Top Five Social Networks for People Looking to Lose Weight and Fitness Enthusiasts

Those have been to gym at any stage of their life must be aware of the importance of a partner, in fact many have failed to start an exercise routine just because they weren’t able to find a partner, because no matter how keen you are about getting the perfectly toned up body, doing the raps can be quite boring (except for the lucky few who enjoy pumping iron). And while staying physically fit is a desire many share, it is quite rare to have someone from your close friend’s circlethat’s willing to join the gym or get on the running track at the same time that suits you.

But here’s when Internet and social networks can come handy, making it possible to find someone from the neighborhood who shares the same enthusiasm for the fitness and exercise. Not only, you can find a partner to join you in gym, but these online communities can go a long way in helping you with your exercise and nutrition predicaments, since a majority of fitness freaks are quite cooperative, in fact I have never seen veterans from any other field sharing their expertise and knowledge so openly as the experts of this domain. There are some premium communities like Weight Watchers or 24 hour fitness, but following are the top five fitness and weight loss communities for the fitness freaks.


Fitocracy is actually an interesting way of keeping track of your progress related to fitness, and the element of competing with others can provide the much needed motivation to keep you on track. There’s a point system in place, and you can earn points for various accomplishments, and there will be some challenges coming your way every now and then. Not only that, but you have got levels, quests, and the like, oh and you can become a hero as well, of course you will have to do some heroics for that. The only downside is that you will have to get an invite in order to join, since registration is not open for public, but maybe you can join and get active at some of their social network profiles and earn an invite, or send an email asking for one (that is what they recommend at their FAQ page).

Fitness Singles:

That sounds like a dating website, and it is a dating website, but with a nice twist. As the name suggest, fitness single lets you find your perfect match having the similar passion towards the fitness, game,or exercise of your liking. Try signing up at this network, and you will end up finding your exercise partner to a life partner, depending on your luck. There are separate categories for everything including body building, martial arts, aerobics, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting, and the likes. You can sign up for free but you will need to have premium membership to avail all features at this portal.

Extra Pounds:

A social network meant for people looking to lose weight, with a variety of diet blogs, food diaries, support groups, weight trackers, and body logs. Signing up is free and the community has more than 58,000 members at the moment. Being overweight is a serious problem, and it takes quite some motivation to carry on with your exercise and diet routine, and having such support groups or like-minded people can be of great help.


Fit link is another well-known weight loss community that you can join for free and benefit from many different resources, including motivational articles, diet plans, exercise, and training tips. The community has many different groups such as challenges, fitness tools, health and beauty, sports group, food, nutrition and much more. Joining is free, and all you need to do is to fill a simple form with your current weight statistics and make the most of the available resources.

Run Keeper:

Another popular community, which is often dubbed as the Facebook for health, Run keeper offers a lot more to fitness enthusiasts than just mingling up and socializing, and it is easily one of the biggest community as far as “health or fitness” niche are concerned. Run Keeper offers a range of smart phone apps enabling you to keep track of your progress while socializing with the like-minded people around the block.

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80 thoughts on “Top Five Social Networks for People Looking to Lose Weight and Fitness Enthusiasts”
  1. These are great online communities. In fairness, its good to have someone with you to do some exercise. You’re motivated do more—you know there was a time that I feel so lazy to do it but due to my friends convincing power I am force to do it. 🙂

  2. In todays time when you have apps like iPump & Fitness Builder, FitnessClass for iPad, MotionTraxx Radio.. Do you really need a social media?

  3. I never thought that something like this even existed, but I must admit that these online communities really are a nice idea! Thank you for sharing, you never know when, after the holidays, you have some extra pounds!

  4. I just find fitness a waste of time, but since eating healthy i have lost alot of weight and feeling better for it

  5. Great sites listed.It is really very important that one will take care of its weight, not just for vanity but for health reasons as well. Doing some exercises plus drinking all natural weight lose supplements can really help in making you lose weight fast and healthy.

  6. I never thought that something like this even existed, but I must admit that these online communities really are a nice idea! Thank you for sharing, you never know when, after the holidays, you have some extra pounds!

  7. It is important for bloggers to be fit and healthy. These top communities helps to loose weight and keep the blogger fit and healthy. Social networking sites helps a lot as people share different ideas on these sites. Any one can join different communities like health, music etc. Health related communities gives you updates on health topics.

  8. It is a welcome development that social networks are now catering for specific niches. This allows users to interact with other members who have the same interests and hobbies.

