Your Lost Traffic Part 2

As i promised in my last post that i will share with you the second part of the information provided by Sitepronews i found this a very useful piece of information so i decided to share this with you my readers and i do hope you all fin this very benificial to you al read on guys.

5. Analyze which keyword phrases have had a significant decrease in visitors. Now that you’ve filtered out the brand traffic, you should be able to see the keyword phrases that are bringing you the most traffic. If you have lots, you may want to view 100 phrases at a time rather than the default of just 10. Are there lots of keyword phrases that seem to bring far fewer visitors over the last few months as compared to last year at the same time? You may also notice some that are bringing significantly more visitors.

6. Do a quick Google search for the phrases. If you’re not seeing any pages from your site on the first page in Google, it may or may not be a clue (given the fact that everybody sees different search results) but it is definitely a cause to investigate further. If a page from your site does show up fairly high in the líst, it could just be that fewer people are searching for that phrase now as compared to before. Or it could be that your listing isn’t quite what the searcher is looking for based on your title and descriptive snippet. There might also be other results for the keyword phrase that have images or video embedded whereas yours doesn’t. Or there might be local map results showing up that make your result less appealing

7. Review the landing page for the keyword phrase that lost traffic. Is there any obvious reason why it’s not bringing in as many visitors as it used to? Does it even exist anymore? Did it change substantially at some point during the year? Did it get buried deeper into the site architecture for some reason? Is the content duplicated from other pages within your site or contained on other websites? Were there links pointing to it at some point that no longer are? Does the copy read naturally, or are there a few extra instances of the keyword phrase than really makes sense to a person?

8. Review your long-tail traffic. Since the end of April and early May 2010 a few large sites lost a substantial amount of traffic for keyword phrases that brought small numbers of visitors individually, but in aggregate they made up a lot of website traffic. You’ll want to filter your keywords to those that have only a few visitors (even just 1) and see if there are significantly fewer of those than previously. If this is the case, Google has gone on record stating that they’re doing a better job at sending long-tail traffic to more meaningful and relevant pages than they used to. Which means you’ll have to go above and beyond what you’re currently doing if you want to get that long-tail traffic back.

9. Decide if you’re dealing with a search engine penalty. For drastic drops, in the rare cases where it’s not a technical issue, you’re most likely dealing with a penalty. You can check your Google Webmaster Tools account to see if there is a notification of a penalty, but they don’t usually bother to tell you. Still, search engine penalties are much rarer than people think. In fact, most website owners know what they’ve done wrong when they have a search engine penalty. There are some cases, however, where they may have been duped by a less than scrupulous “SEO” company. The penalties I’ve seen seem to occur on sites that have no redeeming value because they have the same products and content that can be found on many other sites (often ones owned by the same company), plus they are deeply entrenched in massive link farms. It’s likely that they are also hosting part of the link farm on their own site in the form of a link directory. If this is what you find, you may be better off to start from scratch rather than trying to salvage the penalized domain.

I hope these steps help you diagnose your loss of traffic. I imagine they will keep you busy for quite some time!

About The Author
Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings and co-founder of SEMNE, has been performing SEO services since 1995. Jill is the host of the High Rankings Advisor newsletter and the High Rankings SEO forum.


12 thoughts on “Your Lost Traffic Part 2”
  1. Awesome post bro 🙂 keywords are very important to rank better in search engine.Google Analytics gives a clear picture regarding keywords and landing page.
    We can analyse the data provided for gaining better traffic.
    Keep posting .

    1. Thanks Shabnam keywords are very important today as it was in the past and using google analytics is very helpful i sometimes analise my analytics report before writing any post just to have some insight into what keywords are bringing in traffic to my blog post.

  2. Great post, I recently I started loosing traffic. I know the main reason for me, it was mostly the lack of commenting and not posting content. But I also noticed my Organic traffic was a little lower. For me it was mixture of keywords on different posts that were not ranking very well. I made some changes, and the traffic is going back up slowly.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write to share your experience with us here at loosing traffic is never a nice feeling however we should never panic but instead try and find the root cause and as you have mentioned not posting can contribute to this. glad to know that you found this helpful and also that your traffic is flowing again.

  3. Determining what causes a loss of traffic takes a little investigation and research but it should be done. Once you do find the cause, necessary corrections can be made to regain the lost traffic.
    There are so many factors to consider but your article did a great job of explaining what to look for.
    Thanks for sharing this useful info.

    1. Thanks Robert as you have mentioned doing research is the key factor here and then making the neccessary adjustment to reverse the trend i am happy that you found the post very helpful and thanks for the wonderful resource you provide over on your blog.

  4. Great stuff as usual. Traffic is surely a concern for the webmasters and the points mentioned above are really useful in understanding the reasons of its downfall. As a blogger, I too have faced this loss in the traffic but I believe I didn’t work for it seriously otherwise it could have been a different story. Anyways, this post has given me a food for thought. I will keep these points in my mind forever.

    1. Thanks Aswani glad to hear that you find these points useful and has some benefit to the community sharing is caring that is what networking is all about thanks to you also for your continued support

  5. Definitely these points are the must for any webmaster i think to analyze the main cause behind it. Penalty by search engine also sometimes push you down the list, the best way to check whether you are penalized or not is to simply search your domain name if it is not coming first than chances are very high that you are penalized.

  6. Great info, and thank you for sharing it, I too have been a victim to traffic loss, however, I believe this is much my fault.  This tips should assist me in getting back on track.  Thanks again for the valuable information

  7. “You may also notice some that are bring­ing sig­nif­i­cantly more visitors” its important to perform such research but not many people think on to do so. good tips here

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