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Smartphone’s have revolutionized the world of blogging. In the past, bloggers had to wait until they got in front of a computer or, at the very least, lug around a laptop, in order to update their blogs with the latest news, important articles or just random thoughts and musings. With the rise of smart phones like the BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and a multitude of other Smartphone options, blogging on the go and writing about something as it happens or right away when you think about it, has never been more convenient. After all, you never know when inspiration will strike. Here’s a look at some of the best apps for Blackberry enthusiasts in the blogosphere.

WordPress is a popular site and a valuable resource for blog enthusiasts, offering free blogging with an easy-to-use, friendly interface. WordPress has extended its popular functionality to the handheld world with their WordPress for Blackberry app. With this handy app, BlackBerry-toting WordPress users can update blogs from anywhere. If you’re proofreading on the train, you can edit posts and even moderate comment, too. That’s right, there’s no longer a need to wait to delete spam or objectionable blog comments. The newest version of the app, version 1.5, even changes your home screen icon to tell you how many comments are awaiting moderation.

Users of the world’s other most popular blogging service, Blogger, aren’t left out in the cold either. Though there’s not a true “app” for using Blogger via BlackBerry, the service does allow publishing via email. To set up your Blogger account to allow email publishing, go to the “Email” tab in your Blogger dashboard and configure the “Mail To Blogger” address section. Then you can blog away with you BlackBerry’s familiar email interface. Helpful Tip: to keep you BlackBerry email signature out of the body of the blog post, finish your email with “#end.” Many BlackBerry users are clamouring for a true Blogger app, and one may be coming eventually, but publishing to Blogger by email is a fine alternative for now.

Type pad is available for your BlackBerry and other Smartphone platforms and makes mobile blogging simple. This free client is easy to use and can be configured to connect to Blogger, WordPress or another online blogging service. You can create blog posts, photos, manage blog comments and more easily from this app by developer Six Apart. Type pad uses an email-to-blog interface, but expands the functionality, keeping it on par with WordPress’ useful app, making it perfect for users of Blogger who might want a little more, feature-wise.

Every blogger needs content and information to write about, and one of the best apps for aggregating content is Viigo. Now owned by RIM, the company that produces the BlackBerry handheld, Viigo is a one-stop spot for all your news, sports, entertainment and RSS feeds. As a blogger, you’ll always be updated with information about whatever you’re interested in, on the go, with Viigo. So you’ll never have to worry about your next blog subject.

A guest post by Spencer Hogg who writes for the SIM Only website where you can find and compare Blackberry SIM only plans.


23 thoughts on “Blogging Apps on the Blackberry”
    1. Thanks glad you found the post useful mobile blogging is getting more amd more important and it is great to see that there are lots of apps for bloggers to use with our smartphone

  1. This is going to make blogging easier. And it’s going to help us work when we are waiting for the train, or even the doctor.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment i do hope you enjoy the article and i do hope you enjoy the blog and looking forward to see you around more often.

  2. This is pretty helpful, its interesting that you mention the importance of making sure onces website is mobile compliant. Most people seem to just ignore that, and it’s amazing the amount of traffic that it can drive into your website.

    1. With ever growing mobile use and the invention of Smart Phone more and more people are using them for online access we need to make sure that we as bloggers don’t get left out.

    1. That might happen in the near future but for now we have to make do with what we have Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here.

  3. No blackberry here but anyways, it looks to be very useful. Honestly, I don’t like blogging on mobile devices, find it very uncomfortable. I like doing the same from my laptop. I will recommend the above apps to my friends having blackberry devices. No worries..:)

    1. Hi Aswani i do feel the same way like you about blogging on smartphone my issue with them is that the screen are too small. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here.

  4. Hello, everyone, I am David and I am relatively new to the internet. As you can imagine , I don’t know too much about any of this yet but I am learning. I think that bloggers are some of the most helpful people there are. They are where I get all of my information. Thank You for this great post. I think what I really need is a coach.

    1. David first of all i welcome you in this blog.You unfortunately get the right place for finding useful information.That blogs update great stuff in posts.
      Thanks again for lawmacs

  5. I love this article.
    coz i’m one of those smartphone “smart bloggers”
    i blog with my android WordPress app occasionally!

    1. That is good to know that you are into mobile blogging and with wordpress there are always apps and plugins to make your experience more more comfortable. smart phones are the thing for the future.

  6. Blackberry works well for bloggers. this really ease the lives of every blogger because now there is no need to sit in front of computer or laptop now you can do blogging at every situation

  7. I, myself, have never used one the apps you mention, simply because I’ve never had a smart phone before. But you better believe that if I had one, I’d take full advantage of the WordPress app you mention 🙂 Maybe even buying a BlackBerry just for the WordPress app would be worth it. Seems like a real time saver.

  8. A website should be an extension of your brand and encourage customers to purchase your products, use your services, or stop by your location mobile websites for businesses.

  9. I am new to the blogging thing I’ve created a blog in but I just started sending my updates true my mobile device I tell you its nice to be able to just blog and send with out having to wait and then rewrite the information and send it true most of the time I don’t just to be ownest please check out my blog

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