An Overview of Googles MP3 Store and Storage


June 19, 2012 ,

Google MpGoogle has jumped into the shallow waters of the mp3 retail market, along with other internet behemoth’s Apple (iTunes) and Amazon (the Amazon mp3 Store.) Once upon a time, Apple had full ownership of essentially the entire mp3 retail business, but now they are getting some long overdue competition, and in the process have lost some of their marketshare to both Google and Amazon. But, either way, it seems like there is more than enough money to go around, and all the companies will be fine sharing the pie anyway. In the end the mp3 market has been hurt just as much as the record labels by illegal downloads and theft of music from pirate sites on the internet. Created in 2011, Google Music is the newest addition, as Amazon joined the mp3 market in 2007. The verdict is still out on Google Music because it is so new, but reviews have been generally favorable.

What makes Google Music different?

This is an interesting question because whenever a company like Google comes into a market place after it has been well established by competitors, they do have to bring something new to the game, or they will fail. In Amazon’s example, they went with Digital Rights Management-free mp3’s, which means they can be played on any device. It was a bold move for Amazon, but has seemed to pay off fairly well so far. For one thing, Google is going directly for the Android market, which it is competing with Amazon for. Mp3 players have seemed to lessen in popularity as more and more people just opt to listen to their music on their smartphone, instead of carrying around another piece of machinery with them everywhere that they go.

Anything else?

Well, since Google Music is so new, they do not have as extensive of a music library as the other competitors (Amazon and Apple being the largest.) But, their library does get bigger and bigger each year and will likely catch up with the big boys over at Apple and Amazon. One cool thing is that Google Music will offer artists and song suggestions based on an analysis of your song library and the tastes of your friends on the Google+ social media site, which is fully integrated with the Google Music store, by the way.

The storage locker

Google also offers online storage space for songs and other documents that is gigantic. For initial users in the United States, Google would allow people to store up to 20,000 songs in the online locker for free. Now, that is stepping up the retail music game, and most people have responded very favorably to Google’s decision, and hope that other music retailers will follow suit and open the floodgates to cloud storage of music and other items. Google has also managed to make the cloud storage system very easy to manage and even easier to organize, as it does all the work for you.

James is a freelance writer and content contributor. He still uses the media player classic download instead of those newfangled streaming services. He keeps it old school like that.

15 thoughts on “An Overview of Googles MP3 Store and Storage”
  1. Hi lawmacs, I’ve read you article & I believable when a company like Google introduce some new it will not require any extra marketing 🙂 & within very short period of time they will hit their every competitors I think.

  2. Google is entering to all the areas and it covers their marketing share overs the previous markets. Google is trying to stay as a giant in Search Engine market Share and it spreading to all areas. It’s really good to hear this Google enters to this MP3 store.

  3. Very informative post you share here. I usually use Google docs to store data online. Google provide many new features. I appreciate your post, you share information with us.

  4. yaa google really helps us from finding various data and your post is also really impressive and nice. thanks for sharing this information with us.

  5. Downloading music was okay but that free music locker facility is indeed impressive and at least i am falling for it. Thanks for your informative post.

  6. Competition is always welcome in any domain and the ones that benefit from it are us, the consumers. So, welcome Google to the mp3 market, I am sure it will be a fierce competitor for iTunes and Amazon.

  7. Good to hear that Google is now entering to MP3 store.I haven’t try it downloading it but I’ll find time to download it asap..Thanks for the info.

  8. There are certainly a lot of tactics out there to creative, informative, and especially eye-catching posts.

  9. I do agree – If you love android or own an android device you will most likely love Google and their cloud of MP3’s. Though in my person opinion – they should have offered it across more devices -like Amazon did. This from a user’s point of view won’t bind you to use a specific device and when upgrading to a better device be locked on only one type of device (android in question).

  10. Google Music is offering to save upto 20,000 songs for free to US people, I hope they would soon launch this service in India as well.

  11. Hey

    Thanks for this post. I was unaware about it. Google is a big giant and is surely capitalizing on its image. It is sue to give a tough competition and I am sure a lot will come out of it for the music lovers. Free music locker facility looks alluring.

  12. I think! the Google with it’s name only will hit the web! because it is a such a company which makes awesome products! for their Usersss…

  13. This news is very exciting for me. Google is really a great company with great interest in almost all fields. Perhaps in the next years we can not live without encountering the Google’s products

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