Why O2 decided to launch Superfast 4G in western countries


June 14, 2012 , , ,

smart phonesThe introduction of superfast cell phone connections will be brought forward in a bigger way by two of the world’s biggest network operator Vodafone and O2 owner Telefonica. They announced that they are joining forces and will introduce the superfast cell phone connections. In this 21st century, technology has accomplished such seemingly unattainable feats and the whole nation is left flabbergasted. And with the rise in demand of smart phones such as Blackberry, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy all of which access the Internet connectivity – cell phone users needs more faster connection than the third generation or 3g that is presently available.

These two big companies will puddle their own infrastructure to manage and run a particular network grid that will showcase the next generation 4G’s power that is being delivered up to two years ahead of Ofcom’s 2017 target, which will permit its customers to download movies and songs at the same speed just like personal PCs or desktop computer.

The deal will also keep the cost down for the operators. Telefonica is presently disposing of assets to trim down the debts. Vodafone UK chief executive, Guy Laurence said,” This partnership will close the digital divide for millions of people across the country and power the next phase of the Smartphone revolution.” He also added that it would give Britain a newer tomorrow.

Ronan Dunne, Telefonica UK chief executive, said: ‘Exceptional customer demand for the mobile internet has challenged the mobile industry to consider innovative solutions to building a nationwide network that will be fit for our customers in the future and support the products and services that will truly make Britain digital.’

The two companies already already have an existing joint partnership company that is known as Cornerstone that covers up to 4000 sites that will maintain complete power over their wireless spectrum and will contend with each other in terms of products as well as services.

British people will be able to get pleasure from an innovative high-speed ‘4G’  network much sooner than it was thought to be. Though, no release day was provided for the latest “next generation” network that is to be launched.

The present model of the iPad holds a 4G aerial, but this is a fact that there are absolutely no national networks to initiate. But, it is yet not apparent whether any United Kingdom network would work with iPads as there are many contending standards for the technology.

This deal will also help Spain’s O2 and Vodafone to rank second as well as third respectively to contend with the leaders in the market.

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The above article is written and edited by Roxie, who is a freelance writer for various blogs and communities related to technology. In her free time she writes articles related to Windows 8 info and Microsoft Office 2010 or anything that is related to them.


3 thoughts on “Why O2 decided to launch Superfast 4G in western countries”
  1. There are more in more devices that can use 4G technology, but unfortunately, the mobile networks are not ready yet to sustain them on a large scale. At this exact moment in time, all over the place you can see advertising of a new mobile phone that has 4G, but nobody says anything about the fact that for now you can’t use the phone to its real capabilities.

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