5 Tips that helps you Selecting Effective Font for your Website

One of the most important aspects of a website is the fonts, and even if the majority of webmasters prefer to neglect this aspect, you should know that it is one of the most important. A good webmaster uses several fonts on a single website, but he also makers sure that the fonts are matched one to the other. You will have to keep count of the size of the font, of the general aspect, and also about the originality.

1. How to Choose the Font

–          The dimension

–          The resolution

–          The theme

First, you will have to understand that the dimension of a font is important to determine how easily you will read the text. Second, the dimension of the font depends in the environment. There are two main types of fonts: print and web, and there is a huge difference between them, a difference given by the resolution of the fonts.

2. What Dimension is the Best?

On a PC screen, the default resolution is small, 12 points. This dimension was used since the first Macintosh, in 1983, and it has remained a standard. However, for printing, the resolutions are bigger, and even the cheapest laser printer has 600 dpi, while a performing one could have 2400 – 4800 dpi or even more. The reading dimension is a lot smaller. the standard dimension for printing is 10 points, and many newspapers use the 9 point dimension, or even smaller.

3. What is the Body Text?

The body text is what you are reading right now. As a general definition, the body text is any text under 14 points. Generally, we will find the text blocks somewhere between 9 and 12 points, and the dimension must be chosen considering the font, the exposed environment and the followed purpose. No matter what the situation is, you will have to make sure it is readable.

4. Other General Rules

–          a body text must not be bigger than 16 points

–          the dimension must be the same for the whole text

5. The Display Font

Those are the fonts that are bigger than 14 points, and they are used for titles, subtitles and ads. They are used to capture the attention of the reader, attracting him to read a certain message.

The headline fonts are used with big dimensions, in titles. Generally, 18 points or more are suited. Some sets of fonts have decorative elements, leaving the visibility in the second plan. However, those fonts are only suited for uncommon articles, as you can’t place such a title for a business or for a technical article.

If you have the curiosity to observe the pages that look great, you will probably observe that the title has the biggest dimension, ands then the subtitles have smaller fonts, but with similar properties. The text body is the smallest one, but it has a consistent aspect that is great for reading. Certain keywords and important ideas are underlined, and the bold and italic font is common. This is the most effective kind of format, and you should adopt it for your site also.

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0 thoughts on “5 Tips that helps you Selecting Effective Font for your Website”
  1. Font is also important for website. Effective font makes website effective. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  2. These tips are truly very helpful. Selective an effective font is definitely very important for the site. I like the display font that you have highlighted. It’s necessary. Thanks for the share!!

  3. Those are very important tips. The font size and the appearance of the text in general is very important when it comes to attracting the attention of a person. I personally would never stand a site where I struggle to read the blog pots.

  4. We recently completed our website and it appears that we adhered to the tips you have given. It seems a simple thing, but is also an easy thing to overlook, to have the font conform to the proper scheme and have a nice flow from titles to the text body.

  5. really this post gives useful information for making a better web site for getting more traffic thanks for sharing it

  6. Font may seem like a trivial factor while designing a website but in reality, can have a lot of impact on the website design. The right type of font can have a much larger effect on the visual appearance of your site than you would actually think.

  7. Good article with valuable advice, text is all around us and it is quite rightly pointed out it is overlooked sometimes. Choosing the right font can communicate a particular feel when reading the text, a formal font for business and a more fun font for entertainment.


  8. Font is an essential element in web development. It is important in enhancing the website design. It is also important that you choose a readable fonts for the text of your content.

  9. It is very important that you choose a readable font. Font is a great tool in improving your design but you must consider its function in relaying the message of your website.

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