  9. Peoples are getting influenced by these social networking sites … as they have no need to go to the particular person to know about his activities and plans .. Social media had developed so much to know all this …

    Nice post .. will get someone aware of this thing and may help him in his future..

  10. How about Weight training can also help you lose a lot of weight and there are great articles out there that focuses on HIIT (high intensity interval training) methods

  11. I have been going to Fitness Singles lately and i think it’s more of a dating site more than it is an intense weight loss website.. great people out there though

  12. Very interesting. 🙂 I’ve been trying to lose weight for the longest time and I’ve been trying to find great sites to help me with it too so this post helped me a lot. Thank you so much! 🙂

  13. Nice post, I love it. However until now I only notice some sites like fitness single and run keeper. thanks for sharing this good information, i will check the others

  14. Thanks for sharing those networks. My favorite is Fitocracy and visiting the others after that I’m really happy with Fitocracy because it makes it a game and you can make groups so you can compete, share and stimulate who you care about. And it also works on your mobile for free.

  15. Who would have thought they have social sites for fitness? This is great. I checked out runkeeper, looks like something I could use. Verny nice.

  16. Hey

    Thanks for sharing this interesting post. I wasn’t aware of these communities. It is always good to have someone with same interests and enthusiasm while working out. Social networking sites just rock in every aspect of life nowadays.

  17. Your post has interesting information. However:

    “Those have been to gym at any stage of their life must be aware of the importance of a partner, in fact many have failed to start an exercise routine just because they weren’t able to find a partner, because no matter how keen you are about getting the perfectly toned up body, doing the raps can be quite boring (except for the lucky few who enjoy pumping iron).”

    You might want to consider learning how to avoid run-on sentences. This sentence should have been broken into three parts, for clarity.

  18. Good article a lot of people find the idea of starting a exercise program after 40 daunting. I liked your selection and use most of them myself or advice people to use them

  19. Hi a very interesting article. I must admit I am a bit behind when it comes to social networking. I actually hadn’t heard of any of them. So for me it was very informative.
    Let’s be honest a lot of propel want to start a fitness routine. I agree having a partner to go to the gym , jogging, swimming etc is very helpful. Especially to start with when you are self aware. Don’t want to look an idiot and stand out like a sore thumb. Once you have been going to a gym for a while this isn’t such a problem as you get to know people there.

    Good post keep writing thanks lee

  20. I was really looking for some communities where I will be able to share my problems related to fitness and weight. This list will help me a lot. Those communities looks great to me. Thanks lawmacs for such an wonderful sharing. 🙂

  21. This is a very useful listing. I have not known about any of these sites. Fitocracy is one I certainly want to check out

  22. iFitness app is all I need, I don’t have a particular need for a social network for my exercise routine. More power to those who need one, and if I had a choice between those I would probably go with ‘ExtraPounds’, nice community there.


  23. Shame on me but actually didn’t knew such places existed. Thanks for inlighting me because very useful info for my weightloss blog.

  24. Keep doing some exercise for a good health. from the above information it is really very important that one will take care of its weight.
    Thanks for great great online communities.

  25. This a very good information, I never knew these communities of fitness site exist but today you have provided me something special that I have to explore them and make the best use of them. Thanks for the sharing.

  26. I actually follow Extra Pounds social network, great site. Increase knowledge, because many health perspective given and useful to many people ..

  27. Wow, I never thought sites like these existed. I think it’s a great idea. It is really helpful. I know a lot of people who don’t go to gym, because they don’t know anybody there. A site like this gives you the opportunity to find partners. Which is totally great I think.

  28. its really nice to find such an interesting post. i was already searching for such a great source of information on health. i am a very self-consious guy so i know pretty much about health and fitness but this thing will definetily add many new things to my knowledge store.

  29. Fitness social networking websites are great for anyone engaging in such activities. They stimulate competition and enable people to motivate one another so that they don’t give up. Gaining some recognition of what you’re doing and sharing your experiences is really useful when performing some kind of exercise. Thanks for the article!

  30. I’m trying to understand the advantage of a workout social network?? Just not for me I guess, I find something like that a little distracting as it’s hard enough to find time to workout in the first place.

  31. Great resource! Proper exercise is really needed to be fit. This is a great tool to be active that rocking’ body. Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart.

