Steps To Create Your Own Website without Any Professional Help

Few years back, not many people were interested in owning a website. It was considered to be a liability than an asset, due to the time devoted in development and maintenance also, not many people were computer literates. Internet was mostly accessed by a group of professionals and technology masters. However, now more and more people have become familiar to the world of internet and this is an era when 90% of the works worldwide are performed on the internet, whether it is sales, purchase, advertising, watching live events etc.

With so many changes in the past decade in terms of technology and accessibility, building and maintaining a website have become a simple and user-friendly experience. Today, even a non-professional individual wants to have their own website as a medium to reach to masses. However, getting a web design Leicester from a professional web developer can cost a good amount of money. This is the reason that many individuals and small firms resist from getting their own site.

In this article, we will provide you a step by step procedure to help you build your own website, without spending even a penny on professional help. Just follow these steps and see your website up and live in few days.

Steps to Build Your Own Website 

1) Plan Your Website: It is very important to know the purpose for which you want a website. Whether it is for selling your products online, or promotion or you simply want it to be informative. Without knowing the purpose and your target audience you would not be able to make a website at all. For instance: If you want to build a website to promote your talent as a singer, then your website should be music oriented. You can put your own video and audio recordings on the website to showcase your singing skills.

2) Get a Domain Name and Web host: A domain name is basically a unique name through which your audiences will know you. It will be shown at the top of the browser’s address bar in the form of a url, for example: The domain name must be unique since no two websites can have the same name. Make sure that name you choose to address your website, should be easy to spell, pronounce and remember.

Once you get your domain name registered, the next step is to get a web-host. It is a service which allocates space for customers on computer servers. These companies will provide email address, scripts and one click to installs to useful software. You can search for domain name register companies such as go daddy, to get your own domain name. Some companies also provide free domain names with their web-hosting services as a packaged deal.

3) Choose a Web Template: Once you get a domain name and web-host, now is the time to add some web pages online. If you know HTML coding then you can use your skills to develop your own web pages. However, those who do not have any knowledge of HTML can use website builders and other pre-designed templates to create the web pages. You will get a huge variety of free web templates available online that you can customize according to your concept and web design plan.

4) Publish Your Website:

Once you create one or two web pages you can publish them on the internet and see how your web design Leicester look on the website. To publish your website, you need to transfer all the website files from your personal computer to the web-host by using third party FTP software.

0 thoughts on “Steps To Create Your Own Website without Any Professional Help”
  1. Having owned websites for a number of years now, I’m quite comfortable tinkering with CSS which makes it possible to tailor an off-the-peg template to create some individuality.

    It might be worth having a header professionally designed though and it doesn’t need to cost a great deal.

  2. Many people are now creating their own website and it is much cheaper than they think. An expensive web designer is not necessary anymore due to the excellent site building software offered by many web hosts.

  3. We hired one web designer to develop the front end of our site. It was more than enough and we are glad with the results. Having a whole teams of developers and designers would have been a waste of money.

  4. It’s definitely getting easier and easier for people to create their own sites. A lot of hosts have 1 click instals for WordPress (Softaculous and Fantastico are 2 examples) so you can use those and then get a nice theme from WooThemes or similar and set up a really slick looking site yourself.

  5. Creating and hosting a website has become a lot simple with cheaper hostings and themes.

    There are a lot of tutorials available online which will help newbies to make their site running.

  6. Creating a website of own is definitely not a simple work to do. It surely includes some of the important steps which should be followed. Following these steps which has been highlighted here in this post would definitely help in building website of our own. Thanks for this important update, definitely be a great help.

  7. Creating your own website is definitely one of the best decisions you are ever about to make today, most especially now that you have a small business running. To create your own website is easy too. You need not hire an expensive web designer to create a website because you have a lot of options to create one. Website builders and CMS are widely available today at really reasonable rates! Don’t know how to create a graphic design for logos? A graphic designer can be paid from $10-$50 per project. An investment of more or less $500 for a website that gives you a good amount of business afterwards is too small. Think about it.

  8. Hi Gary,

    Yes – Personally , I think planning is an important part and then practise makes perfect. There is almost nothing you can find on Google (and forums) when you need help and advice on your website. If you practise it and play around a bit (make backups!) is the best way to learn for yourself and be able to rely less on others services and advice.

  9. Hello,

    Many cannot afford professional website designing services. As rightly said by Chris, one can make the best use of the tools available on net and start hosting one’s own websites. If the things click well, then one can plan for hiring a professional to host sites with better features and purposes. Planning is very important though for any of the above aspects.

    Thanks a lot for the post,
    Sanjib Saha

  10. Yes I agree with you that planning is important and implementation is make your planning have a good list of contents what you want to write here and apply it in ‘ll working better .

  11. Very Informative article.. tips for creating professional websites are really very helpful for beginners. For Starting any work and for achieving something planning is required with the help of planning you can get a particular to do work properly. I totally agree with your tips your article is really very informative.

  12. Creating a website has become like playing with the web applications.For this one has to make a lot of effort.But thanks to the platforms which provide tutorials to make website easily.It is easy only if you know HTML and CSS.Without knowing this stuff you cannot make it.
    Searching for tutorials will surely help.Check it on W3schools to know better understanding on this.

  13. Creating website by own is very difficult task but if the planning of the website design is perfect the work will be half. Including planning of the website, other three points which are listed here are also very worth.

  14. Gary! great article.Am yet to start my own website.Working for some bloggers now.These post will come very handy when i start my own website some day.Bookmarked.

  15. There are many tools to make your web page. The first is the simple Notepad.) Of course you should learn some tags and styles.

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