Best Digital strategy since arrival of COVID 19


October 31, 2020 ,

digital strategyA new digital strategy is the starting point for more than half of companies today. We are facing a new reality that has come to stay: the crisis derived from the coronavirus is transforming the world and the way we live in it. The concern of companies for not knowing how to cope with the scenarios that surround them is their biggest problem today. Therefore, the demand to carry out a new digital strategy at the moment is impressive.

The branding has therefore been one of the main protagonists of the crisis because we have seen businesses that have been redesigned from scratch and completely, businesses have focused their branding strategy otherwise businesses that have opted for the networks as channels online and businesses with updated purchase models.
Business after the Covid has reinvented itself and has been transforming its behavior today:
How do consumer changes affect brands?

It is true that companies have had to adapt at a very rapid pace to the new digital age. Brands have been suddenly plunged into an exceptional situation, which has caused them to lose many positions with their customers. This is due to not being well positioned in the digital world since the vast majority of consumers expected the support of their favorite brands. Also that they reported on the security measures they were carrying out, and this never happened.

Therefore, the way in which they are reacting now, after a few months of the great impact, will be the perception they have of your company in the future. The online business environment has evolved and has led to changes that must be taken into account:

• Digitization of stores: e-commerce.
• Redefinition of communication channels such as the use of social networks, blogs, SEO, SEM …
• Consolidation of online channels.
These points will make your digital strategy look renewed and ready to make the leap towards your brand’s digital channels.

Branding strategy after the covid

A digital strategy begins with a branding strategy. This is more than choosing a name, designing a logo, and choosing corporate colors. To properly communicate the brand you have to know that no action is the best, it all depends on the objective you want to achieve, the type of company it is, and the audience you are targeting.
Users have a certain weakness with those brands that share a series of values and purposes with them. It is essential to always represent the philosophy of the company to generate trust and cause a positive impact on future clients.

Connecting with the customer will always have multiple long-term benefits, whether it is continuing to purchase products or services, recommending the brand to more people, sharing the website, etc. If we think about what really interests them and find the connection point between the company and client, we can begin to define a strategy

ADS strategy

Companies are unaware of how they can use technology to automate lead capture and digitize their entire sales process. In fact, many of today’s companies do not work with a CRM (customer relationship).
The vast majority of businesses have already realized the shocking movement of the Internet. That is why they are betting on investing in online advertising which would be immersed in the digital strategy of which we speak, carrying out for example advertising campaigns on social networks or on Google.

Digital Strategy

Advertising campaigns on Google and social networks are highly effective because they are aimed at the interests of your potential customers. In addition, they have a segmentation with a high probability of reach.
Specifically, on Facebook, there are several types of ads that you can implement depending on the objective you have in your business and the most interesting thing is that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns thanks to their metrics: clicks, interactions, conversions, sales, etc.

Tips to deal with the crisis
For any business, it is important to face the crisis with the greatest possible preparation. Within a digital strategy, the current situation in which the company finds itself must be analyzed:
Companies that already had an online presence before the covid have not been so affected by this situation. They must still:

• Strengthen email marketing campaigns.
• Continue advertising on social media with ADS campaigns.
• Join new fashion networks like Tik Tok.

Companies that have online activity but continue to bet more on the offline activity of their business are advised:
• Create campaigns on social networks to generate visits to your website.
• Create campaigns to attract potential customers to renew and expand sales possibilities.
Companies that did not believe in the importance of having a presence on the internet have suffered in terms of sales since they did not have any online sales channel through which to continue billing. In this case, the best is:

• Create a company page on social networks so that you can promote your business.
• In addition to asking for professional help if you have never experienced in the digital world.
The digital world gives visibility to your business, it is a fact proven with millions of statistics. Analyzing your digital strategy and adapting it to the new reality we are experiencing will only generate more opportunities for your business, an increase in potential customers, and better results in advertising campaigns.


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  2. Impressive post by you… Covid – 19 really changed everyone’s concept about business and digital strategy will be helpful in this matter and your tips are really helpful.

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