How is the COVID-19 Pandemic affecting your blog?


April 28, 2020 ,

COVID-19As countries all over the world take action to avoid the spread of COVID-19, this pandemic would obviously have far-reaching consequences on both public health and severe economic consequences. As always, individuals without sufficient safety lines are disadvantaged and oppressed most vulnerable. Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. It’s an important time with many unknowns, and while we don’t have all the answers, we want to share what we know and give our customers and other small companies advice which can improve their business.

This pandemic affects public health and impacts the economy as well. According to Google, “search interests for coronavirus have risen by + 260 percent worldwide since the 1st week of February.” While search spikes are normal in events of this magnitude, there have been traffic increases in products and topics for the pandemic as a direct response.

The question about just about every SEO now is: “How are blogs are affected by coronavirus? “Here isn’t a surprise. Since search represents human behavior, COVID-19 has a different impact on each industry. The response is, as always, “it depends.”

Electronic shopping sites selling the same items are, for example, likely to be facing a massive rise in traffic just as people shape lines outside food stores.

How online businesses are being affected?

Since people look to the social distance to slow the spread of the pandemic, brick and mortar shopping naturally declined. This would seem to mean that online shopping is likely to rise as customers go to eCommerce to buy things that they might not have bought in person.

Had this prediction managed to win? In fact, the sales of e-commerce are not higher in general, despite major upturns in some industries. This particularly applies to online domestic goods and foodstuff sellers. During the same time last year, the largest online retailer of China reported quadrupled sales of traditional household staples. An Engine survey found that people invest 10-30% more online on average.

How Blog is getting affected by this current COVID-19 Pandemic?

Being Quarantined at homes during world lockdown is having great effects on online platforms.  Even in this severe pandemic situation, online blogs and websites are earning relatively more. This is because people have no choice now, they are just laying in their cozy bed and surfing the internet. Different people have different interests and they are heading up towards different blogs to get more knowledge and information or learn something new of their interest.

Whether your blog is explaining the current pandemic situation or you are owning a fashion blog, or you are having a food blog, you’ll probably get a lot more traffic these days on your blog.

Let’s find out changes in different blog categories during this pandemic:

  • Changed Online Shopping Behaviors

As the COVID-19 news spread and the World Health Organization officially announced a pandemic, people responded by stocking up. They purchased medical supplies such as toilet paper and milk, hand sanitizers and masks, and basic household products. Both brick and mortar retailers and online shops struggled to keep demand up, and supply prices rose sharply. People respond in different ways to crises. In the face of an unpredictable, risky situation that we have no control over, we continue to want to believe like we have control.

All the while data indicate that buying patterns shift because of generational differences, we also see gender-based variations. Although survey data indicates that women tend to be more concerned about the implications of COVID-19, men tend to be more concerned about their shopping behavior. One-third of men reported the pandemic that affects how much they spend on goods compared with 25 percent of women. Moreover, 36 percent of men reported having an effect on the amount they spend (travel, restaurants, entertainment, etc.) on experiences compared to 28 percent of women.

Men also shopped online and had more encounters than women did in shops. This involves the use of in-store experiences such as BOPIS (online purchase, pick-up in-store), curb pick-up, and delivery services.

  • How food Blogs are affected?

COVID-19 extends through developing countries. Many countries with low and middle incomes register increasingly numerous cases and implement tight lock-down regulations that affect all facets of the economy. In developing countries how will COVID-19 affect food chaining?

People are trying to order online than before but due to lockdown, the food chains have almost shut up their online delivering services.

The evidence indicates that the impacts are common but unequal. Food could be the worst possible spared, and SMEs may face major problems in urban areas. Governments would need to adopt strategies to counter these multiple effects to avoid disturbances in the supply chain, higher food prices, and serious economic implications for millions of workers.

  • Role of Social Media

As COVID-19 spreads across the world, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter that had not or had barely any in the course of previous major outbreaks foster substantial discussions about the virus while also allowing hysteria and disinformation to propagate. In addition, the unparalleled amount of real-time knowledge can also help us make good choices, but can also make us nervous about what is to come, say experts.

Since the pandemic started, Facebook has been in the spotlight along with its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The Site has introduced close measures for the 2.5 billion users who regularly use the social network, in order to counter misinformation.

