Rebranding Vs. Redesigning your blog


March 31, 2019 ,

rebranding vs redesigningThere was a time when life used to give several chances to the people to become successful in their life, but not in the modern world of today. There is so much competition in the world that people are busy in proving their worth. Many times we start thinking whether rebranding or redesigning is best for our blogs when facing such situations in which they experience a standstill type of state in which they are neither attracting more readers nor losing the old ones. They do have a brand but not the level of recognition that could take the blogs to the level of growth that is necessary for achieving success in the online world. The question which is better rebranding or redesigning?.

It is the time when the blog admins start thinking of the steps that could help them attract more and more traffic and participants. A few bloggers take the decision of rebranding their blogs and the other think of redesigning in order to take a place in top ranks. For a better understanding of the rebranding vs. redesigning, we first have to understand the needs of both these strategies and the effect that these two can have on your blog.

Signs Of Need To Rebranding

The brand of your blog actually is the experience that your present readers and temporary visitors have with your blog. It is one of the main properties of a good blog that it clearly communicates about the blog and how it is used for communication and understanding of different matters, and this task is done in such a way that no confusion remains in the minds of the readers as well as the contributors. A good brand has the ability to make a strong relationship of trust with the masses. It is a fact that it takes a long time for a brand to evolve so the blogs sometimes need to rebrand for rapid growth and a well- deserved recognition.

Rebranding To Differentiate From Competition

One of the major reasons for the rebranding of a blog is to stand-out among the rest of the blogs of the same genre. In fact, the internet is full of such blogs that are alike and offer almost the same topics for discussions and share important knowledge about. In order to stand out among the other blog websites, you need to use a unique and original name as your new brand so that more and more people could get attracted towards you.

Break The Monotony

In the present era, the people’s span of concentration has decreased to an alarming extent. They tend to get bored of the same setup and need some change to keep their interest in a task so rebranding your blog can help in this regard too.

Replace Outdated Branding

It is a fact that there are some words that seem to be trendy and are used very commonly by everybody for some time and then other words replace them. Same is the case with the names of your blogs if you feel that the visitors or readers to your blog are losing their interest in it just try to make some change in the brand name of your blog and you will notice the difference in no time at all.

To Reach New Demographics

There are times when as a blog admin you start feeling that the people who read your blog or the ones who contribute to your blog belong to a certain part of the world. they belong to a certain class of people from some specific backgrounds like those from developed countries only or those from developing countries only or just the people from underdeveloped countries are interested in your blog. Now, it’s time for you to rebrand in order to attract more people from all over the world and not from a small area.

To Change The Existing Image Of A Blog

Sometimes when you start a blog it works perfectly fine and you feel proud of hosting a good informational blog. With the passage of time, you see that the topics being discussed on your blog are the same and there is no remarkable change. You feel that there is a slight decrease in the number of your readers; it seems that the image of your blog is that of a one with information that is not enough to satisfy the others. You should try to rebrand your blog to change your bad image and refresh it with a new unique brand of your own.

Redesigning Of A Blog

There are some people out there who say that looks do not matter where there is a lot of authentic information for you but for millions of people across the globe it is simply not true. If your blog webpage or your blog website seems to be outdated and is not expertly organized thousands of people are sure to switch to some other blogs. So, in order to stay on the internet and stay there for a long time, there are many changes that you can make in your blog page or site to keep it attractive enough for the young bloggers to visit and join.

Redesigning According To Rebranding

There are times when bloggers change the name of their blog to some new and unique name but when the bloggers open the links they land on the same boring and dull page. It confuses them and they are more likely to leave the page without any action. To avoid losing your bloggers it is the best option to change with time and the change should be a positive one.

Match The Pace Of The World

The world of internet is ever changing and a thing that is launched today becomes a thing of the past by tonight so in order to match the new blogging pages and websites, you have to redesign your website at regular intervals.

Re-branding Vs. Redesigning

Rebranding and redesigning both the strategies have to go hand in hand to stay in the online world for a long time. A new brand should have a new look and a new looking blogging website should have a new and unique name, both rebranding and redesigning go hand in hand. If a rebranded website has all the old stuff to offer than the rebranding is of the new users. And if the newly designed website has the old unrecognized brand no the chance of traffic increase is very low.

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  1. This was an interesting post that provided depth into why rebranding and redesigning is so important, and how you can’t have one without the other. Thanks for the insight

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