Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Skydrive

Google DriveWhile there are several different types of online storage styles and websites which offer various storage packages over the years a new revolutionary type of storage has emerged upon the internet file storage scene with a new kind of storage known as cloud storage. There are several different companies which claim that their version of cloud storage is the best. This alone can be enough to confuse anyone who is deciding on what the best offer is, especially if they are new to the whole idea of cloud storage technology. The following are three different kinds of cloud storage technology.

Google Drive

Like any other storage company that has anything to do with cloud storage technology, Google Drive offers the service of file storage as well as the ability to sync those files to any other type of mobile device such as a PDA or cell phone. Although this service is geared towards storing document files rather than media files as well, there is a one gigabyte limit to the file size allowed to upload. This service is a free service which has been around for a few months but has already gained in popularity and is perfect for anyone.


The basic concept of the technology behind the dropbox company is the same as any other company with a single exception to the rule. This exception consists of taking the basis of uploading and storing files and allowing them to be seen on any type of device. This is ideal if something happens to a laptop or any other type of device, all files are still accessible. This particular type of cloud storage system is available on all the well known and used platforms as well as in several different languages. Dropbox offers free as well as paid plans.


Controlled through Microsoft, Skydrive is another cloud storage company that allows users to upload as well as sync files to several different clients and platforms. There is a limited free service that is offered set at seven gigabytes with additional space available at different costs, depending on the required space. It is available for use with the Windows and OSX platforms and file size uploads are limited to 300 megabytes when dropping and dragging files to the web browser and has a two gigabyte limit when using the desktop client. Users can also upload using hotmail and share files.

In conclusion, as it can be seen in the previously stated, the three main cloud storage clients allow users to do a variety of different things with the files they upload on to these types of servers. While there is a different file size limit according to the company specifications, the concept of uploading files to a cloud in order to be accessible to any type of mobile and stand alone device is the main idea. These three previously described companies are not the only ones that provide this type of service. Each company usually offers free and premium accounts.
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Sunny Popali is SEO Director at Tempo Creative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy

0 thoughts on “Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Skydrive”
  1. My favorite one has to be dropbox. I haven’t tried the other two but I have a feeling that they aren’t compatible with linux, which is all I use. Dropbox also works amazing with linux.

  2. Hi there, I have never actually used any of these. I will have to look into them, I take a lot of pictures as I love photography and we have 5 children.

    Enjoyed my visit to your site. Blessings!

  3. My preferred system is DropBox!
    I tried also SygarSync and, but DropBox is fully compatible with iOS applications!

  4. Several different types of online storage style.I really prefer Google Drive as it has the ability to sync those files to any other type of mobile device such as a PDA or cell phone.

  5. I guess that Google is good, because they constantly improve their products. I had downloaded dropbox, which was kind of disturbing, so that I deleted it. I am usind Amazon Webservices, which offers not only cloud storage. Dropbox offers the possibility to exchange big files with others.

  6. Hello Sunny!

    I have use dropbox for online storage styles and websites. But after read your post, I will try Skydrive and Google Drive. I really glad to know about Google Drive. Actually I am not aware about this. Thanks.

  7. Great review. Personally I think it’s all about preference – They are all similar in some way or the other. But due to user preference and trends in the market it has become a widely argumentative discussion when trying to decide which is better – especially amongst professionals. Personally I think Google has got a large financial backing and are most likely to release more and new features – pending on the trends and competitor releases (When someone brings out something new – the other usually aren’t too far behind)

  8. My favourite would also have to be drop box Dropbox. I have also used Skydrive and wasn’t very keen on it. Google Drive I have not yet used. Thanks for the post keep up the good work!

  9. Tried Google drive and DropBox and I prefer DropBox at the moment. I personally feel Google maid a mess integrating Google documents to Google drive. Its very hard to use especially if you have sharing documents with few people.

  10. My favorite is Google Drive and I think this thing is one step more advanced than others. Sorry just my opinion.

  11. I am currently using Dropbox and I am impressed with it but I am also thinking to try Google Drive once, Haven’t heard about skydrive.

  12. Dropbox has been a great asset to my little company, I highly recommend it even over Google Drive. Never heard of ‘Skydrive’ am I the only one??

  13. I heard about skydrive.It is user friendly one.But still now i didn’t used.
    Box is also offering a good service.
    In my point of view better can use Google Drive.It is well known as well as it has the ability to sync the file to another type of mobile device.
    the post is good because it is 3 in one package to know the drive.

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