  32. Losing weight is never easy. I am thinking this year I am going to really make the resolution and follow through with it. Having the back up of social media sites is going to invaluable help. When it all falls on you to take charge, it is a lot easier to feel like no one is watching and cheat away. No one knows if you are actually losing weight, do they? Have the encouragement of others who are in the same boat, is always a comforting feeling and will keep me motivated when giving up seems easier. Thanks for the useful suggestions, I will be using them this New Years!

  33. Great post. I want to loose my weight fast. I read your post and know something about it how to i lose my weight. Your post really help me. I follow your blog daily and take more support here. Thanks

  34. hey,
    Excellent post. These are awesome communities for those who are looking to decrease their weight and increase fitness. I have joined few of the communities and it seems that they have many good trainers who are helping in decreasing weight.
    Thank you

  35. Finding partner online for morning exercise routine is a very difficult task but it is must to have a partner for morning exercise. Without having a partner you are not able to make your daily routine of exercise

  36. Great article.. there is nothing like a community to keep up motivation and encourage people… I fancy checking out one of the Runkeeper Applications

  37. Interesting theory regarding going it alone. The peer pressure at the gym does make you keep going for that extra bit of time on the treadmill when the guy next to you was already well into his session on the machine and is still going but you really want to stop. You keep going so as not to look to bad in comparison. The social networks you mention could also be useful when your taking a non gym approach to your training when using ios apps or fitness video games so you don`t feel like you are taking on the fitness challange alone!

  38. Thanks for this info dude! A friend of mine have been stressed how to lose weight, because he can’t get any girl to date with her. Such giving him hard time, and giving him a low self-esteem. Will surely suggest this post. Thanks

  39. I never heard about this communities but here i get to know about it .all are good communities but i think instead of reading if people do the regular exercise then it works but for the proper gym exercise and diet information these communities are helpful.

  40. You are very right losing weight is much easier with a weight loss partner. This is an interesting concept having “virtual friends” for losing weight. It makes a lot of sense though, I mean let’s face it not everybody can be so lucky as to have a workout buddy.

  41. Most of the time I don’t make comments on blogs, but I want to mention that this post really forced

    me to do so. Really nice post! It is extremely helpful for me

  42. I agree a thousand percent, the folks succeeding at fitness usually have a partner of some sort. And thanks for the remainder to get back on Fitness Singles

  43. With humbale mind thank’s to you. I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. it was a real headache for me to choose the right one for my site.

  44. it was a real headache for me to choose the right one for my site, so sometimes you just have to stick with one instead of trying to be a perfeccionist!

  45. The primary thing needed for weight loss is dedicated which comes through motivation. Great list. I will definitely suggest these to my overweight friends

  46. I had no idea these websites existed! Thanks for posting about them. I only started going to the gym because my wife went and now that she’s slowing down it would be good to have someone else make me feel obligated to go 🙂

  47. These are great online communities, this will people to loose lots and lots of wait, Great tips, thanks for sharing

  48. Weight training can also help you lose a lot of weight and there are great articles out there that focuses on HIIT (high intensity interval training) methods for me. I gane a lot of knowledge about this particular topic.Thank’s you for this apperciating blog.

  49. Commenting on blogs is a “hit or miss” thing! Thanks for these great tips..Nice to read

  50. These social networks help us to gain inspiration from other people’s success stories, we will automatically be focused on losing weight.

  51. Fitness Singles – this is the social network where I did found my workout buddy. So I could reccomend that to everybody. The rest which you mention I didn’t really know till today, so much thanks for that informations.

  52. Muscle building starts with proper hydration and eating habits. If you are not eating right, your muscles will never develop the mass or size that you want. The key to a proper diet is to get the correct ratio of fats, carbs and proteins, however this ratio varies depending on body type.

  53. Great stuff here, it’s good to find places to hang out with like minded people and share your thoughts on your subject. This is a great way to pick up some good Idea’s too.

  54. Thanks for sharing these communities with all of us. I am one of those people that exercises and eats healthy. I try to stay away from sugars and processed crap. I call those hings death in a package. There are tons of help out there for people to get into shape and stay that way. Fill yourself up with the knowledge needed to eat, healthy and be happy. Nothing is better than a confident, happy healthy person. Live the right way!

  55. Is your workout program “working”? I mean really working? Are you getting the results that you are WANTED and strive for? If your body isn’t becoming to you, it should be coming to me! Let me help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

  56. You have provided a very unique information of Top Five Social Networks for People Looking to Lose Weight and Fitness Enthusiasts. Thankyou for the unique information.

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    by error, while I was browsing on Askjeeve for something
    else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thank
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