Your Idea Could Worth Millions


June 14, 2011 , ,

selling your ideaThere are many bloggers who earn a passive income from their blogs and many who don’t, making money for some is easy while for others it is the norm. Let me share with you one simple great way to make a substantial amount of money from the internet and that is having an idea. Strange is it? You all know the effect social media has on our lives, the way it has revolutionise how we use the internet. There are two powerful sites which are a testimony to that and those two are Facebook and Twitter. So do you have an idea?

In the past recent weeks most of you should have notice that Twitter has now snapped up tweet deck and Microsoft has bought Skype both of these sites were born out of an idea just like twitter and Facebook and as for the past owner and founder of Tweet Deck he as now become a millionaire. There are also other Social Networking websites like LinkedIn who has now floated on the stock market giving others the chance to own a piece of the company. Having an idea is great but we need to bring it to reality and take it to the public.

Making Money online can comes in many different form developing an idea is one of the most lucrative ways of doing so as with Tweet Deck founder as shown us that you can turn a simple idea into something big and become very successful, looking back we could take a page from the book of the former owners of YouTube what a success story that is. We should not forget blogs like Huffington Post which was said to be acquired by AOL for a staggering $315,000,000  would you believe that? it just goes to show how far a single idea can go.

There are many more similar stories like these so if you have and idea don’t be afraid to push it you never know it could be the start of something big. An idea can come from any where sometimes it may just be a dream but the main aim should be to get that idea out to the masses and let they help you to brand it. When website like Facebook started it was just a college idea a website design for college student to communicate with each other now today it has become a global brand worth over 50 billion dollars with so much users globally it is a force to reckon with.

So i leave you with this question do you think you have an idea that is worth a million dollars? many of you may answer no but think about it you all owned a blog or a website why brand it? turn it into something big. You may never know you could be the next larry page or Mark Zuckerburg . The moral of the story here is no matter how small your idea seems it can grow into something big. What does your idea worth? Share your thoughts.


41 thoughts on “Your Idea Could Worth Millions”
  1. Hi lawmacs:

    Nice post you have got. With most of the people who are not making money, the problem is they do not know how to sell ? Ideas everyone has you are right. But even if they have a blog they can use the idea and do something with it.

    Make it great for yourself

    Fran A

    1. You are right Fran we can do something with the blog we have any idea we have can be incoporated in our blog and use as a platfrom to spring board from. Your input is much appreciated.

  2. Hi Gary,

    You are so true. Yes the idea can be small or big but what is important is the fact that it might change the way people think and work. Branding definitely comes in to support a great idea.

    However I still feel , in India especially VCs are not mature enough to take risks with new ideas. Sometimes, it really helps if you have an idea and a vc puts their money into it.

    Till that time, I think we have to work on our own.

    1. Venture Capitals do play an important part in the creation of must of these succes but don’t feel down about that part of the region i think any great idea will be bought by VCs from other region so if you got an idea try getting the capitals from elsewhere.

  3. Hi Gary,

    I always kept on wondering on things you have written in this blog post.

    Many ideas come and go in my mind, but to bring them into reality is very difficult. Sometimes it’s due to “if I am capable of making that”, “do I have enough knowledge” and some times “finance”.

    Your post inspires me to start all the unique sites which I had thought about and see how it goes! 🙂


    1. Hi Saksham welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind words and i am glad that this post could inspire you. Let me start by saying if you have and idea about anthing write it down and make time to work on it the main ingredients in any idea is a plan how it is going to work. Thanks for taking he time to add your voice to the debate.

  4. Excellent article. Truly inspiring! An idea can bring in the change and the change can surely change your fortunes as you can make it from the two biggest acquisitions on the web – Tweetdeck by Twitter and Skype by Microsoft. No doubt, Tweetdeck and Skype were quite revolutionary and this particular deal looks very promising in the long run. This was the same case when Microsoft had acquired hotmail, an idea which originated the mind of Sabir Bhatia, an Indian American entrepreneur who had co-founded the Hotmail email service. Hotmail was a unique service of its kind during that period and so, Sabir Bhatia must have been the most fortunate person on this earth when his particular development was sold to Microsoft for a reported sum of $700 million.

    Considering the above examples, I think a lot can be learned from the same. Yes, if we have our ideas then we must keep working on the same. And it is not only about creating or developing something. It can be anything but finally has to be unique, useful and beneficial to those concerned.

