How To Get Guest Posts Published On A-List Blogs

We all know that it’s essential for bloggers to write for other blogs as well as their own. Some of these other blogs are huge communities, others, not so much. But no matter how low the standards are for the blog you’re writing for, you have to try your best, or you’ll just be another face in the ever-growing crowd called your niche. It’s pretty hard to be a successful guest poster. Sure, every time you guest post, you get a stream of traffic and recognition, but know that the rest of your readers will do nothing more. They’re just looking for content. Not a business, not a blog. But you can change that. By writing awesome guest posts and getting them published on the most popular blogs in your niche, you can actually become one yourself.

First thing’s first. Rejection is something that most guest posters experience often if they go for stricter blogs. Don’t fret, even if you’re writing for a smaller blog. Rejection is actually good in some ways. Consider it a great wake-up slap and an awesome way to improve. Say an A-list blogger says no to you. If you can word your email just right, that same blogger can also personally tell you why. Why your post got rejected and how it can be improved. I think of this as the best opportunity to get writing tips that are targeted at you, so don’t be afraid of hearing the word “no”. Now how do you get a guest post published? For me, it depends on the blog I’m writing for. The process is either the write-and-submit or the pitch method. Here are the basic steps for the write-and-submit method:

  1. Write the article, in my WP panel or the blog’s. (depending on whether or not the blog handles guest posts using the backend)
  2. Email it, or submit it for review. (again depending on the way the blog handles guest posts)
  3. Wait for it to get published.
  4. Done in 4 steps, actually 2. 🙂

This is my favourite method, but there are times where writing your article becomes unacceptable and a waste of time. So here’s the pitch method:

  1. Contact the blog with an some information about the guest post you’re planning to write. Give a brief description and a few main points. Just get your idea across.
  2. If the blog says yes, write the article.
  3. Submit it, and wait for a reply.

One extra step does make a difference, and it shows the blogger you’re writing for that you’re willing to wait a little bit to get a guest post through. The best tip I can give you for writing articles that are worthy of getting published on top blogs is that you shouldn’t be too eager to hit the “send” button on your content. You should be willing to sit on your article for a day or two. I can guarantee that if you do this, you’ll end up improving your article in some way. That’s how to get guest posts published on the top blogs in your niche. Simple, but effective.

14 thoughts on “How To Get Guest Posts Published On A-List Blogs”
  1. Guys This is a guest Post from one of My friend Karan who runs an avid blogger and a internet marketing consultant who advices and search engine optimization feel free to leave your feedback as usual. Please pay his website a viait.

  2. It is better to try writing guest posts for smaller blogs first as it will boost your confidence to write for A-listed blogs.

    A very well written post 🙂 by Karan good for everyone to want to grow their blog by doing guest posts.

    Thanks bro for sharing the post 🙂

  3. Excellent tips Karan.
    Accepting the rejection is a big part, specially for those who get rejected on their first attempt because it can shatter their confidence.
    I agree with Shabnam that we should start with the smaller blogs first to build confidence.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Sourav i appreciate your comment here and the time you take to be of support to lawmacs blog it is much appreciated and you are right Shabnam has made a valid point.

  4. Well, it is one of the top posts I’ve been through in recent times. Guest blogging is getting very common these days. I can see more and more people coming up with this strategy nowadays. One of the reasons why guest blogging is such a great idea is because there is nothing to lose in it. As a guest blogger I am surely going to benefit from the same plus the person who will have this guest post on his/her blog, has to benefit in a number of ways – like quality content, traffic, comments..etc… Now, as per what Karan says…getting rejected from Alisted blogs…I would like to have a better meaning of this A-listed blog. What exactly does it mean? Are you talking about it in terms of content or traffic? Let it be anything…I think getting guest posts approved for A-listed blogs requires that you are a blogger of high quality. You need to have a great deal of blogging experience behind your back. Experienced bloggers are likely to get approved much easier and sooner. Plus one more important thing…before sending the final copy of your guest post for the approval, proof read for any error. Do it for 2-3 times. Once you are done with it then you can send it the concerned person for approval. Have a great start and a compelling end to your guest post. It will make things much easier for you. As a whole, it all comes to the writing skill on the niche you are targeting and it gets better and better with experience.

    1. glad to know that you feel that way about this post Aswani Trafficke is a good friend of mine whom advices me on SEO and has some level of experience and is also a proffesional blogger.

  5. Excellent advice for getting published as a guest blogger.

    I tend to agree with Shabnam about first testing the water with some smaller blogs. This will give a person some practice as well as boost their confidence.

    I also agree with your comment about not being to eager. This is a mistake that I’ve had to deal with and unfortunately I had to reject a few quest posts. It was obvious that the author did not take the time to proof read or spell check any of their work. I don’t feel that it should be the responsibility of the blog owner to make all the grammatical corrections. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    1. Thanks Robert for your input i do hope one day i will have the honour of hosting a post here written by you with all your experience the readers will luve it with out a doubt

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    1. Thanks WebGuide4u for stopping by and contibuting to this debate here and its good to know that you are making an earning from your writing i do hope this is not your last visit here.

      1. will try my best to be a regular reader of your blog. I had to much work seo optimization, content writing, and other freelancing works which stops me from blogging. hope i will get time to interact here

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