Use Templates Or Design Your Own Site?


July 21, 2009

There are some pros and cons to using a template. If your website needs to be unique then a template is most likely not for you. If you need to just jump into the internet world and don’t want to spend a lot of money then a template is perfect! You really need to analyze what you hope to gain by entering the internet game. Really take a look at what you think your customers are going to expect, will they even care if it is a unique site? Some will some won’t. Certainly, if it is a design-oriented site then a template is not an option, you will want something fresh and creative. Do you think that your customers will even spot a template? Many people who own sites don’t want the look and feel of a template as they want to stand out from the pack. If this might be you then skip over the idea of using a template. Use Templates Or Design Your Own Site? – Is it easy to spot a template?

Well if you are a seasoned designer then it will be easy to spot a template. But then today’s templates can be modified so much that what was once a template then becomes a fresh new site. Of course the idea of using a template is to save money and if you’re going to take a template and modify the heck out of it will you really be saving money? It has become much cheaper these days to have a site built from scratch so you will really want to do a cost analysis to decide which will save you more money. Sit down with your designer and see what they have to say. Sometimes it can be more work to modify a template. Also a number of today’s blogs are templates, if not all. The blogs that aren’t templates still kind of look like a template. Obviously the folks who are creating templates are getting their ideas from sites that were started from scratch. Use Templates Or Design Your Own Site? – What about creating a site that is part new design and part template?

Yes, many people do a mix and match of sorts. You can do some of your own design then plug some features in like a shopping cart for example, even using Pay Pal is a way of using a template. Anything that is pre written code or is pre built is a form of a template. With people requesting so many features on sites, it has become very commonplace to use a template. They even have templates for social networking sites these days! There are so many options available but whatever you choose to do look at your customer base first and ask yourself are these the kind of folks that would notice? Will it affect your business or could you save a little money and use it to market and promote? There are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing a template or a completely new design. Sit down with a couple designers and see what they have to say.

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4 thoughts on “Use Templates Or Design Your Own Site?”
  1. Yes. If you are new to web designing then it would be very helpful if you use template for your design. But if you want to make your web design unique, then you should not use same templates for your design. Using templates in your design makes your work a bit easy but you can not get different design for your website. Using both your own design and some part of template in your design is better idea. It will give you the features you want in your design and a good design as well.

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