No 1 Top Web design Technology Trends


December 2, 2020

technologyAcquainting yourself with the latest Web design technology trends in the industry you work in is one of every professional’s basic requirements. Staying outdated now only threatens your job but hinders the prospects of a better future for the rest of your career. Henceforth, not only every mainstream organization but freelancers also try to equip themselves with the current relevant fashions.

In this 2-minute read, we are about to take some wraps off on top Web design technology trends of 2020 every designer must know. So, let’s start unpacking!

1- Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

Technological advancement has undoubtedly evolved our individual and social lives altogether, but everything comes with its due price. And the upshot of rapidly growing tech is the loopholes in cybersecurity. Preventing your business from a cyber-attack or any malpractice is the biggest concern of every big-scale company now. This is why they hire teams with relevant exposure in the field who spend hours protecting the system from any kind of attack.

According to Statistics, businesses are likely to spend $2.5b on cybersecurity protocols around 2025. And the rapidly adopted way to diffuse any threat is through the help of robots. Moreover, AI detects the danger before the damage is done, whereas humans can do it only after the entire system is on the verge of a breakdown.

2- Voice Optimization for Search

After successfully launching voice support systems like Siri and Alexa, voice control’s popularity is growing fast over time. Given the convenience and comfort, more and more users are likely to switch to voice commands than texts.

It will not be wrong to say that soon, companies will move to voice search optimization. New tools and technological trends will be introduced in the tech industry market that will be able to recognize each user’s voice. And hence, a new kind of marketing is on its way to emerge in this field. The companies will hunt for web designers who have the right set of skills in this genre.

3. Technology

Although it’s not a newly established fashion as it’s been in the market for a couple of years now. However, it seems like Python is winning the competition amongst all the web languages. The reason is, unlike JavaScript, it has a diverse range of purposes. From programming to data analysis in cloud and social media platforms, Python is the new normal. So, every web designer must familiarize themselves with this language.  According to a source, a visible increase is witnessed in Python’s scope in the next year.

4. Push Messages

Many big-scale companies are already using Push Messages/Notifications as a new, smart tactic to keep their users engaged and strengthen the connection. The primary idea is, you can update the user with the latest news from your company without the user opening the website. The message will directly pop-up on their screens and alert them.

Nevertheless, Push Notifications are to be used with care and caution as they can annoy people. Only thoughtfully selecting and crafting the message after a thorough inspection can lure them.

5. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is also one of the thriving solutions for all of the data and security problems of websites. Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft are already utilizing cloud computing. Cloud computing users can now download apps without making it a burden on their device’s internal memory. There are many benefits to using this technology, and a few of them are enlisted below.

a) Protection of data:

One does not need to be scared about losing their data anymore since you have a massive backup in your cloud now. You can purchase as much storage as you want without fearing low-speed now.

b)  Accessibility & Mobility:

No matter where you move your website or office, you don’t need to worry about doing something to carry it with you. With cloud computing technology, you now have easy access to your files anytime in any part of the world.

c)  Cost-effective

Surprisingly, cloud computing technology is relatively cost-effective compared to other tools to perform all of the functions mentioned above. Moreover, the installation of such resources is also a pretty demanding job.

So, all in all, a web developer must be aware of all the discussed trends of 2020 to land a job in such a competitive industry.


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  2. No matter where you move your website or office, you don’t need to worry about doing something to carry it with you. With cloud computing technology, you now have easy access to your files anytime in any part of the world. Love this quote.

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