time otherwise it effect directly your relationship with customer.

  11. great article thank you!!

    ( I use GrantWebHosting and are very pleased with their services . Cheap Web Hosting Started for $ 2.99/mo , 99.99 % UP Time, 100% Money Back.)

  12. Thanks Lara, you have shared a very important and helpful information. You listed the things that a service provider must do to avoid misunderstanding with clients.

  13. I’d have to recommend WordPress for a long term project. My personal blog is the only one on Blogger. It works but options are a bit limited compared to WordPress themes.

  14. You have shared a very important and helpful information about web hosting. It seems that support issues are one of the major issue to be solved in time otherwise its effect directly your relationship with the customer. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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