    1. Thanks Aswani i totally agree with you and i hope one day you will lead the forefront of you country and put an idea that rocks the internet forward you are knowledgable enough to do it. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Yes it could be a small idea or a large one, but you have to work very hard to monitize your website/blog in order to quit your day job. If they go about it the right way, you’re correct, it can go far.

    1. That is true with any business especially if it is your own it takes haed work and dedication to achieve your goals however small od ideas are they can turn out to be something really big.

    1. Commitment Dedication and the drive to suceed mixed with any idea can bring soccess to our door step Shabnam and as you rightly said a strong conviction those are real ingredients to success.

  6. I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work. I found this post while looking for song lyrics. Thanks for sharing will be sure to follow this blog regularly.

    1. Thanks Golfshop i am happy to know that the discussions here interest you and feel free to browse the archives and subscribe to get future updates as they happen right in your inbox.

    1. I am happy to know that this post is clear and understandable for others i do hope this is not your lats visit and hope to see you around more often. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Something in common with the sites and programs mentioned, they would have all been created with enthusiasm for the product in mind, not potential dollars. They were passionate and created things that were the best and people followed. The key is, whatever you’re going to do, do it well!

    1. Well said Alameda this just goes to show that when we put our mind to good use then the chances of success becomes greater take Google for instance a multi billion dollar company who started lots of project and abondon them. What that shows is that has you rightly said these project was started with passion not for money.

  8. Hi there! I was just reading this wonderful stuff and I was awed with the numbers you showed. My friends just tweeted me this page or post and I was delighted to read how inspiring a small idea can be and if given a chance can really make millions of dollars. I do hope some day I could be like other successful bloggers who make such great income online.

    1. Wow the numbers they are truly inspiring however i strongly believe that when all these projects were started those figures where not even in their mind. Thanks and hats off to your friend for bringing this post to your attention and to you too for making and input by commenting.

  9. Gary, this is easier said than done. Right now I’m making somewhere in the $1/day category. Internet marketing is tough, but right now I’m just starting up, it’s been a month and half so far. Can’t wait to see how much a years worth of progress will be though.

    1. Nothing is easy when it comes to making money online i made my first dollar online after about eighteen months the idea here is to persue your dreams and yes you are right the catergory you are in is very tough but you have keep chipping away at the competition spy on them see what they are doing to making them successful and improve on that.

  10. From small we grow to big. You rightly said anyone can become a famous person. It doesn’t mean only larry page or Mark Zuckerburg. May be he’ll become next Bill Gates. But dedication & sincerity must to achieve success. Another thing is that you should know the path of success. Right path directs you to success. Thanks for sharing millionaire post in a lucid way

    1. That how we should start just like a baby we learn to crawl then we learn to walk we should start small and grow over time and i must say that i agree with you dedication is a key to success

  11. To those earning passive income is inspiring.. It seems it easy to say and done.But if we are motivated and have positive mindset it’s not possible nice post!

    1. So with positive midset, dedication and the will to survive we can make any simple idea becomes something great just look at where Google started in a back yard garage.

  12. For me if you have mind of business i mean everything in your mind always thinking a business That’s worth million….Thanks for new idea…

  13. Sharing your brilliant idea to others is that worth million for me… When I’m start blogging 3 years ago.. I’ve always finding a idea on how to make my blog perfect… And every ideas tips and techniques that I’ve got i shared it to others blogger too… Thanks for the great post…..

  14. Excellent post There are many bloggers. who earn a passive income from their blogs and many who don’t, making money for some is easy while for others it is …

  15. I admired this post… Lawmacs your blog have a right worth ideas million… This is very inspiration blog to us as fellow bloggers…. your brilliant idea in blogging motivating me to continue blogging better…

  16. I found this informative and interesting blog, so I think so it’s very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me. I really thought that blog is spreading its wings rapidly…
    Thanks a lot.

  17. Great post. This post is very helpful those people not making money in online marketing.thanks for sharing this tips.

  18. This could be the start of my success then. You inspires me to be focused. And through this I could make a better plan and inspires me to brainstorm and think more.

  19. Excellent article. Truly inspiring! An idea can bring in the change and the change can surely change your fortunes as you can make it from the two biggest acquisitions on the web – Tweetdeck by Twitter and Skype by Microsoft.

  20. Thanks for the post, with the advent of social media and blogging it has become so much easier to reach people, even from your home. There is plenty to be money to be had out there!

  21. I am earning money from Tweeting on another website I write aricles for. I have to have at least a 6% writing ratio for me to receive more offers.

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