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In one of my recent post i wrote a post titled “Do Bloggers Need A Break” now i am about to share with you what i called the bloggers Time table after being a blogger for quite some time i come to realize that like every thing else in life that we do we need to have a plan in order to succeed now i will share with you this idea which will help us all as bloggers i called it the bloggers time table.
Running a blog full time with other responsibilities is never easy as we bloggers we write posts, comment on other blogs, maintain our blogs and as for some of us we write guest posts for other blogs not to mention keeping updated with our emails and doing status update on all the social networking websites like FaceBook, Twitter and the others.
The big question is do we need a time table?, firstly What is a Time table ?, a simple definition of a Time Table is,  “a schedule listing of things to be done and the times at which they will be done” now looking at that simple meaning i guess that explain the reason why i do believe we need one. As bloggers we need to treat our blog as our business this is very important for the success of our blog it doesn’t pay to go about doing things without a proper plan or routine we need to be organize and arrange things in a systematic way.
Setting time aside to get things done is vital for any business success and our blogs should not be any different, we need to be proactive to is a key factor for success for any blog or business, ask any successful entrepreneur they will tell you that the proactive approach works well and works best.
looking at all the things we do as bloggers like writing post , commenting and blog walking and may be holding down a full time job it is never easy to give the full attention to my blog with out have some form of detail plan as to how i am going to get these done so i check my mails in the morning and late afternoon and write most of my post on Sundays because this is one of the quieter day for me.
What are the benefits of having a time table for yourself ? simple the most important and single factor is Time Management yes you would be arranging every thing you do in such a way that  everything is get done in an orderly fashion nothing gets left behind. Now ask yourself  am i organised or not? if you can honestly say yes then you are on the right track if not stop think start organizing your schedule not don’t get left behind. let share what you do as bloggers and please  fell free to retweet and share you input is valuable please leave your comment.

14 thoughts on “The Bloggers' Time Table”
    1. That is good Shabnam the time you write your post is not an issue the fact is you need to set aside time for everything if you are doing a 9 -5 job you would finish at 5pm we csn do the same with our blog that is the idea of treating it like a buisness

  1. Yet another great post. Time Table for bloggers….well, I haven’t tried it yet. But I think that it does make sense. Believe me…for a blogger like me, it is getting very difficult for me to manage each and everything. And being in a job, to take out some time to blog…really tiring and tough. But somehow..I am able to manage it all still. Instead of preparing time table on papers, I am predeciding it in my mind about what and when next. It is never easy for any blogger to post daily until and unless he or she has nothing much to manage. I was able to do it a year back. But these days..I have reduced my frequency to 2 or max 3 posts/week. And believe me…I am finding it difficult too. Anyways, I will see if I can work on this bloging time table to manage it more better and easier.

    1. it is just about organing the things you have to do in a systematic manager so you can get things done without jumble things glad you found the post useful

  2. I haven’t yet tried any time table or schedule for blogging. When I feel like blogging, I do it, otherwise I do something else like spend some time on Facebook.
    But when I write a post, I concentrate completely on that and forget about social media sites. After that, I concentrate on those sites. Then when I don’t feel like sitting in front of the computer, I go and do something else.

    1. Have some form of timetable is good it can only help us to be more better organised and get things done in a systematic way and it is good to concentrate only on writing post when we are writing.

  3. I really like this topic and you touched on all the important points.
    As for myself, I do many of the things you mention but I call it my “daily routine”. I guess that would qualify as a time table. 🙂 I have got myself to a point where I know exactly what I’m going to do throughout the day. I start early in the morning (usually by 6:00 A.M.) and work in 1 -2 hour increments. I do take breaks throughout the day because I don’t think it’s good to sit in front of a computer screen for very long. By early evening (about 6:00 P.M.) I shut down my computer and leave it for the next day. The evenings are what I call my “me time”. 😉
    Since I am retired from the 9-5 working world, I’m able to accomplish all my tasks during the day. Being older does have it’s advantages. 🙂

    1. Having a “Daily Routine” is just as good or even better than a timetable i am impress Robert you seems to have it perfectly worked out this is how we should operate not spending all day around the computer and yes being older definitely has its advantages.

  4. Great post Gary. I had to really learn on how prioritize my time.
    This was a challenge at the beginning. When I work on my article I tend to minimize the time I spend in emails or social sites

    1. Thanks for your comment prioritizing our time is very important getting things done on time and in a systematic manner is always crucial and this helps up to be better organized.

  5. Thanks for pointing me to this post 🙂 But yes, I already have a time table of sorts. It’s just that my timetable is so overbooked for the next 2 months that I don’t know where all my free time has disappeared, I swear I had some free time, but I have no idea where it is!

  6. I don’t know much English yet im still doing blogging. I like blogging at morning time i’m reading my emails and after that reading posts on other websites it’s giving me good idea to manage blogging.

  7. There is no fixed timetable for me personally, i like to write whenever i feel like to, That’s why i chose blogging as profession in the first place.

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