WordPress What is the fuss about?


September 12, 2010 , ,

The WordPress platform has been a huge success and powers millions of websites and blogs across the globe so what’s the fuss about? WordPress is now a version 3 and since its latest release it has more than 10 million downloads and counting no fuss about the fact that it is without a doubt the world’s most popular platform. WordPress is a full blown content management system built with ease of use with the minimum amount of fuss. There are good platform bloggers to name a few but WordPress far out weight the rest Built with bloggers in mind.

Why is WordPress such a blogging sensation? Well the answer is simple it does what it is supposed to do. I might sounds a bit over excited here, but there are two things about WordPress that  you just can’t ignore its Power and its flexibility and to add to that its ever growing community of developers and that what’s makes us feel compelled to hop on board the band wagon if you have not already on board. Blogging with WordPress lets you get on with writing content and marketing your website the behind operation is taken of. After all you are a blogger not a programmer.

Digging into WordPress 3 users can now enjoy the previously unprecedented freedom and customization. Thanks to custom headers, custom backgrounds, menus and custom posts, whether you are a newbie WordPress user, a developer or seasoned blogger WordPress has made it so easy to create, build and publish a blog in no time with its five minutes installation. WordPress has become not only the best blogging platform but it is now in my views the best content management system adding to its ease of use and flexibility it is free. Free to use with a ship load of free themes and premium templates you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

There are widgets, plug-ins, themes and automatic update available at your finger tips. The fuss gets better version 3.0 brings with it multi-site, multi-blogs support. So what does that means to you the blogger? a single installation is capable of managing multiple blogs from one single admin panel. For those of you running WordPress may have notice that the default theme has disappeared and is now replace by the new and improve Twenty Ten which is very easy to customise.

In Summary what is the fuss about WordPress? It is a full blown content management system very simple, ease of use and very flexible. So get on the band wagon, I have only one regrets and that is I did not start using it sooner. WordPress what is the fuss? No fuss, speak your mind and spread the love.


21 thoughts on “WordPress What is the fuss about?”
  1. WordPress has the power of customization like no other platform, that is for one the top thing I love about it, and there are 100 more! The fact that I can do with wordpress which I can’t with blogger or any other platform is obvious, I just don’t know why some people are stubborn not to realize that. I guess there are some that simply don’t like changes and have a hard time adjusting!

    People, get on the wordpress train, you won’t regret it 🙂

    1. Well said Zarko the things you can do with wordpress is unlimited and now that it is at version 3.0 that goes to show that it has come a long way and you have the best platform and the best theme thesis so yo are well ahead of the pack zarko Thanks for the link love

  2. Definitely WordPress. I switched from blogger to WordPress because of its ability to customize any aspect of my blog, as of the high number of plugin available.

    1. Nicola you are right WordPress lets you a blogger do what you want to do blog and write articles the rest is taken care of.

  3. One of the best moves I ever made was switching from Blogger to WordPress. That was about 18 months ago and I never looked back. 🙂

    WordPress has so many great features and it keeps getting better with each new release. There are countless plug-ins and themes…something for everyone. WordPress gets my highest recommendation!

    1. I am on board with you with that Robert i jump on the band wagon a few months back and now i really realize what i was missing thanks alot for you continued support Robert

    1. Yes Shabnam Wordpess not only Rocks but it is Rocking without a doubt the best blogging platform ever and it keeps getting better.

  4. WordPress Rocks!!!! I completely agree with Zarko “WordPress has the power of customization like no other platform”. Initially i preferred Blogger than any other alternatives. But, I got to know about WordPress, I have switched over to WordPress. It gives bloggers the ultimate feasibility required with the latest tools and platforms.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post. Cheers!!!

    1. Thanks for your comments Web Elements i do hope you will be here to continue supporting the community here and yes wordpress Rocks and still Rocking!!

  5. I do agree that wordpress is the easiest CMS to use out there, and the best thing about WP is that it’s evolving with more site functions, it’s like their aiming to be just like Joomla, but easier than Joomla. Whereas other CMS are downgrading in terms of usability to compete with WP.

    I’m a fan of Joomla, but I use WordPress 🙂

    1. I believe WordPress might just end up been the next Google but this time not search but Web CMS and as you mentioned the evolution of WordPress has been a Revolution second to none.

  6. WordPress is really outstanding. I can think of no better way to describe it!

    It is so easy from out of the box with an incredible amount of great add-ons along the way

    WordPress, as aptly said before…rocks!

    1. You are right here Steve wordpress is arguable the best Content management system available to us as bloggers and it is absolutely free.

  7. Well, I love to blog. And you know it…bro 😉 btw., I know I missed it. I could have started my blog on wordpress but then I fell in love with Google Blogger at first instant. And then rest is history. I could have still migrated to wordpress but then I never thought of doing the same. One of the main reasons for the same was that I was never into professional blogging. Yet people tag me with professional blogging. Don’t know why 🙁
    Anyways, Google Blogger has been wonderful but yes, I agree to what I have been reading and hearing from others…Wordpress is an undoubted leader in blogging platform. It has numerous benefits and one of the best reasons to keep it above blogger is its support for plugins and the SEO advantage. SEO is much more easier in wordpress as comparison to Blogger. This is where blogger fails. Maybe in future…who knows. But for the time being, it looks as if wordpress is on a roll here. This version 3 definitely rocks !! Not sure but maybe I will rethink again on wodpress migration. Better late than never 🙂

    1. Thanks Aswani WordPress is an a roll at the moment and the developers are making it easier andeasier to use blogger is good don’t get me wrong i still have a blogger account but not using it much i prefer wordpress because i can customise it with great ease.

  8. WordPress is cool, its something to rely on and its easy to use. Just a little plugins and pages are ready to go. I’ve been using it around few months ago and it really impress me. 🙂


  9. WordPress nowadays are very much popular than usual. One of the nicest platforms that wordpress have is that having a different plug-ins. Thanks for sharing this one and it really means a lot to me.

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