More national partners are constantly being made to assist with global fact-checking. Users are also encouraged to report suspicious messages to help. In addition to these steps, Facebook prioritizes newsfeeds to encourage more reliable outlets such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

Bottom Line

We have discussed so far the effects of the current Covid-19 Pandemic situation have not only changed people’s living behaviors but also their searching patterns as well. The way people are heading towards online platforms like blogs, social media platforms, social websites to get more of their interest can be seen clearly.

If we talk about blogs, in my opinion, blogs are being affected in a positive way as they are getting more traffic than before. The information or infotainment they are providing to people is obviously getting more attention from people. So we can say that blogs are in a much better place now!


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  1. Covid-19 affected many industries but food bloggers get more traffic in this lockdown. Most of the peoples are searching on google to make new dish at home.

  2. Great Content Bro Thanks For This. You are trying to do some best of peoples. I will share the contents with my friends. Once again thank you so much.

  3. The blogs are really appreciable and one can trust the knowledge and information provided in the writing. The article you do produce on a weekly base really the best.

  4. Covid 19 actually didn’t affected my blogs much, rather I got a 20% increase in traffic. That’s because more People are staying in home and searching things.

  5. all the fields are impacted, so the 90% niches are impacted. however the receipie/food shows a boom, people are sitting at home started trying for new inventions with food

  6. I can’t say it has affected my blog.. It actually worked better, but to be honest, the books/libraries industry was expected to work better during this crisis..
    Thanks for the post! Very well structured!

  7. Incredible Content Bro Thanks For This. You are attempting to do some best of people groups. I will impart the substance to my companions. By and by thank you to such an extent.

  8. Tbh Covid 19 has really affected my blog positively Cos everyone’s at home, on their computer or on their phones. Thanks for sharing this tho.

  9. Covid-19 will change the world as we know it, it will affect all aspect of our daily live how we meet, how we shop, how we go outside everything, On the positive side human species can adopt to this new world very well.

  10. It turns out that what I have been looking for so far is in this paper, I am very happy to find several articles on this blog, I am interested in your sentence above, very opinion building in my opinion, why? because you wrote it in language that is easy to understand.. thanks, very good

  11. Hi buddy,
    Great, Seriously This post was damn awesome, One thing that strikes me the most is your style of writing… Whoa, you explain kinds of stuff so elegantly, I could understand the concept behind this very well just by reading it once.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article, I definitely will share it on social media platforms.

  12. Hi admin,
    We all know COVID-19 pandemic has affected us very badly, many people are jobless, many have lost hope to bounce back in the business, but those businesses which are in running state has only one issue with them, the major issue they are facing is the problem of GST registration & filing, so to solve this problem I am using services of a company, they are providing me sufficient services, I hope it will also work for you and your business.

  13. Covid19 has certainly impacted bloggers and their SERP rankings, anyone with a genuine piece of researched content are ranking high which would have never been happened. Thanks for this informational post.

  14. COVID-19 has had a big affect on my blog. I find being at home all the time results in me being less motivated to actually write content and my number of posts per month has dropped quite significantly. I think it also hampers creativity as quite often I get blog ideas just going out and about in my town but being locked down means that I don’t have this opportunity..

  15. I have noticed an initial surge in traffic in March and April, but things are evening out now. However, it is clear that more consumers are shopping online exclusively and my ads performance has increased significantly.

    I am hopping that this trend continues during the holiday season!

    Thanks for posting this article!

  16. Hello,
    This was an amazing content. I agree with you that the covid-19 pandemic has affected the bloggers too and a lot of misinformation are spreading through the social platforms like facebook or twitter now people would be aware in choosing the content they tend to read. For this reason our content must be unique for people to have attention. I would like to hear more from you on how to compete with other marketing bloggers as e-commerce has increased during the pandemic.

  17. I read your article Agree with you, Covid 19 has affected every other thing. It is affecting bloggers’ life too.Yes we all pray this to end soon and everthing to get normal.Great article.keep sharing.

  18. Incredible Content Bro Thanks For This. You are attempting to do some best of people groups. I will impart the substance to my companions. By and by thank you to such an extent. keep it up

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