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Been your own boss is something that needs great planning,dedication and not to mention commitment. So i put the question to you. do you treat your blog like a business?, what is this you may asked?,well look at it this way. Most of us as bloggers are full time bloggers hoping to earn from our blogs, If that is your intention then your blog becomes your business i am sure you don’t want to be spending money paying hosting bills with nothing in return so it is time to take a deep long look at what we want from blogging.

make Your Blog Your Business

making your blog your business is very important to the success of our blogs. In one of my last post i wrote about the “Bloggers Time Table” and many of you agree with me that you have some form of structure in place that helps them to get things done i as particular impress with my good friend Robert of Successful Affiliate marketing with his response. Lets face it to become successful at anything we do in life you need to work hard at it, setting goals and evaluating them then measure the success is what we all do as business or blog owners. 

Taking care of your blog is not an optional task time management is a must do. This is not negotiable we have to do it so we must make time for it. Running a business needs commitment and takes and lots of planning. Every business owner have their marketing team and so we as bloggers need to market our blogs for it to get the most exposure as possible so remember the success of your blog depends on you yes the effort you put into it will pay off. I notice one thing with blogging and most of you will agree with me that if you leave your blog and don’t update it regularly you looses traffic and readers same with any business if you don’t pay much attention to it, it will fail as as the saying goes if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

Now i put the challenge to you to make it a part of your plan to treat your blog just as how you treat your day job, getting to work on time is a prerequisite of keeping your job so simple make the effort find the time for your blog it will pay off. now do you agree with me?, tell me share with me your thoughts and as always leave a comment and feel free to share this post.


16 thoughts on “Treat Your Blog Like A Business”
  1. I agree with you Gary. Make money blogging take a lot of effort and time. You need to works every day to market your product and services, find new customers, and so on. I’m 4 year that I’m writing regularly, and I can attest that isn’t so easy as seem. Only who have a lot of patience and constancy can have success.

    1. That is true i am blogging now for the last four years also and it is only now that i realize and understand the true task of making money online. It takes determination and patience and lot of hard dedicated work to make it.

  2. You are right Gary. If we want to make money from our blog, then the blog is our business and we need to treat it like that. The same amount effort needs o be given to the blog as we would have given to our daily job.
    But for me, I am still not looking to make a lot of money from blogging. At the moment, it is my hobby. But I do treat this hobby seriously.

    1. You got that right sourav We need to treat it seriously if do that later on we will see the reward of the hard work we pu in to it thaanks for you input and i do hope you will see the success of you blog real soon.

  3. Hi Gary, you are asking an important question here. I’m not sure everyone is really as dedicated as you are. Hopefully they will read this and be inspired by your advice. Thanks!

    1. Thanks ileane for your valuable input and the thoughful comment you made here i am honoured to know that i have inspired others and you mentioned the key word there dedication. thanks for stopping by and good luck with your new blog

  4. Great post bro 🙂 Well said that you should treat your blog like a business and like any other business it takes a lot of patience and effort.

    I have been blogging for almost 2 years now ……you need to work every day patiently.

  5. You’ve brought up a very interesting topic Gary.

    You may find this hard to believe but the primary goal of my blog is not making money. I know it may appear that way because of my affiliate advertising but my primary goals are helping others succeed and overcoming the challenges that blogging presents. Any income that I earn is a bonus and it goes towards the expenses of running the blog and promotions.

    However, with that being said, I still treat my blog as a business and take it seriously. I enjoy what I do and if I help just one person, my reward is a great deal of satisfaction.

  6. Excellent post. But definitely not for someone like me. Being into niche-less blogging and with no such financial returns, I am doubtful about the same. This could have been ok if I were a professional blogger or say, a niche blogger. But yes for any professional blogger, if you are really serious with your blogging and have any desire to make it big on a long term basis, you have to treat your blog like business then. You have to create goals for the success of this business and have to make sure that all your efforts are directed towards the achievement of these goals. No business becomes fruitful overnite. It takes a lot of hardwork, smartwork, patience and long term strategies to make it so. The same goes with this blogging. You just have to keep blogging and experiment with money making ideas and related strategies to really turn out your blogging into a profitable business for the future.

  7. A blog should be treated like a business which is especially hard if you already have a full-time job. Trying to find time to juggle work, school (if you are attending), personal life, and also you blog can wear a lot of people down.

    That being said, the above is my very situation. I am learning different ways in which I can use my time effectively though. It is all about time-management.

  8. I agree with you Gary

    As I found out from my long illness you neglect your blog for any amount of time and the walls come tumbling down.

    Time management is of great importance as well, an area I am sad to say I fall short in, but getting better.

    Thanks for the great reminder to kick it up a notch:)

  9. So true and sometimes it is my impression that people or bloggers still do not understand the meaning of this. To me the moment you monetize your blog and get into affiliate marketing or anything that resorts to making money, you have crossed the line of personal to going business. It really does not matter what size it is, you are in business, period. many will disagree with me, but that is my opinion and all the most the importance of treating it as one to ensure that your credibility remains intact.

  10. “If you treat your blog like a hobby you’ll probably only ever make hobby money.” I remember hearing those words a few years back and they struck a chord with me.

    I’ve also worked with quite a few people that spend a lot of time on tasks that they believe are ‘growing’ their business. In actual fact they are spending their time maintaining their business. Example, if you, as the business owner, spend a whole day each week balancing the books then you certainly are not growing your business. You could outsource the mundane tasks or hire someone part time and then spend that new time you’ve injected into your business to focus on growth. This can be applied to blogging also, if you are spending your time making sure your code is pretty and compliant instead of networking and providing great content then no one is going to be visiting your site that ‘all browsers love’.

    Great topic to cover Gary.



  11. Wow, thanks for sharing your perspective. I think I need to reconsider my position in light of your helpful comments.

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