7 Tips To Increase Your Domain Authority

7 ways to increase domain authorityWhat is Domain Authority? The best marketing analysis and SEO software provider known as Moz developed a search engine ranking score system that predicts the ranking of a website on SERPs. The domain authority scores from 1-100, the higher is the score the brighter are the chances of getting higher ranks. Moz is a reputable company that offers its services in the form of SEO software and marketing analysis to help you people understand the techniques that could be used to increase your traffic.

In the past, Moz developed an algorithm that helped analyze thousands of websites and gave each one of them a score that was between 1-100. It was their domain authority. The higher is the domain authority that you get from Moz the more efficient and impactful your website is. The calculation of a website ranking depends upon 40 different types of signals.

What Is The Difference Between Domain Authority And Page Authority?

Moz is also responsible for the calculation of page authority which is the ranking system used for the ranking of each page of a website separately.

Page authority plays a vital role in the high ranking of a website as most of the search engines index the pages and not the websites. To rank higher you need to have overall good domain authority but it does not mean that the page authority is less important.

If you are able to write an article that is good enough to attract a heavy amount of links from all the relevant sources it may help increase the page authority. Page authority is temporary so if you start neglecting the page that was once ranked quite high in page authority it might suffer from a decrease in page authority and ultimately you stop ranking for your page that once was ranked high.

How To Increase My Domain Authority?

The world of internet is so ever evolving that each person who owns a website is trying to make every effort to increase his domain authority in order to stay in the market and give tough competition to his competitor. There are 40 different signals that determine the increase or decrease in your domain authority. It is very hard to share all the 40 signals, but the following are some tips that will help you in increasing your domain authority.

Keep Monitoring Your Domain Authority

You should try to monitor your domain authority regularly. If you see your domain authority improving you should check for the high-quality links that your website is getting and try to get more of them, but if you see your domain authority decreasing you should check for the wrong and inferior quality links. If you find weak links you should make every possible effort to remove the irrelevant links and try to get more high-quality links. Checking your domain authority at regular intervals will help you understand what is good and what is bad for the domain authority ranking of your website.

Watch Your Competitors

You can easily beat your competitors if you get knowledge about the things that have been working for them in order to make them succeed. Use some tools to analyze your competitor’s links and see which companies are providing them with high-quality links and try to make a strategy that leads to attracting good links to your domain.

Use Guest Blogging

The latest technique that most of the big brands that are just spreading their wings to fly high are using to spread their word in public is through blog posts. If you are able to post high-quality posts to the websites that have a lot of traffic visiting them all the time it is very beneficial for increasing your domain authority, but it last as long as you get the good links to your own website.

In the recent past, some of the critics called blogging as the waste of time for the betterment of domain authority.in fact, there is no end to the benefits one can get from blogging, provided the content that is written in the blog is relevant to your industry.

As far as Google is concerned it is always in search of high quality relevant content , in fact if a well written relevant blog is submitted to a website that has heavy traffic it does not benefit only for getting good links to your website it even acts as business promotion and the chances of your website getting high traffic.

Choose A Reliable Site For Posting The Blogs

When trying to gain high ranks in domain authority through the blog posts you should try to post on, the websites that are recognized and are respected all over the world. These websites do not only have millions of visitors they even have the high ranks in domain authority.

Try Linking Deep

In order to get high ranks in domain authority, one move that you can make is to have a close look at the inner pages of your website. you should get your webpages built by SEO experts who know how to use the targeted keywords in the best possible way.

You should avoid repetition in the use of keywords and the best way to do is to use the same keywords in different possible arrangements. Make sure that the phrases that you use for the linking have exactly the same keywords as well as links of anchor text joint with them.

You should try to make every possible effort to get maximum of external links from different reputable websites, a soon as the links get in the perfect arrangement you can check them if they are fully functional.

Creating Ample Amount Of Linkable Content

In this step, you have to create high-quality articles that are relevant to the main issue and post them in your blog.

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  1. Hello,

    This blog is so useful, as DA hold very much importance,
    got to learn so many new things from this blog.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing article.

  2. hello sir
    first thank you for sharing a good artical and main things is thats DA is very important for website finally i find the best thing in here thank u for sharing keep it up good work

  3. DA certainly helps in getting top of the SERP but at the same time quality content is what Google is more focused on. SEO isn’t monolothic in nature, there are so many criteria to consider to make the blog successful. I like the information you have provided and wish to read a little more of what you have to share.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great article! Very informative and helpful in tips moving forward. I currently use Moz and monitor it regularly, do you have any suggestions for reliable and strong backlinks? Thanks

  5. Great ideas!
    Guest posting has helped me not just getting backlinks but some targeted traffic as well. Another quick way I use to boost my DA is going to ubersuggest, finding keywords for which I am ranking #2, #, #4… then going back to my article and adding more content with those keywords. This works two ways-
    1- Invite Google to recheck my page with updates content. Google like fresh content.
    2- Google like in-depth articles

  6. This article is very very useful. Thank you for sharing. It is hard to increase domain authority, but with the right implementation based on this article, it will increase momentarily. Very well presented!

  7. Hey, I want to let you know, i have copied some points for making notes and then will start working on our website, I really appreciate your efforts. Have a good day

  8. Neat blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog stand out. Please let me know where you got your theme. Cheers|

  9. Increasing domain authority has been hard for me but I would also recommend posting on general site. For example medium, pinterest, and linkedin. This has been by strategy for my online bookkeeping business in Canada and it seems to be working. Thanks for the great points.

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